Raid of No Return (Nathan Hale's Hazardous Tales #7): A World War II Tale of the Doolittle Raid Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-07-12 
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" #2 son was a history buff, war history specifically. When he was in fourth grade, he methodically read through the entire 940s, impressing his school librarian. He would've loved this. In my own career as a school librarian, I have had a few students like #2. I do have a few who are fans of the Hazardous Tales. I found this engaging and informative though I had difficulty telling the airmen apart. I liked the color scheme, the asides and the story. I hope the series continues. " said.

" I usually don’t read graphic novels but I was reviewing this one for my kids school AND it was really good. There was a lot of history about fighting with Japan after Pearl Harbor. So many brave men made a difference in helping USA stop the spread of communism and other evils. The book is full of heroes and was inspiring to get to get to know this chapter in history. I might read a few more graphic novels after this one. " said.

"This started off slow but I was hooked by the middle. The ending really got to me emotionally. I love all of Nathan Hale’s Hazardous Tales but this was a little harder to get into than the other books in the series. I think it’s because it didn’t immediately start with Pearl Harbor and even though I’ve read the other books in the series, I would’ve liked a refresher as to who are the three narrators (because it’s been a while!). I think that made things start off a little unbalanced but the ending really made up for it. " said.

"3.5. The story of Jimmy Doolittle's Raiders, the raid and the aftermath. Despite being a time period I adore and a story I am less familiar with, this book didn't feel as good as the others. It seemed very broad--I know there were a lot of Raiders, but no men stood out at all. I don't think we even learned their names until a handful of them died, and those deaths meant less because we only got their names then. It was very shooty-shooty bang bang, and kept my attention, but it does seem like there were far fewer nuances than I expect from this series. I'm not used to feeling disappointed by these books, but I am this time. Still looking forward to wherever they take us next, though. " said.

"Raid of No Return is Nathan Hale's seventh graphic novel dealing with history. I learned so much about this important bombing trip to Japan that occurred before the dropping of the atomic bombs, which ended the war. A movie was made about this event, 30 Seconds Over Tokyo and a display was created for the courageous men who served on this mission.
Graphic novels are always so interesting to me because the artists have to re-create the details in the pictures. I find myself getting so caught up in the reading that I often forget to look at the pictures. Nathan Hale is one talented illustrator and writer!
A Sand Ridge Battle of the Books book 2018.
" said.

"I like the detailed history that these books represent, even as I am a little uncomfortable with the subject and the very American viewpoint. Don't get me wrong, the Very American Viewpoint is EXACTLY what was going on in this country during WWII, especially after Pearl Harbor, so I think it's appropriate, I'm just uncomfortable. I also think the author does an excellent job trying to look at the events in the book from both a Japanese and an American perspective, but it's a really complex subject.

anyway.... great history, very focused on a particular bombing run and what it took to get there and the aftermath. Super appealing to boy history or adventure fans, really complicated story well told.
" said.

"Yes, I am historically oblivious. I had never heard of this raid before (at least, I have no recollection of hearing of this raid).

I think the graphic aspect of this book was great. It's very striking to be able to see the layout of Pearl Harbor and then see the ships that were lost or damaged. I enjoyed the speculation of what individual soldiers were thinking or feeling in these experiences, from the Japanese dishonorably bombing the US to members of Doolittle's Raiders desperately wanting to go out and fight on a trip that was likely a one-way death wish.

This took longer for me to read than a typical graphic novel. It is textually dense and heavy material. The content of this book was enough to get my wild imagination going and I definitely was very emotional finishing this book.
" said.

"My middle school book club loves this series, as do I. I think they are a perfect way to share history, teach concepts, while entertaining and drawing in reluctant readers. I particularly like the spreads on 20-21 and 22-23 that show the layout of Pearl Harbor and the US casualties. I've been to PH several times but this was such a clear, concise way to show the extent of the damage, yet wasn't wrought with as much sadness as the museum. (view spoiler)" said.

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