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UPDATE TIME: 2017-06-27 
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" Such a cute and inspiring story teaching the reader to be comfertable and confident in their own skin. The illustrations are supurb and simple looks to be a paint medium. My teacher turned this story into a reader's theater script and it worked perfectly, all the classmates were involved and at the end it was wonderful. "Skin Again" is a simple books for young ages but the message is for people of all ages. " said.

" Skin Again looks at the heart and at the personality, not just the skin. To many times we judge someone by the outward appearance, whether that is the skin color or something else. Students will learn to go deeper than the skin color and to really get to know someone before deciding what they think. "This skin is just a covering. If you want to get to know me, you are going to have to look inside." " said.

""The skin I'm in is just a covering. It cannot tell my story." This is the central concept of this picture book illustrated by Chris Raschka. Using symbols and a rough sketchy style of painting, we make the match between the words and the pictures to deepen our understanding of the concept. For example, colored squares represent the "inside" essence of each figure and when the squares switch owners we infer that the figures have truly understood each other. An onion shape is repeated throughout as well, another hint to the multiple layers of each person's story. A good choice for discussion." said.

"The good message of the book teaches that a person's appearance doesn't tell you what kind of person he/she is. However, the language was confusing and overdone even for me, so I had to explain the point all over again after reading it.

"All real then. In that place where skin again is one small way to see me but not real enough to be all the me of me or the you of you. For we are all inside made up of real history, real dreams, and the stuff of all we hope for when we can be all real together on the inside."
" said.

"Genre: Picture Book
Age: Early Childhood

In Skin Again, bell hooks drives home the idea that "The skin I'm in is just a covering. It cannot tell my story." hooks does a fantastic job balancing the acknowledgement of a person's race, as it is undoubtedly part of their identity, and encouraging readers to also look past a person's color, as it is only a small part of what makes someone who they are.

I highly recommend this book to children of all ages. I think it could be especially useful for younger children as as way to begin the conversation about race and how it affects us.

challenges us to look past one's skin to truly get to know them.
" said.

"This book has a poetic feel. As a poet, I was immediately hooked. I would love to hear the predictions my students would make just from the title and cover. The author keeps a consistent rhythm throughout the text in reminding her readers that what's inside a person is so much more important than what you see at face value. I would love to do an experiment in my class similar to the "blue eye, brown eye" experiment done in the past. This would help my students to make connections and understand why judging someone solely on what they look like is unfair. This could also be used to show students the craft of repetition and how it can make a text powerful. " said.

"This was a beautiful book to read and so great to talk with students about our skin color and how it is only an outside force - it should not be looked at in other ways. It was very powerful and poetic, and can definitely be used for a lesson on rhythms and beats. The teacher could read in rhythm as students clap or snap along to the beats and find this rhythm as we read. bell hooks does a great job addressing an important issue. I also loved the images of the onions and snakes, with their skin on the outside - this is wonderful to show students that we have an outside to us, and the inside is the important part. " said.

""Skin Again," by bell hooks, is a kids book with interesting illustrations accompanying a poem about skin color and what it does and does not tell about a person. It's a great poem, lyrical and engaging, for an adult. My 4 1/2 year old enjoyed the book alright but never asked for a re-read and didn't seem super engaged. It is, I think, above his ability to comprehend. We'll try again when he's a little older. As the white parent of a white child, I could conceivably spend my entire life never talking to my kid about race or racism. We could just ignore it entirely. Or we could talk about being "color blind," a different way of ignoring racism and racial inequality. "Skin Again" is one way to start talking about race and skin color and differences." said.

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