I Have Lived a Thousand Years: Growing Up in the Holocaust Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2019-01-27 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 410 user ratings

" Memoir about a girl surviving the holocaust. She sees the changes that are going on around her. So you get to look through her eyes. " said.

" Wow. The last ten chapters leading up to their liberation really got me. You can read book after book of nonfiction regarding the concentration camps... and it's still just unbelievable what they endured. I'm thankful we have these survivors who were willing to share their painful stories with us. It's important to acknowledge what they went through. " said.

" What an amazing book! The way that Livia told her story as a young girl, called Elli, was wonderful. I cannot wait to read the next book in the series, as well as the book she published before these two, called simply, Elli. Elli and her family were taken to Nazi Concentration camps but miraculously survive. The way that Livia told her story and the details that she provided in the books were terrible, yet so eye opening. This is a wonderful book! " said.

" I think this is the most chilling account I've heard about what happens within the camps during the Holocaust. Anne Frank hides and doesn't survive to tell the tale of Bergen-Belsen, but Ellie, by a stroke of luck not granted to many, she lives through Auschwitz, Dachau, and forced factory labor. What she sees, what she's horrifying. In the end, I know it was best for me to read this, hard as it was to watch the horror that was this beyond tragic time. " said.

" Easy read~ I would recommend this book to mature teens.The story of the author growing up in the Holocaust.... written by a young girl's view point in first person. The book makes you feel apart of the family and glimpse into what their life was in several different death/work camps. " said.

" At 13, Livia Bitton-Jackson finds hope and miracles while journeying through the massive horror of the Holocaust. She reminded me to pause to listen to people who have stories that must be told. And to not turn away from injustices. " said.

" This is a true story about a brilliant, stoic, and brave young Jewish girl from Hungary who lived through the devastation of concentration camps in the Holocaust. Pain, ridicule, hunger, starvation, thirst, abuse, torture, are just some of what she and her family endured. It is a miracle that she survived to write her story. I couldn't put this book down. " said.

"I just previewed this book to see if I could recommend it to my students, as we are currently studying the Holocaust. I have read many books on the Holocaust, but this one especially moved me. Perhaps because it is written by a woman (Livia Bitton-Jackson)who endured Auschwitz and various other camps when she was only thirteen years old. Livia's perspective is especially poignant. When liberated, a German civilian approached her and expressed amazement that someone her age could have survived. When Livia asked the woman how old she thought she was, the woman replied, "Sixty or sixty-five." Livia was only fourteen when she was liberated. I highly recommend this book." said.

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