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UPDATE TIME: 2017-06-27 
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" While I absolutely would have gotten a copy of this for my own personal daughters, it has a bit too much information for me to feel comfortable handing it to other people's daughters. Since I have a copy the publisher sent me, I'll be glad to forward it to one lucky winner! Check out my blog on 5/15/17 to enter to win. Make sure your comment links back to your blog or gives me some way to contact you. " said.

"This book goes in depth about what it is like to go through the awkward transition from a girl into a young adult in a way that is both scientific and interesting while also being relatable and not overwhelming . I wish I could've read this when I was 12 or 13 because I think that was when I really could have used the information and put it into my daily life, but it is still interesting to read it now and understand everything I felt like I was going through alone at a young age and realizing it was completely normal to feel that way." said.

"Parts are quite good--the section on learning--other parts are too basic. For instance, she dedicates only two sentences to the actual human sexual response, but reiterates over and over and over again about not getting pregnant. *Sigh* This would be a good(ish) book to start the discussion about sex with an elementary aged child who is nine or ten years old. My fear is that a parent will hand this book over to their child and cease discussing any of the content with them. It is the parent's responsibilty to educate themselves further about all of these subjects and have important much more detailed conversation with them." said.

"Great little book about what it means to grow up as a strong and capable woman. The book covers topics such as the physiological changes of puberty, sexuality, relationships, healthy eating habits, academics, and dealing with stress. I listened to the audiobook which is read by the author and is well done! I can see this book being recommended by middle school counselors, doing it as a book club book with Grade 9 girls, or a parent and daughter reading it together. I feel like it's a book that would answer well to the issues raised in Orenstein's Girls and Sex." said.

" I wish I had a book like this when I was girling up. I often spent much of my time alone and reading during my tween-teen years, and while it was comforting to me, it was also at times lonely. Access to books like this would have gone a long way to helping me make since of the changes occuring daily during that time. As an adult woman, it was a pleasure to read this book and review the information in it. I was surprised how much information I had forgotten concerning my anatomy and menstration! " said.

"It's hard to criticize a book written specifically for tween/teen girls because I'm not one anymore, but it's an empowering read that mixes a legitimate dose of science, as Bialik can do with her PhD and encouraging girls to be, explore, do, and live as "strong, smart, and spectacular". It runs along the lines of the math books written by Danica McKellar (famous kid-actress with a real-life degree in a STEM field that many girls still don't see themselves doing/being).

I liked the no-holds barred conversations and extensive look at being a girl and growing up. Bialik speaks directly to her audience in an authentic way.
" said.

"An amazing book for girls and women of every age! I am actually way out of age range for this book but it was still educational and it's always important to remember certain things that now may seem just normal to you.
Mayim is an amazing person and role model and it was overdue for her to write a book to young girls who may be "outsiders" or late bloomers as well. They'll finally feel understood.
Where was this book when I was a teen?

I'd say one of the main points of this book is: Get help. It's okay to get help.
And that's always important to remember. Even as an adult.

An amazing book I just needed in my life without knowing it before it existed.
Thank you, Dr. Bialik.
" said.

"I purchased this book without reading the publisher's description so I had no idea this was specifically for teenage girls until I started listening to it. I simply purchased it because it was written/read Mayim Bialik. Whoops! But, I will say this would be a great book for people who have tween/teenage daughters to help them navigate the world they are about to enter. I think she tackles topics such as nutrition, education, puberty, dating and sex with thought and compassion. And, since she has a PhD in neuroscience, she can provide a lot of insight into how the body reacts to certain situations." said.

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