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"The letter I is an Investigator or Private I. He was visited in his office by the number 6, who was in a panic. He claimed 7 was coming to get him because 7 ate 9. Of course, it was up to I to get to the bottom of things. He started asking questions to 8, B, 11, 5 and didn’t seem to be getting anywhere. But, when he saw 6 crossing the street he’d come to an interesting conclusion. What do you think it was?

Author Tara Lazar is known for using exceptional word play in her stories and this one is no different. The mystery and concept are engaging and hilarious. The illustrations are colorful and fun and provide clues. Parents and teachers can use this tool to teach the alphabet, numbers and solving puzzles.
" said.

"Capital I the private eye takes a case from scared number 6: 7 is missing and so is 9. Word on the street is that 7 ate 9, and the worry is that 6 will be the next victim. What follows is full of numerical puns and wordplay (the waitress had the scoop; the 8 hangs out on the corner of 2nd Ave & 4th Street; finally I put two and two together) which will be fun for the savvy young reader and his or her adult story time companion. I walks the city streets meeting 8, B, 11, and 5, and the mystery is solved with an “A-ha!” that is fun and clever. The noir private detective setting and some of the turns of phrase may be lost on the little ones who pick this up, but the colored pencil and watercolor illustrations are spot-on evocative of 1940s city life.

Recommended for children who love numbers, elementary math teachers, writing teachers wanting to illustrate colloquialisms.
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"Mystery + Numbers + Puns = 7 ATE 9, THE UNTOLD STORY

Who doesn’t love a good mystery? This one is sure to satisfy your craving. Complete with a good old-fashioned private eye detective, an intriguing problem, and a cast of numerous characters, (both odd and even). The mathematical play on words, the true old -time detective vernacular and puns add to the fun and laughter.

6 has a problem. Did 7eat 9? Is 7 after 6? No worries because Detective I is on the case. Detective I says, “But I knew about this 7 fella. He was odd.” In true detective style, he questions everyone to find out what doesn’t add up. 6 feels his “days are numbered.”
Solve the mystery as Detective I leads you to a topsy-turvy conclusion.

Ross MacDonald brings the characters to life by adding human aspects, expressions and movement. The tone of the illustrations, yes they certainly have a tone, are a perfect marriage to Tara’s clever text.
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"You might think you know why 6 was always afraid of 7 but I am here to tell you that you only know a fraction of the story. 9 goes missing and it is believed that 7 ate 9...but did he really? When 6 fears he may be next, he seeks out the help of Private I who quickly dives into the investigation. Join Private I and 6 in the untold story of 7 Ate 9 and get the 4-1-1 on what really happened.

Please note that Private I usually works exclusively with letters but he's made an exception for 6 in this case, who had burst into his office in a tizzy. From that moment forward, be prepared for the hilarity that ensues in epic numerical proportions. You will certainly enjoy this book. You can count on it!

7 Ate 9 by Tara Lazar 7 Ate 9

Tara Lazar Tara Lazar
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"I was dozing in his office when 6 came in looking for help. 7 was after him! There was a rumor going around that 7 ate 9 and now he was coming for 6. So I went out to figure out what was going on. Following a series of clues after talking with letters and numbers, I deduced that 9 had disappeared but that 7 could not have eaten him since 7 was on vacation. Suddenly, I figured it all out and realized exactly what was going on in this topsy-turvy mystery.

Filled with puns and jokes, this picture book is a lot of fun. Using the framework of a vintage detective agency, this picture book borrows the lingo from that period as well, adding to the humor. Children may figure out the mystery along with I, but they may be surprised as well. No matter, the fun is in the language, the humor and the ride.

Macdonald’s illustrations allow the letters and numbers to pop on the page. They pay homage to vintage images using similar lines and colors. The letters and numbers have plenty of personality so they are distinct from one another as characters. Pay close attention to the small details as well. You wouldn’t want to miss the pi joke in the restaurant scene.

A mystery filled with humor, you can count on this to be a great read. Appropriate for ages 5-7.
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"This book is packed full of puns and math jokes. Ross MacDonald played along with Tara Lazar and added many gags into the illustrations. For instance, a slice of pi, for the price of $3.14. And the private detective's name painted on the door - Inspector Al F. Bet. Even the end papers are a masterful series of puns - 7 is "the prime suspect." Tara also managed to cram the story full of sayings related to the numbers (seventh heaven & nine lives). This books begs for multiple reads, just to catch all the jokes in the text and the illustrations, I laughed, chuckled, and guffawed in the bookstore aisle. Then giggled as I read it again in the checkout line.

Set as a film noir mystery, Tara's private eye, a real letter"I" complete with a tie and a fedora, is faced with a case. His client, the number 6, believes that 7 ate 9 and is now after him. Which he always is, after all. Using rotary telephones, vintage vehicles, and cozy store fronts, Ross transports us into the 1930-40's. Ross imbues the numbers and letters with amazing personality, using shoes, tiny hands, and ingeniously expressive faces.

After a bit of investigating, and eating pi, the detective flips the tables and reveals the real issue - jealousy. Case solved, I is ready to for letter cases (upper and lower) , when - you guessed it - another number startles him awake. Tara and Ross have created a truly masterfully puny mystery around the number line. It is a new favorite of mine. Well worth multiple reads to appreciate the subtle and not so subtle humor, as well as a great mentor text for the interaction of text and illustration. This is a great book for kids of all ages.
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" What a fun and clever picture book this is! Written in the style of an old-time detective story, the number 6 comes to the office of a private investigator to get help. 6 was sure that 7 was out to get him, since 7 ate 9, and he was always after 6. This sets off a whole mystery filled with number puns! The illustrations are also drawn with old-style city scenes. This will get lots of laughs and giggles from young readers! " said.

" Loved this witty picture book featuring a Private I detective and a zany cast of numbers. So many fun puns! " said.

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