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"This book doesn’t include any koalas or bears or bison or tigers. Instead it’s full of mammals who tend to be ignored. In fact, I guarantee that there are animals here that you’ve never even heard of! All of them are amazing but for very different reasons. There’s the Cuban Solenodon, an insectivore with a poisonous bite. There’s the impossible to find and count Sand Cat who lives in the deserts of Africa and Central Asia. There’s the stinky Zorilla who can be smelled up to a mile away. Turning the pages of this book is a journey of discovery that is just right for any kid tired of the same old popular animals and up for a look at truly wild animals.

Brown’s tone in the book is masterful. He uses humor perfectly, creating moments of asides that made me guffaw aloud. This is one of the rare nonfiction animal books for children that you won’t mind reading aloud, even multiple times! It is full of fun facts, interesting tidbits and then that zing of humor that makes it entirely enjoyable. Brown picks his animals carefully, offering just the right amount of detail on each animal and then moving on merrily to the next.

Brown’s illustrations contribute to some of the best humor in the book. He uses images that are similar to mug shots of the various animals to show their similarities and differences to more familiar animals. He also uses comic-like speech bubbles and frames to create silly asides that add immensely to the appeal.

A delight of a nonfiction book about animals, here’s hoping that it’s the first in a series. Appropriate for ages 7-9.
" said.

"So what did I think?

Martin Brown’s distinctive style is instantly recognisable: Kids everywhere will know his illustrations from the ever popular Horrible Histories books. But hooray, hooray, these pictures are in colour! The cover promises to tell us about “The brilliant beasts you never knew you needed to know about” hinting at the humour that awaits us inside.

The introduction points out that while some animals are constantly in the limelight in books, others never get a mention! So the aim of Lesser Spotted Animals is to celebrate twenty one of the lesser known creatures by giving them a bit of attention for a change. So if you don’t know your numbat from your dagger-toothed flower bat, this is the book for you!

Martin Brown’s portraits of the animals are so funny and clever in his capturing of the animal’s expressions and poses- he really brings out their individual characteristics. In addition to treating us to a generous portion of humour, this book satisfies our curiosity with all the key facts for each animal.There are plenty of amusing, cute and gross details to entertain the kids, and the text has a good fact to entertainment ratio! We are also alerted to the dwindling numbers of some species (each animal has its “status” described e.g. endangered or vulnerable).

Lesser Spotted Animals was grabbed quickly by my nine year old, and my eleven year old asked to read it straight away from the look of the cover. I even found my husband reading it to himself, and he pronounced it “brilliant!”

From an adult’s point of view, this is a great introduction to the concept of conservation. As a teacher I’d say this would make a great book for guided reading in Year 6, especially if the class is looking at a conservation topic, or interdependence and adaptation in science.

This is a really fun book for all the family to share, and I would recommend it for age 8+.

Happy reading!

Pippa Wilson

24th September 2016
" said.

" This is a neat nonfiction book that focuses on animals that are not common and very unique. The reading level is probably closer to 2-3rd grade but the topic is pretty interesting and the illustrations are drawn but very engaging. " said.

"Told with humor and pizzaz Lesser Spotted Animals features twenty one endangered animals from all over the world, they really are the "coolest creatures" as the title states. Each double spread entry of these creatures is a feast for the eyes, with a magnificent illustration of them in an active pose, description, a fact bar in contrast color stating size, what they eat, where the live, status of endangerment, one or two clever tidbits of extra information, and a map showing their location. It is difficult to select a favorite endangered spotted animal, because each one is described in such a fascinating narrative non-fiction way. Perhaps the Lesser Fairy Armadillo is the most intriguing. It's armadillo armor is placed in strategic areas of it's body. It's mode of escape from predators is hilarious, "But maybe you'd go pink, too, if everyone was told you used your butt to block the back door." A glossary is included in the back to describe all of the scientific terms used, as well as the scale of endangered status. This highly entertaining book is so cleverly written, my only question is; How did the author find these extremely rare animals located in remote corners of the world for this glorious book?" said.

" Humorous drawings and quirky, informative , conversational style descriptions make this book an interesting read. Check out pictures of the real animals in Google. A definite kid pleaser. " said.

" I am a bit of an animal enthusiast and have read quite a few children's books about both common and less-popular animals, but I was impressed by the number of animals in this book which I'd never heard of. The sense of humor here is not going to appeal to everyone, but that's okay, too. If you love animals you will enjoy it. " said.

" A funny book about animals you may have never heard of. Good information and funny illustrations. I kind of wished for photographs, though. " said.

" This is such a great book! As the subtitle says, it's a book about "the coolest creatures you've never heard of" - very interesting and fun, and a unique opportunity to learn about fascinating animals that we otherwise never would have heard of. And I love the illustrations!It is a splendid book. I recommend it to both kids and adults. Really, I can't express how very very interesting this book is. " said.

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