Who Counts?: 100 Sheep, 10 Coins, and 2 Sons Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2017-05-20 
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"Cute illustrations and cute idea for a Christian picture book.
The first story/parable was about the man who had 100 sheep and when one was lost, he searched for it and brought it home. There was much rejoicing.
The second was about the lost coin. The woman searched and found it and there was much rejoicing.
The third and last parable is the prodigal son. While this story started out well, I didn't like the idea that the father completely forgot about his son then went to invite him to the feast. Not scriptural accurate.

Thanks to netgalley for the early read.
" said.

"I adored this book.
I had originally thought this was a counting book. More for learning and encouragement purposes for my younger kids and reading circle. There was counting, but it was more about the fact that one was missing. It was separated into three stories. The first was counting sheep, the second was a missing drachma, and lastly was about a father and his two sons.
The first two were very similar in context Counting one hundred sheep or ten drachma and one goes missing. When they find their missing piece they are so excited that they throw a party and say that without them all they aren't whole. Last story, however, is slightly different. A man has two sons, one sons uses the money his father gives him to go traveling and the second stays home and helps with the farm. When the younger of the two sons comes home from traveling he's broke, hungry, and in need of clothes. The father cares for him and throws him a party, but forgets to invite his eldest son who stayed. When the father realizes his mistake he runs to his son and apologizes and explains that he completes their whole and without him at the party they are missing a piece. They last story drives home the importance of family, but it also imparts the message never take people or things for granted, like the father did.

I loved the message of this book. It was a little long for my two youngest, but I would suggest this for kids around 4 and up. The illustrations were appropriate for the stories and there were so many of them. Bright, colorful, and catchy Perfect for keeping a kid focused on the book and immersing themselves in the story.

I will definitely be suggesting this book to other parents and teachers and once I get a hard copy plan to read it to our reading circle.
" said.

"The first story is about a man who has 100 sheep, and looses one, and now his may concern is finding the lost one. The next is about a woman with 100 coins, and then looses one, and the rest of the story is her pursuit of finding the lost coin. As we get to the last story about the man’s lost son returning, we sort of see how loosing one, makes you yearn for its return and thus the man’s rejoicing for the returned one.
What the perfect book examples of the parables, while geared to children ages 4 to 8, older and younger would still benefit.
The story of the Prodigal Son is always a difficult one, but with the showing of how a person yearns for the lost one, it becomes much more clear for little minds, and maybe adult ones.
I received this book through LibraryThing, and was not required to give a positive review.
" said.

" This is a great story for children! It is based on Biblical stories that never grow old. The lost sheep, the lost coin and the prodigal son! Lots of lessons for everyone. " said.

" Who Counts? Is a beautifully illustrated children's book that is educational, inspirational, and realistic. The numbering is great for children who are learning to count. The stories blend seamlessly and create a beautiful children's book. The illustrations are very realistic, respectful of the original stories. They have been modernized to today's culture but still hold the same truths. " said.

" The cover made me want to look further. The artwork is wonderful.I like the idea of this book but only the first story really interested me. The others too closely copied the first, down to certain wording. The third story was my least favorite. Especially the part about not inviting the elder son to the party.Alone they were OK but as a set it was disappointing.I did accept this book from Netgalley to review. " said.

" A man is missing one sheep, a woman is missing her coin – the father is missing a son ---based on the Bible’s parables but makes you wonder as to what are you missing – young people can help count the sheep, money and sons – and help look for them but also is good at pointing out how every single person should feel counted. Very nicely illustrated, well written and made me (a 67 year old person) look at these parables a bit different! " said.

"I read this book to my 3rd grade public school classroom courtesy of Net Galley. Students knew ahead of time that we would be giving it stars. A few students gave it 5 stars, and 2 students gave it 2 stars. The 5 star comments were that they loved the illustrations, they loved the message that everyone is special, if you love something take care of it, don't loose it. When I started the chapter about the two sons a girl blurted "hey, this sounds like a church story" Over all they enjoyed the book; we had wonderful deep thinking conversations about the book and the authors purpose." said.

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