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UPDATE TIME: 2018-07-13 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 19 user ratings

" This adolescent book was unique to others I've read. It was intriguing and kept my interest the entire way through. " said.

" libros con finales inesperados que me rompen el corazón :( " said.

" Great book but the ending confused me. " said.

" 4.5Dios, no tengo palabras... Creí que iba a tener el típico final, pero no. Me sorprendió un poco cómo acabó todo.Amo a Carter. " said.

" I liked the premise up to a point. I enjoyed reading it while I was reading it, but then it took a truly bizarre turn and just got stranger. And then when I thought about it, I liked it even less. So . . . only for a quick read and perhaps an example of a book that ought to work but doesn't quite pull it off. " said.

" Young Olympic-quality diver has an accident and is in a coma for five years. She comes to and makes a remarkable swift recovery to go back home to a family on the brink of fracture. I had trouble staying focused with this one. There was a little too much woo-woo or else too much realism, but there wasn't a good fit between the two. And the ending annoyed me. And the cover was REALLY annoying. " said.

"It's 12:21 at night and I am currently dying over the end of this book.
I definitely liked this book much more than I thought I was going to! Still had some problems with it, but overall it was worth my time and I would recommend it because I've never read something like this before.
I had some issues with Bryce, but for the most part I liked her. I just hated it in the beginning when she was being a little hoe with Greg.
Speaking of Greg, I am so glad that Gabby and Bryce realized that THEY DID NOT NEED HIM SINCE HE WAS TERRIBLE.
My favorite was Carter. He was the only good thing about this book, just saying <3
I have to say that how Lara ended the book was beautifully written, but at the same time IT BROKE MY HEART.
Overall 83%
" said.

"A girl that woke up, and finally realized that she had been in a coma for 5 years, from a diving accident. However, it was definitely unordinary that a girl that has been asleep for 5 years has regained most of her senses right away, although she had a little trouble walking.

5 years, is definitely a long time and many things would change, which happened to Bryce. She had to wake up to and realized that her boyfriend is engaged to her best friend, and her sister has become a junkie.

From this book, I’ve realized to not hide your feelings and express how you feel, because if you hide what you think, no one will ever understand your point of view. For example, Bryce kept that she was unhappy with her best friend and ex-boyfriend together, but without expressing her thoughts, everyone got hurt.

Life is full of opportunities where you can express how you feel, which is why you should fully support your point of thoughts and tell others how you feel. This book is an amazing book, especially if you’re into miracles and sad endings.
" said.

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