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UPDATE TIME: 2018-04-06 
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" This book is for realz scary! I can't believe I actually read a scary book and its prob going to cause me nightmares for a long time because it was very very scary! Evil scary ghosts! Mysteries to solve! Possession! It was good scary though. " said.

" I absolutely loved this middle grade book that even gave me, an adult, some chills. Wonderful start to a hopefully multi-volume series. This novel is not your run-in-the-mill ghost story, although a perfect read for October, but it's also about a family trying to find each other and how to deal with day-to-day racism that exists in our country. I wouldn't expect anything less from this awesome author and I hope book 2 comes out quickly! " said.

" I am a sucker for all manner of ghostly, ghoulish, haunted things, and Spirit Hunters delivered! It was perfectly balanced as a middle grades novel; there were heart-warming messages of family love and friendship, as well as plenty of dark, disturbing imagery and plot points. I've strengthened my desire to become a ghost hunter! Recommend to those who are not easily spooked. " said.

" A rec from my sister, who told me it was so creepy. I was so excited to read this book, as I love horror books that involve ghosts. Honestly, this book wasn't as creepy as I had thought it would be. Sure, it was creepy but I wasn't so scared that I had hard time to go to the washroom in the middle of the night. :p It was alright, though. Not the best horror I've ever read. " said.

"Just the right amount of creepy paired with diverse characters and an intriguing premise.

After a tragic accident that she can't remember, Harper and her family move from New York to Washington DC. Right away, Harper instinctively knows something about the house isn't right, and when her 4 year old brother starts acting strange, she begins to fear for her family's safety.

I think younger middle school students who liked Coraline or The Doll Bones, but who aren't ready for the more YA leaning horror will really like this one, I can't wait to share it!
" said.

" This book was wonderful but SUPER SCARY! Admittedly, I am a wimp when it comes to scary stories, but this hits all the ghost story tropes in a perfectly suspenseful way. I stayed up an extra hour to finish it because there was no way I was sleeping halfway through the story! I'm shelving this in MG & YA because even though it reads middle grade, the reader would have to definitely be interested in horror, and teens who like ghost stories would appreciate it on that level too. " said.

"Opening Line: "Harper! Come quick!"

Spirit Hunters was a lot creepier than I thought it was going to be, which made it a wonderful story for me cause I love creepy scary things. There are multiple incidents of Harper being injured by the presence in the house, and her younger brother Michael being taken over by a supernatural presence, yeah just creepy. I did really like the diversity and the touching and realistic relationship between the siblings. I did wish that more had been written about Harper's grandmother's being a Korean mudang. Maybe some of the cultural histories, although it did prompt me to look it up a little bit online. She sounded so fascinating that it was a shame that she couldn't be included more in the story. I also really liked the character of Mrs. Devereux and especially her views on racism.
" said.

"A delightfully creepy read starring a spirited seventh-grader named Harper. Harper and her family have just moved to Washington, D.C. and in addition to having to deal with leaving her friends behind, Harper has to deal with her missing memories, trying to get her mom to agree to let her see her grandmother again, the weird way her little brother has started acting, and the fact that she lives in a haunted house. But Harper stays strong through it all, and with some help from her friends, she is able to follow in the footsteps of her grandmother, a mudang or Korean shaman, and become her apprentice and a true spirit hunter.

Although this was shelved in the teen section of my library, it's definitely middle grade, though it may appeal to teens as well, and to readers across genres. The novel deftly pulls together aspects of mystery, horror, coming-of-age, and contemporary family life to form one great story with a well-developed, diverse cast of characters that you can't help but root for. While I think it's a standalone book, I would love to read more about Harper and her spirit hunting.
" said.

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