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UPDATE TIME: 2017-06-25 
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" This book is so lovely and cute. The subject of this book is really heavy but you don't notice it at all, which I think is a good thing. I really liked Lina and Ren, it was so nice from him to offer her help. The setting was nice as well, I really want to go to Italy now. Anyways, I really recommend this book! " said.

"En... toen was dit mooie boek uit. Wow, wat heb ik ontzettend genoten van dit boek! Het boek draait om een erg emotionele gebeurtenis, namelijk het overlijden van de moeder van Lina. Maar Jenna Evans Welch heeft dit boek zo knap geschreven! Ik had vaak helemaal niet het idee dat het onderwerp zo zwaar was.

De karakters is dit boek zijn super! Lina vond ik vooral erg leuk. Zij maakte me ook weer enthousiast over hardlopen^^ En die omgeving waar het boek zich afspeelt.... Volgende vakantie wil ik naar Italië hoor! Ik zal m'n vriend alvast inlichten ;)

Echt een geweldig boek en ik ben blij dat ik dit boek gelezen heb met BooksEverAfter!
" said.

" Wauw!! Echt een heel mooi boek! " said.

" I thought this book was ok. It was very cute and an easy summer read. The characters were alright but I had a few issues with Lina's rationale and decision making ability. The narrative is first person, and used the word "like" a lot. I think it was to make it sound more teenager-ish but it got very annoying vey fast. It was a bit Insta lovey for me, the whole beginning and the characters meeting and forming a relationship felt very rushed. All in all a short, easy summer read. " said.

Ahhh Love & Gelato! I had such high hopes for you! When I went into this book, I was expecting to be entirely swept away by the Tuscany setting and a swoony romance. The setting itself was beautifully written here. I felt myself being transported to Italy, wanting to eat gelato alongside the protagonist, Lina. However, I really struggled with the romance and the characters in this book. I didn’t feel like they were as well-fleshed out as they could have been. Lina, herself, while a protagonist, I didn’t feel like I got to really know besides her grief and her desire to want to find the truth about her mom’s time in Italy. The same went for her love interest, Ren. He was just so … bland. This also meant that the romance wound up being flat. I just couldn’t sense any chemistry between the two, which was thoroughly disappointing because I was expecting one heck of a swoony romance! What I did actually like more than Lina’s character arc in this book were her mother’s diary entries. I was honestly more invested in her mom’s life than I was in Lina’s life. I’m sad because I was expecting so much more from this book, but it didn’t live up sadly. :(
" said.

"3.5 Stars :)

Although I didn't read it in the Summer, this is the perfect Summer YA book! It's a very cute book that takes place in Italy. This book made me crave so much food (especially gelato) and it made me want to go to Italy too. It had all the elements of a good YA romance - a likeable protagonist, cute boys, good friends, angsty drama, a nice pace, self-discovery, a nice sentiment and enjoyable writing. It kind of reminded me of a book Sarah Dessen would write except it was not as fine-tuned.

I do like sweet YA romances but when I finish them, I'm always left wanting more. That's how I felt with this book. I was expecting a little more because the synopsis sounded like it could be more than your average YA romance but unfortunately it wasn't. The whole family secret thing was super super predictable from the start and so I was disappointed with that. I figured it out pretty early on and so I was just waiting for Lina to catch up, which was a little tedious if I'm honest. That said, I did really really enjoy the mother's journal. Lina's mother seemed more likeable and real than Lina herself. I loved her and her adventures in Italy more than I loved Lina and her Italian adventures. Another thing I loved was the friendship between Lina & her best friend (her name has completely left me). It was such a lovely friendship, I wish there was more of their relationship in the book & I would definitely read another book about the two of them.

The writing was pretty good & the characters were pretty good too, they were all three-dimensional. I would recommend this to YA romance lovers & to those who think that this book could be for them because it is a good book. It just needed a little more depth and unpredictability for me to love it. I would read more from Jenna Evans Welsh.


“I hated being called quiet. People always said it like it was some kind of deficiency—like just because I didn’t put everything out there right away, I was unfriendly or arrogant.”

“Ghosts had never made sense to me. When my mom was gone, she was just gone. I’d give anything for it to be otherwise.”

“When I had his attention it was like a spotlight was shining on me and everything in the world was right. But the second he looked away I was cold and alone.”

“I couldn’t imagine it yet exactly, but maybe a day would come when the hole inside me wouldn’t ache quite so badly and I could think about her, and remember, and it would be all right.”
" said.

" I thought the author handled grief really well, and the story and characters were interesting. I wanted to feel a bit more of the Italian atmosphere, but otherwise it was exactly what I wanted: light and summery with splashes of humor and emotion. " said.

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