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UPDATE TIME: 2018-04-07 
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" Fidèle au film d'animation de Makoto Shinkai, l'adaptation manga reprend la même trame narrative, avec de minuscules compléments, des précisions, mais surtout un très beau trait de crayon... J'ai déjà hâte de lire les tomes 2 et 3 (adaptation en 3 tomes par Ranmaru Kotone). J'adore les histoires intimistes racontées par Shinkai. " said.

" Mangas kann man echt schön in 40/45 Minuten weglesen und es dabei richtig genießen. Hach, ich liebe your name einfach und bin so froh, dass ich die Mangas gekauft habe. Sie sind wunderschön gezeichnet und die Geschichte ist auch ganz wundervoll. (Habe den Film schon gesehen, mache ich auf einen emotionalen Breakdown bei Band 2 und 3 gefasst.) " said.

" I love the movie so I decided to read the graphic novel and it was a clear adaptation, and it felt like I was watching the movie again but with a bit more detail on certain scenes. It was nice to read the character's thoughts as opposed to interpreting the character's feelings through their physical reactions. " said.

" I promised myself just last week to stop reading manga adaptations and here I've stumbled into another. Apparently this was a movie first? And it might make more sense if you saw the movie?There were some elements to like in this body-switching tale, but the adaptation did not have a smooth flow. The opening chapters were just too confusing and jumbled to follow and left me out of sync with the rest of the book. " said.

"Interesting idea for a story. It is not easy to represent two interchanging lives and indicate which character we are seeing and when exactly the characters are swapping, however it is very nicely and clearly executed. The fact that it is two people of opposite genders suddenly having to live as a person of the other gender shows a good understanding the differences in ways of thinking, acting and reacting to the surrounding environment. What I also found fascinating is the courage each of the characters has when being the other person but not being able to make any changes and decisions in their own lives.
Also, beautiful art by Ranmaru Kotone.
I couldn't stop reading until I got to the last page and I am looking forward to reading part 2.
" said.

"I read this together with Rebecca while being on Skype and I'm so happy that we did it like that. There were so many moments in this book that made me giggle and smile and then that final page basically broke my heart in a 1,000 pieces and I was able to cry on Rebecca's digital shoulder. So I would like to recommend that to other people too, read this together with someone.

Besides the many emotions that I felt I'm also super curious about what exactly is going on. We have decided to watch the movie after finishing this manga series because it is such a lovely mystery. Our two main character switch bodies every now and then and I loved seeing their reactions to this change. My guess is that this comet thing will be having an important role in the story, I mean... Why else mention it so many times?

Finally (I know, this review is a mess but I'm a mess because of this manga), the art is perfection. Turns out that the mangaka also illustrated another of my favourite manga's ever: The Girl Who Leapt Through Time... I should have known... I really should have.

So yeah, please everyone read this manga. I know my review is crappy but this manga is so good, I'm so excited to read the rest of it and watch the movie and read the light novel! I want all the Your Name things in my life!
" said.

" I need the second volume or watch the movie ASAP cos that cliffhanger though! " said.

" War teilweise ein wenig verwirrt, wer spricht und wer sich in wessen Körper befindet..Aber die Geschichte hat mir mega gut gefallen! Außerdem sind die Zeichnungen total schön. Freue mich sehr auf Band 2 und den Film! " said.

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