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UPDATE TIME: 2017-05-19 
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""My brother is a superhero and I could have been one too, except that I needed to go pee."

So begins the tragic story of eleven-year-old Luke Parker, comic book aficionado and walking superhero encyclopedia. But despite this lifetime of fandom, when an intergalactic being visits his family's back yard one evening, it is Luke's older goody-two-shoes brother (a kid who knows NOTHING about super heroes by the way, and never even reads comics) who is gifted with super powers and the task of saving not one, but two universes.

Read page 10 starting from "I stood there with my mouth wide open" to the end of the chapter.

Zack may have the job of saving the universe, but it is clear to Luke that his brother is going to need an enormous amount of guidance to become a proper superhero. It is up to Luke to help Zack uncover and use his new powers, to protect his identity from a nefarious villain and a snooping classmate, and maybe even convince him that he really should wear a cape.
" said.

"11-year-old Luke knows everything about super heroes. He has a great collection of comic books, went to Super Hero camp, and wants to be one more than anything else in the world. Then his older brother Zach got turned into a super hero by a random visit of an alien spaceship while Luke was in the bathroom! It should have been him! But it wasn’t, and now Luke is angry. Besides, Zach won’t even wear the cool “Star Guy” costume Luke made him. Sure, he’s fighting crime and everything, but he is supposed to defeat Nemesis, and they don’t even know who she is. But when Star Guy gets in real trouble, Luke (and Lara and Serge) might be his only chance for help.

This is a great story! The set up is fantastic, and the writing is great - action packed; a real page turner. The cover is even terrific. The girl character is smart and funny, too. This will fly off the middle school library shelves, and even the older elementary students will love it.
" said.

"Eleven-year-old Luke Parker deeply regrets leaving his tree house to pee because his older brother Zack is gifted with superpowers and charged with saving the universe while he's gone. This seems extremely unfair to Luke. After all, he's the one who avidly reads comic books and knows all about superheroes, and Zack has so much else going for him. As Star Guy learns to harness his powers, Luke must keep his identity a secret from Lara Lee, a neighbor who is determined to reveal the identity of the latest superhero. Amid Lara's many hilarious malapropos and determined digging, Luke is torn between helping his brother and coming in second once again. While some of the plot is over the top, there is much to recommend this title, including Lara and the brotherly competition between Luke and Zach. I was a bit concerned about the fate of the world when it looks as though Zach is not going to be able to regain his powers in time. Middle grade boys will gobble up this United Kingdom entry and look for more from Luke. " said.

"Har haft denna som högläsningsbok för åttaåringen i väntan på att nästa "Trädkoje-bok" ska bli ledig på biblioteket. Måhända är han (8-åringen) inte lika insatt i superhjältevärlden som huvudpersonen Luke, men ändå tillräckligt för att uppskatta de flesta passningarna och - man får väl ändå kalla dem de "interna skämten".

Den är rolig, men ibland tappar just skämten lite stuns i högläsningsformatet, känner jag. Särskilt då mycket av den sker i dialogform och lätt känns lite för babblig/ordrik. Men å andra sidan vänder det på slutet och blir om inte blodisande spännande, så ändå lite "kniven mot strupen"-allvarligt och rent apokalyptiskt. Vi läste två kapitel i stöten de sista kvällarna.

Sammanfattningsvis en på det stora hela taget bra blandning av humor, action och spänning. Mycket uppskattad av 8-åringen (han hade nog satt en femma om han fått bestämma) och den lika serietidnings- och superhjälteäskande, högläsande pappan.

Nu ska jag genast googla fram om det finns en fortsättning!
" said.

"Luke loves comics and super hero tales, so he is really irritated when a passing space alien endows his brother Zach with a variety of powers and gives him a mission to save the world. Zach spends a lot of the time trying to talk Luke out of giving him a cape, and deciding how to best use his powers. Neighbors Lara and Cara are interested in Star Boy after Zack (as his poorly disguised alter ego) saves a busload of people from harm, and Luke spends a lot of time throwing them off the scent. After Zack is kidnapped by the evil Christopher Talbot at the crucial time when he is supposed to be fighting off Nemesis, as decreed by Zorbon the Decider. Will he be able to save the world? And will the aliens ever grant Luke some powers?
Strengths: Decent cover and really nice formatting of the text. Super hero tales are popular with my students, and this had some touches of goofy, as well as some romance .
Weaknesses: Something about the world building failed for me, and I could never suspend disbelief enough to really buy into the story.
What I really think: Think I'll pass. Just not enough action at the beginning to intrigue my super hero readers.
" said.

"I picked this up with a couple of reluctant readers in mind, thinking it would be one of those books that while personally, I didn't really enjoy, would be great for them. How wrong was I?

Sharp humour, comic plot devices stand-ups would be proud of, great characterisation, and references to comics and TV from my childhood made this a really enjoyable read.

Luke is a massive comic book fan and dreams of being a Superhero. While he nips out of the tree house for a wee, his studious, maths loving brother, Zack, is given superpowers instead, as Nemesis is coming and two worlds need saving. How unfair!

Zack knows nothing about Superheroes or how to be one, so Luke sets out to train him, making him a sigil from one of mum's brooches and a cape using the curtain from the downstairs loo.

As Lara (Luke's not-girlfriend-friend) hunts to discover the identity of Bromley's real life superhero, Luke does everything in his notsuperpower to stop her.

And when Zack is kidnapped while his powers are down, it turns to Luke and his friends to save him, and the world.

Looking forward to getting this onto my bookshelf.

Great for fans of Tom Gates, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, action, humour and Superheroes.
" said.

This is a deserved winner of the Waterstones Book Prize for middle grade readers. It's great for all ages in fact, especially those of us nerds who love superheroes, supervillains and Star Wars as there are a plethora of references throughout. And, there is humour on every page.

Comic book fanatic Luke goes for a wee and misses the chance to be endowed with superpowers to save two universes. Yes, two universes. And to make matters worse, his nerdy goody-two-shoes and never-read-a-comic in his life older brother, Zack, gets the honour. Luke is gutted! He's then on a mission to make sure Zack becomes a proper cape and is in fit shape to foil Nemesis. Luke's friends Serge and Lara Lee are wonderful characters and their enthusiasm in helping Luke is entertaining and often funny.

What follows is a great story about family, friendships and sibling rivalry... and superpowers. Despite their bickering and differences the brothers are loyal when the going gets tough, especially when a cataclysmic event is on the horizon.

I don't think I've ever laughed so much while reading a middle grade book because it's so easy to relate to these characters. And of course I'm many, many light years away from the reading demographic it's aimed at. I'll be looking out for more from this author in future and I'll be recommending this one, a lot.

Loved it!
" said.

"A fantastic superhero story pitched at confident readers in primary school, it uses superhero conventions cleverly and is very, very funny.

A huge comic fan, Luke is more than a little stunned when he gets back to his treehouse after a quick loo break to find aliens have given his older homework-loving brother superpowers while he's been gone. And his brother doesn't even LIKE comics!! ZACK is destined to save the world? Zack who doesn't even want a cape?! Luke decides he'll take his brother's burgeoning celebrity and hand and make sure it's done properly.

Using his encyclopaedic knowledge of costumes, names and powers, Luke guides his clueless brother through his first superhero rescue... and looks around for the inevitable but hidden supervillain - just who is Nemesis and what do they want? Can Luke ensure his brother knows everything he needs to save the day?

A great take on the superhero genre. Like a recent teenage read, Othergirl (the best friend of a superhero), this looks at those close to those with powers and how it affects them. Their story can be just as exciting, and in this case, it's Luke who's the real start of the story and who proves invaluable without super powers. Gives hope to everyone really.

I was interested to read that Solomons is the husband of another admired author I enjoy - Natasha Solomons. Two authors that appeal to different aspects of my reading life. And this one is great for primary children (would make a great class read with short chapters, no real violence and characters to appeal to both genders).

A sidekick himself, Luke unexpectedly gets his own, in a girl who doesn't quite grasp language convention all the time and is just as clueless as Zack when it comes to superheroes. The supervillain of the piece was fairly obvious to me, though the motivation was not. Like a popular Pixar film, the villain is convincing as a real personailty and not too overly a 'Dr Evil' stereotype. Great secret lair though!

Liked the idea of aliens endowing powers, makes a change from spiders and radioactivity, and the ending is just perfect. Made me laugh out loud. Can't wait for my four-year-old to be a little older and ready to read this with me!

A wonderfully entertaining read, with a lot of superhero conventions thrown in that fans will enjoy. And one I'd LOVE to see made into a film. Good for ages 8 to 11.

" said.

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