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" I LOVE THIS BOOK! Not only is this a mystery (detective story) book, but there are so many plays on words and numbers that I had to read it a second time and still am not sure if I caught them all. There's a cafe that serves great pi, 7 being such an odd number, and 8 disguising herself as the number 0 (by removing her belt). Smart humor is my favorite humor, and this book is full of it! (Also I can't get over the fact that the private eye is the letter I. lol) " said.

" We all know that rumor about how the number 7 tragically ate 9, in which the number 6 now realizes that 7 is after him. Worried that his days may be numbered, he seeks a detective, Private "I", to help discover the truth of the missing number 9. With so many puns and jokes scattered throughout the story, "7 Ate 9" can easily be read many times in order to catch them all. This book is great for readers who would like to improve their math skills, but also have a "punny" sense of humor. " said.

"Lazar, Tara 7 ate 9: The Untold Story, illustrated by Ross MacDonald. PICTURE BOOK. Disney, 2017. $18. 9781484717790

I think many people know the horror story in the middle of the first ten numbers where 7-8-9. Lazar and MacDonald have turned it into a noir mystery with a great twist to the mystery. I would reserve this for slightly older students who already understand the joke and can appreciate the puns, though.

EL (K-3), EL – ADVISABLE. Cindy, Library Teacher
" said.

"Tara Lazar is known for her sense of humor, especially in picture books, but this book is probably the best one she has written to date. Just about everyone has heard the corny joke "Why is 6 afraid? Because 7 ate 9" which plays on the homonyms "eight" and "ate." But Tara takes it to a whole other level, developing characters and a plot that blow the word play up to hilarious proportions. There are even gags in the illustrations that the illustrator Ross MacDonald brings to the project as well. This is a book that will quickly become a favorite in my teacher library." said.

"Worth multiple reads to catch all the math puns and explore the fun illustrations that have their own jokes. Cleverly written math puns are the theme in this story. Great for introducing prime numbers or as a follow-up.
From the author:
6 has a problem.

Everyone knows that 7 is always after him. Word on the street is that 7 ate 9. If that’s true, 6’s days are numbered. Lucky for him, Private I is on the case. But the facts just don’t add up.

It’s odd.

Will Private I put two and two together and solve the problem . . . or is 6 next in line to be subtracted?
" said.

" Maybe it's because I'm in the midst of Booklist's Mystery Month madness, but this book amused me with its numerous puns and visual jokes. Sure, some of them, like the slice of Pi selling for $3.14 in the diner, will be missed by the intended younger audience, but the adult or older sibling reading it aloud to them will get some extra chuckles. I loved Ross MacDonald's vintage look artwork to accompany the 50s noir mystery. " said.

"Reviewed by Josh Harrison for San Diego Book Review

"7 Ate 9" is a delightful tale of an anthropomorphic private “I” Al F. Bet, who is alerted by a distraught anthropomorphic “6” that “7 ate 9!” Our hero I leaps into action, using his detective skills to discover the truth and locate the missing number. Author Tara Lazar offers a story that works on its face for young readers. The mystery and fast pacing will keep little hands turning pages.

You can read this entire review and others like it at San Diego Book Review.
" said.

"3.5 stars
Puns, jokes, number fun in a film noir / hard-boiled detective tale. While younger kids will like the initial joke (7 ate 9!), they won't get it all and it will need to be explained a bit. But there is much fun with the number jokes (numbers, always stuck in a problem / 8 was at the corner of 2nd and 4th / cafe serving pi for $3.14) and few letter ones as well (our narrator is Private I, Al F. Bet). We even get some sayings thrown into the mix as we discover why 9 is jealous of 7.

Illustrations have a retro feel, as MacDonald's art usually does. Text for the numbers is colored the same as the art (e.g., 6 is green both in the text and the picture).
" said.

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