A Boy Called Slow (Paperstar Book) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2017-08-30 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 19 user ratings

" Read it to third graders. They didn't seem too into it, but they did want to know what name he eventually earned. Illustrations are kind of spooky and shadowy, maybe better for an individual book than a read aloud. " said.

" BiographyA boy was very slow in how he did everything, so his parents gave him the name, 'Slow.' Slow wanted to change his name, so he would kill buffalo, and one day got to go to war with the Crow tribe. Slow eneded up charging the other tribe, scaring them off, and saving the day; so his dad gave him the name 'Sitting Bull.' " said.

" A beautiful story of the early life of Sitting Bull and how he got his name. Told very much in the style of native storytelling. Striking illustrations powerfully depict the native lifestyle of the time and evoke emotion. Quite a bit of information I did not know before; however, it is only of his early life and ends when he gains his name, thus not going further into why he became so well known. " said.

" "Slow" was given his childhood name as a reflection of the deliberateness of his actions. Slow longed for a different name, but would not be given one until he had a vision or performed a brave deed. After showing courage in the face of his tribe's enemies, Slow became known as Sitting Bull. There is a dreamlike quality to the illustrations that underscores the value placed on visions. " said.

" This book was great because it is about an actual Native American Historical story, so I think it would be a good book to use in the classroom for a Native American unit. It would be a great resource for the students to look at the illustrations and see how they used to live and their customs. The illustrations are very good and detailed, I would just say they get a little dark sometimes. " said.

" What I loved most about A Boy Called Slow was how well it showed the life of Native American Indians in the mid-1800s. Their beautiful and sometimes brutal culture was so unique and unlike anything I am accustomed to seeing that it seems like fiction or otherworldly. The narrative focuses on a young Tatan’ka lyoya’ke, or Sitting Bull and his longing to prove he is more than his childhood name of Slow (or Slon-he). " said.

" Joseph Bruchac retelling traditions of the Lakota Sioux tribe and how they must earn their name by their actions. Slow is called slow by how he acts in a very slow manner. He hated being called this name so his parents told him he would be able to get a new name by being brave and wise. Through his now brave actions, Slow earns a new name of Sitting Bull. This book will demonstrate perseverance and how one has to work hard for something and it is not just given to them. " said.

"Excellent! A great story of the early life of this Lakota Sioux hero with beautifully painted illustrations. The illustrations have a dark tonal palette, so they aren't the best for story-time, but I enjoyed the atmosphere they created. The story was well told and it would make a great selection for learning about the Native American people. My only issues with it were that the text on one page hard to read due to the color and I do wish there was a pronunciation guide and more bio information about Sitting Bull in the back." said.

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