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" I think John Borne’s is a good person, because although he hunting but the important thing he never forget is he know hunt is no longer about killing, but about life. So I think he is a good person and I like this book, because this book can also tell us: be kind for every animal because they are our best friends. " said.

"I started off liking this story, but as it went on it got weirder and then just plain messed up.

Thirteen-year-old John goes out hunting deer alone for the first time. The previous three years he has hunted alongside his grandfather Clay, but Clay is now suffering a terminal cancer and stays at home this year. John thinks that maybe if he doesn't let himself think about what is coming, his grandfather won't die. While out hunting, he tracks a deer, but can't seem to kill her. Somehow he starts to think of the deer as his grandfather, then as himself, and finally, as some sort of talisman against death. If he can just make her his, touch her, somehow he will have won against death. He tracks her for a day and a half, wearing her out until she collapses, just so he can touch her.

I found John's logic, well, really illogical. I get that he's in emotional pain, doesn't want to believe his grandfather will die, and doesn't know how to deal with it, but really, tracking a deer almost to death and all the while thinking it's because he loves her, wants to make her his, and feels he has to touch her? Disturbing.
" said.

" The book was very good, it did make me have to look up in the dictionary sometimes, but overall, the book wasn't as complicated and boring as I thought. " said.

"I had very high expectations for this book because I love hunting so I read a hunting book. A kid named john living with his grandma and grandpa on a farm and his grandpa has cancer and jogn loves the farm. John love working on the farm and a very quiut boy. John has to go hunting all by himself for the first time. John wants to find the deer that he saw out the window of the house, he thinks its a nice deer. He tracks the deer for two days and finnily gets it. I disliked it a lot because he did not shoot the derr he only touched it.
" said.

" It, was, AMAZING!! It is just like Hatchet, but instead of being alone, John Borne has a deer to keep him company. " said.

"I thought that “Tracker” was a good book to read, because it taught me that death is a scary thing to have happen in your life. Especially if it is a family member or close friend that is about to or already died. It also taught me that if you are strong enough you can keep on doing what you have been doing your whole life so far.

“Tracker” is about a thirteen year old boy, John Borne, who lives with his grandparents. His grandpa is about to die from cancer but he does not seem like he is dying. Everyday John goes out and does chores and his grandpa comes out later when he finishes his coffee. Then deer season comes around and John decides to do the morning chores then hit the woods after when his grandpa comes out. John knows a few different ways to hunt for deer. He tries to sit and wait for a deer and after that he walks through the woods to track down a deer. John finally tracked a deer down and it turned out to be a doe. the doe saw him and ran away so he had to track it down again. Once he tracked the deer down again he trips on a root of a tree and the doe stands up and stares at him ready to die but he can not pull the trigger. The deer is standing there waiting on John to shoot but then John sneezed and the deer ran off again and John decides to track it again.

John is a farm boy, who lives on his grandparent’s farm. Clay Borne, John’s grandpa, has ruddy cheeks, a head of white hair, clear eyes, and steady hands. They are both main characters. John’s grandma is not talked about a whole lot so she is not a main character.

“Tracker” has no specific town, city or state but takes place on a farm and in the woods. “Tracker” also has no specific time period but it is probably during the 1950’s because on the farm there were tractors but not very big ones.

The author’s message I think was death is scary to give or take in your life. You can still live your life to the fullest after a family member or close friend dies.

I would recommend “Tracker” to seventh grade and above because some of the events that take place in the book are mature. Both males and females would enjoy this book even though its about farming and hunting.
" said.

" A beautiful description of hunting. The other parts of the story are weaker. " said.

" It’s in the internal voice of the main character tracking a deer that the raw beauty emerges in this short novel. " said.

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