The Trials of Apollo, Book Two: The Dark Prophecy Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2017-05-20 
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" *squints hard at cover*Is that Calypso I see...BABEStarting this in a few days <3 " said.

" __________PRE-RELEASE__________WE HAVE A NAMEalso, Apollo will have "new friendships—with heroes who will be very familiar to fans"?? YES " said.

"May 2017. I HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL MAY 2017! :'/


We always expect great things from Uncle Rick; he rarely disappoints us. "The Dark Prophecy" is the sequel to "The Hidden Oracle" narrated from the point of view of ex-god Apollo who is punished by his father Zues by sending him to be a mortal on Earth. This time, he embarks on a journey with Leo and Calypso across North America.

Like other books by Rick Riordan, this one is adventurous and hilarious. Narcissistic Apollo starts realizing that the world doesn't evolve around him anymore (although the ones who try to kill him might say otherwise: in Apollo's words, "most of the enemies who had attacked us on our journey had introduced themselves by screaming, There’s Apollo! Kill him!") He also starts to learn that sacrificing oneself in the name of friendship and greater good is worth it, and this is sweet from a god who didn't give a damn about anyone. The jokes used in this book are hilarious and the references of modern cultures make them even better because they don't come out of an ordinary person, but the ex-almighty Apollo.

I have to admit that I love the first book more, but this one doesn't let me down either.

And let the one year period of waiting for the third book begin. :')
" said.

"Am I hearing someone shouting, 'Why the average rating?' No? Yeah, thought so.

Anyway, this book made me think that I might be getting too old for these books (the heresy!!). You see, all those side quests kind of annoyed me. The whole 'I'll only tell you where you need to go after you do something for me' is not working for me anymore. Furthermore, I just feel the characters are not that engaging anymore. While I love Apollo and his sense of humor, the rest of the cast doesn't do it for me. Meg, for instance, I actually dislike, I'm sorry to say. Leo and Calypso also don't work for me. Leo is just... too much. Calypso is *meh*.

My hope for the next book is that the 'old' characters return, to steal the limelight from Meg. It doesn't even have to be Percy or Annabeth, I'd take even Jason or Piper.
" said.

"The Dark Prophecy is not a disappointment, though, I enjoyed it less, compared to it's predecessor, The Hidden Oracle. But the thing is, I've learned a lot more about Apollo and his past, which should be the case, of course. Because, hey it's a sequel and Uncle Rick should give us more meat to our main character. More flaws, more back stories that will help us know better, this annoying, self-absorbed god, Apollo.

And he did. Uncle Rick did. I love it how Apollo's character grew in this book, how Uncle Rick revealed some of Apollo's deepest secrets and fears, his gayness, and the fact that this attention-seeker god has a heart. Really, I love those events, especially the one that he realized things on its own, now that he is a mortal and not a god. Cliché, I know, but I don't care I loved it.

Plotwise, it's predictable. Same difference with other Rick Riordan books. Prophecies here, quest there. Fight here, fight there. The only differences are the sets of new villains, new Greek and Roman gods, heroes and creatures/monsters and the actions the book provide for my imagination. It's routinary but it's not tiring to read especially with Rick Riordan's kind of writing style. It's full of humor and awesomeness yet evocative at the same time. Riordan injects humor on the right places. I do smile and laugh a handful just reading this book. I do shed a tear and feel sadness and fear, too. A proof how contagious this book is.

Nonetheless, I can't deny that I do find some parts were overwritten that it looks like the characters are just blabbering non-sense. Maybe, it's just me. Also, deus ex machinas. I count three that I can't accept without viable reasons how and why those happen.

Anyway, as I've mentioned before, The Dark Prophecy did not disappoint. And, actually a great sequel. It gets more diverse, which is I'm happy about, in terms of lgbt and racial representation. It is fun and great adventure and journey as always. Also, informative since the book introduce gods and mythological creatures that I didn't know in the first place (Poor me!). Lastly, I'm so happy to see old characters again. :)
" said.

" Ok, here's to heartbreak, stress and depression but i don't give a damn. I need my sweet baby Apollo.Bring it on, Papadopoulos! " said.


You know, it really amazes me how Rick Riordan can somehow keep his formula going while at the same time turning his own favourite topics around. Because Trials of Apollo is different in its quests than Percy Jackson and the Olympians and Heroes of Olympus, and it's really nice to see. I feel like it revolves around home and family more than others - all the characters we know and love are like, actually safe for once (unless they take a jaunt out to help Apollo). Apollo, meanwhile, seems to always be protecting demigod safe spaces - last time it was Camp Half-Blood, and this time, it's the Waystation. (view spoiler)" said.

" "Commodus blames me for his death," I said.
"Why?" Meg asked.
"Probably because I killed him."
"Ah." Leo nodded sagely. "That would do it."

A brilliant follow up to The Hidden Oracle. I started laughing from the first page and it was like that through the whole book. I just loved how Rick Riordan portrayed the true nature of Apollo in not-so-immortal ways with his trademark humor and sarcasm . Though now he has started to accept that the world DOES NOT revolve around him and his needs are not priorities anymore. Infact he is really warming up to his demigod buddies. Even considering to sacrifice a little every now and then. His character development is utterly enjoyable l.

Also the non stop actions, quest after quest. But it didn't seem monotonous as the structure of the books in "Trials of Apollo" are much different from PJO. Actually I think I am enjoying this series more. There was much less twists in this one than the first book, though.

About the side characters, Meg- I didn't really connect with this character. Same thing happened with me in the last series with Jason and Piper. In some situations it seemed like she was extra harsh with Apollo, though it was clear that he was trying his best. If you ship "Caleo" then you are in for a treat. Calypso and Leo both played important roles in this one. It was great to watch Calypso stripped of her magical powers, finally back to the mortal world.

The second emperor(main villain) seemed a bit comic though. I expected a little more evilness from him, given his history with Apollo. This is my only complain :)

Can't wait for The Burning Maze :D
" said.

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