The Trials of Apollo, Book Two: The Dark Prophecy Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2017-06-26 
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"4.5 stars!

Oh, Lord Apollo, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. It's official: Apollo is my favorite!

Okay I admit that I've had my doubts when Rick Riordan announced yet another spin-off of the Percy Jackson series. It felt like he was milking it series for all its worth. But now I don't care when the end product is this excellent!

I loved The Hidden Oracle and I was afraid that the sequel might not be as good but my fears were unfounded, people! In the Dark Prophecy, Apollo is still human, still powerless and still the same endearing dork that we've come to love and sometimes hate. He's still vain and constantly confused that the planets don't revolve around him. But now, he also cares about his companions and starting to reflect on the selfish things that he's done when he was a god. And dare I say that he's also become heroic? I love how awkward Apollo is as a human. He has zero game omg. It's so funny when he tries to flirt and fails spectacularly. He still can't reconcile his godly nature with his human body. The resulting narrative is at times introspective, at times plain hilarious and at all times entertaining. This series is shaping up to be one of my absolute faves and book 3 can't come soon enough. Highly recommended!
" said.

"The Dark Prophecy is not a disappointment, though, I enjoyed it less, compared to it's predecessor, The Hidden Oracle. But the thing is, I've learned a lot more about Apollo and his past, which should be the case, of course. Because, hey it's a sequel and Uncle Rick should give us more meat to our main character. More flaws, more back stories that will help us know better, this annoying, self-absorbed god, Apollo.

And he did. Uncle Rick did. I love it how Apollo's character grew in this book, how Uncle Rick revealed some of Apollo's deepest secrets and fears, his gayness, and the fact that this attention-seeker god has a heart. Really, I love those events, especially the one that he realized things on its own, now that he is a mortal and not a god. Cliché, I know, but I don't care I loved it.

Plotwise, it's predictable. Same difference with other Rick Riordan books. Prophecies here, quest there. Fight here, fight there. The only differences are the sets of new villains, new Greek and Roman gods, heroes and creatures/monsters and the actions the book provide for my imagination. It's routinary but it's not tiring to read especially with Rick Riordan's kind of writing style. It's full of humor and awesomeness yet evocative at the same time. Riordan injects humor on the right places. I do smile and laugh a handful just reading this book. I do shed a tear and feel sadness and fear, too. A proof how contagious this book is.

Nonetheless, I can't deny that I do find some parts were overwritten that it looks like the characters are just blabbering non-sense. Maybe, it's just me. Also, deus ex machinas. I count three that I can't accept without viable reasons how and why those happen.

Anyway, as I've mentioned before, The Dark Prophecy did not disappoint. And, actually a great sequel. It gets more diverse, which is I'm happy about, in terms of lgbt and racial representation. It is fun and great adventure and journey as always. Also, informative since the book introduce gods and mythological creatures that I didn't know in the first place (Poor me!). Lastly, I'm so happy to see old characters again. :)
" said.

"Trust me on this. Riordan and Disappointment can never be in the same sentence. That Dude sure knows how to satiate your hunger for humor, actions and myths. I'm so sure that half of the time I guffawed when I read the book. Thee adventures the characters went through were so much fun to read about. I will sure smash those heads who says "Grr. Isn't it a middle grade series?" SO? WHAT IS YOUR DAMN PROBLEM?

Here comes our great-great-great Apollo as a pathetic whiny teeny mortal. The poetry sense, the godly powers, the memory of 173635333374639427226 years, the sun chariot and everything was pulled from him when he was thrown into the dump yard. He was dumped by his father Zeus back in the first book. In here, with the little bit pieces of a prophecy, Apollo sets his journey with the great inventor Leo and his princess whom he rescued from the island, Calypso. Boy! what an incredible team you have there, Apollo. HURRAY!

Nothing can change Apollo EVER. As always, he was so full of himself. Half of the time, his mind was dancing around the thoughts like 1. How dare you teeny little mortal mock me, I will blast you into dust when I have my godly powers. 2. Yes. You should grovel at my feet singing my praise for the limerick I just wrote.

Like every Riordan's book, this was filled with quests, prohecies, hilarious situations, dumb monsters, witty and diverse characters which made my heart burst into happiness.
" said.

" i'm really not in a rick riordan mood right now but i don't want to dnf this?? on hold we go " said.


You know, it really amazes me how Rick Riordan can somehow keep his formula going while at the same time turning his own favourite topics around. Because Trials of Apollo is different in its quests than Percy Jackson and the Olympians and Heroes of Olympus, and it's really nice to see. I feel like it revolves around home and family more than others - all the characters we know and love are like, actually safe for once (unless they take a jaunt out to help Apollo). Apollo, meanwhile, seems to always be protecting demigod safe spaces - last time it was Camp Half-Blood, and this time, it's the Waystation. (view spoiler)" said.

"English review at bottom. Spoiler alert.

"As long as Gods shall live, so long shall I love you"


Voy a manejar porcentajes en este review porque me siento matemático af.
Ok, para empezar, debo decir que este libro no me gustó. No. Lo siento. Pero en un 75% del libro no pASÓ NADA! Nada.
De verdad que estoy decepcionada del resultado. La espera y relectura de The Hidden Oracle (al que sí le di las 5 estrellas porque es perfecto) me subieron muchísimo más las expectativas de The Dark Prophecy, y aquí estamos: yo, dándole 2/3 estrellas a otra novela y ustedes leyendo mis reseñas hater de libros que en teoría debí amar.
Ahora sí comenzaré.

"You don't have to be a god. Just do your best to your friends"

Apollo: Honestamente, Apollo ya me cansó. Lo amo y siento una gratitud inmensa a él por ser mi godly daddy pero, ya me cansé. Este fue él durante el libro: 25% renegando de su condición mortal y queriendo ser un dios de nuevo porque ser humano apesta; 25% llorando por sus amores perdidos; 50% vomitando. Ese es él. Aunque debo decir que esas cosas lo hacen un personaje real y creíble, pero, hasta ahí. Creo que cinco libros es mucho. No sé, últimamente nada me sorprende.
Otra cosa, yo AMO A LOS LGBT+! Los amo. Pero ya, Rick, un 80% de la población en sus libros es comunidad lgbt+, ya casi no quedan heterosexuales en el Riorduniverso o como se llama. En TDP, están Apollo, mas gay que la vaina; (view spoiler)" said.

" I miss Nico and Will so much *sobbing " said.

"4.5 stelline.

Ho amato tutto, Zio Rick non delude mai!
Mi è piaciuto continuare a seguire le avventure di Apollo e Meg, così come conoscere nuovi personaggi come Emmie e Jo e nuove creature come i grifoni.
Il ritorno di alcuni dei miei personaggi preferiti ovviamente mi ha entusiasmato! Adoro scoprire nuovi dettagli della vita di Apollo, legati al suo passato.

La scrittura di Rick è sempre semplice e scorrevole, ironica e leggera. Ho amato come Rick inserisca personaggi della comunità LGBT con naturalezza, com'è giusto che sia.

Devo ammettere che però continuo a preferire Magnus Chase, per ora.
" said.

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