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UPDATE TIME: 2017-05-19 
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" Skin Again was about the past hardships in America. It talks about the problems with identity and race during that time. This book can be used in my class room in order to promote writing. Since the book talks about people's dreams and identity; the students will have to write a piece describing themselves and what makes them unique. (What are our hopes and dreams? Who am I? How do we all live together?) " said.

" This book is important for children of all ages-- especially the grown-up ones. My social studies methods instructor created a reader's theatre for this book. Our class read each line aloud-- individually and synchronistically. What a powerful message to vocalize-- our skin is only a covering of the beauty to be found within. An illustration of an onion symbolizes the content well. I consider this an important 'first day of school' book for diverse classrooms of any grade-level. " said.

" I was happy to find this gem on my school library bookshelf. This is a wonderful book about how our skin color is just one part of who we are. For someone to know us, they have to come inside and find out more than that. This doesn't mean skin color means nothing, but that it is only a part of knowing someone. We have to share ourselves and listen to each other. This would be a great discussion starter with young or older readers. " said.

" My friend told me to keep an eye out for this book because she wanted a copy for her library. Digging through the 25 cent books at my library sale, I stumbled upon it a week ago. And now I understand why she wanted this book:"The skin I'm in is just a covering. It cannot tell my story."After finishing "Nine, Ten: A September 11 Story" by Nora Raleigh Baskin, this book just opened my heart wider. " said.

" Such a cute and inspiring story teaching the reader to be comfertable and confident in their own skin. The illustrations are supurb and simple looks to be a paint medium. My teacher turned this story into a reader's theater script and it worked perfectly, all the classmates were involved and at the end it was wonderful. "Skin Again" is a simple books for young ages but the message is for people of all ages. " said.

" Skin Again looks at the heart and at the personality, not just the skin. To many times we judge someone by the outward appearance, whether that is the skin color or something else. Students will learn to go deeper than the skin color and to really get to know someone before deciding what they think. "This skin is just a covering. If you want to get to know me, you are going to have to look inside." " said.

""The skin I'm in is just a covering. It cannot tell my story." This is the central concept of this picture book illustrated by Chris Raschka. Using symbols and a rough sketchy style of painting, we make the match between the words and the pictures to deepen our understanding of the concept. For example, colored squares represent the "inside" essence of each figure and when the squares switch owners we infer that the figures have truly understood each other. An onion shape is repeated throughout as well, another hint to the multiple layers of each person's story. A good choice for discussion." said.

"The good message of the book teaches that a person's appearance doesn't tell you what kind of person he/she is. However, the language was confusing and overdone even for me, so I had to explain the point all over again after reading it.

"All real then. In that place where skin again is one small way to see me but not real enough to be all the me of me or the you of you. For we are all inside made up of real history, real dreams, and the stuff of all we hope for when we can be all real together on the inside."
" said.

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