King Arthur and His Knights (Children's Classics) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-10-18 
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" Yeah, I'm good with never reading this again. It's tedious and repetitive. I should have kept track of how many times one of the knights smote someone. These aren't legends. They are poorly written stories with no point. A knight goes here and smotes someone and then he goes there and saves a damsel. On and on for 200+ pages. " said.

" Not what I expected!One of my favorite old movies is Camelot with Richard Burton and Vanessa Redgrave, so I thought this book would be enjoyable. Boy was I in for a surprise. Yes, the story of Camelot is in there but you have to get through all the battles and smiting that goes on. It’s very tedious reading, especially with the archaic language that the book is written in. I think I’ll just watch the movie again. " said.

"A seemingly historically early version of the Arthur tales. Details are sparse, and knights go out and challenge each other to fight - - sometimes just to prove who's the mightiest. Lots of blood and cleft helms.

The language is a little off-putting to me. It is not hard to understand, but you're never able to immerse in the story and forget you're listening to a narrative.

Frankly, I think The Once and Future King by T. H. White is a better book. Nevertheless, this one did draw me on to see what would happen next.
" said.

"Being a fan of Arthurian Legend I thought I would read this book to give me more of an insight into the actual stories, rather than limiting my view to just that of the media! However I really had to force myself to read it as it was particularly dull and difficult to follow, no doubt due to the understandably incredibly old writing style. I enjoyed some aspects that I was previously more familiar with, such as the sword in the stone, the round table, Guinevere and Lancelot, Merlin and the Lady of the Lake etc, but found it hard to really get into the stories and felt I was ultimately forcing myself to read it for the sake of it." said.

"So I had to stop reading this book because it was driving me crazy! I rarely give up on a book.

At one point, Arthur slew a giant (um, like David and Goliath...?)
At another point, Arthur and his knights traveled to Rome where he was crowned Emperor and all of Rome--citizens, legions, Senators, and the current Emperor were all thrilled to acknowledge him as their supreme leader (must have missed that in the history books).

And then there were the descriptions of the knights -- who struck their opponents so hard that both they and their horse tumbled to the ground (over and over and over).

I read approximately 60% of the book, but just couldn't go any further! Maybe you have to be in the right frame of mind to take this one on?

" said.

"I read this book because of our on-going Pendragon campaign and admittedly I was a little surprised. Sure, this is a highly Christian-slanted spin to the legends but on the whole our "modern" understanding of Arthurian mythology based on popular media is rather far from how some of these stories have been told over the years.

A key difference lies in defining what exactly was the relationship between Guinevere and Lancelot as more recent movies have glamorized this to the point of heightening the scandal when in this version it was more a confusion as part of a larger plot to put Mordred in power. Fascinating stuff.

All that aside, too many of the individuay stories follow the set pattern of a knight hiding his identity, then jousting anyone in his path and later the big reveal is one that as defined many of the stories. That makese sense of course as I'm sure this involved the merging of stories from diferent areas that followed a similar structure.

It's not an easy book to read and it's too easy to get confused with the characters as you'll encounter names that pop up in the background in many stories without getting a true spotlight moment. But as a royalty-free read, it's a fair enough experience.
" said.

" Can anyone recommend to me an un-Christianised version of King Arthur? If he was real, he's dated just before the arrival of Christianity and in any case, I highly doubt he conquered Rome *eye roll* " said.

" This was an awesome series! I just loved it. There are many things about elves, faeries, enchanted creatures, and even romance. This was totally the kind of book that I like, as I love things about the medieval times. " said.

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