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UPDATE TIME: 2017-09-09 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 233 user ratings

"3.5 Stars :)

Although I didn't read it in the Summer, this is the perfect Summer YA book! It's a very cute book that takes place in Italy. This book made me crave so much food (especially gelato) and it made me want to go to Italy too. It had all the elements of a good YA romance - a likeable protagonist, cute boys, good friends, angsty drama, a nice pace, self-discovery, a nice sentiment and enjoyable writing. It kind of reminded me of a book Sarah Dessen would write except it was not as fine-tuned.

I do like sweet YA romances but when I finish them, I'm always left wanting more. That's how I felt with this book. I was expecting a little more because the synopsis sounded like it could be more than your average YA romance but unfortunately it wasn't. The whole family secret thing was super super predictable from the start and so I was disappointed with that. I figured it out pretty early on and so I was just waiting for Lina to catch up, which was a little tedious if I'm honest. That said, I did really really enjoy the mother's journal. Lina's mother seemed more likeable and real than Lina herself. I loved her and her adventures in Italy more than I loved Lina and her Italian adventures. Another thing I loved was the friendship between Lina & her best friend (her name has completely left me). It was such a lovely friendship, I wish there was more of their relationship in the book & I would definitely read another book about the two of them.

The writing was pretty good & the characters were pretty good too, they were all three-dimensional. I would recommend this to YA romance lovers & to those who think that this book could be for them because it is a good book. It just needed a little more depth and unpredictability for me to love it. I would read more from Jenna Evans Welsh.


“I hated being called quiet. People always said it like it was some kind of deficiency—like just because I didn’t put everything out there right away, I was unfriendly or arrogant.”

“Ghosts had never made sense to me. When my mom was gone, she was just gone. I’d give anything for it to be otherwise.”

“When I had his attention it was like a spotlight was shining on me and everything in the world was right. But the second he looked away I was cold and alone.”

“I couldn’t imagine it yet exactly, but maybe a day would come when the hole inside me wouldn’t ache quite so badly and I could think about her, and remember, and it would be all right.”
" said.

" I thought the author handled grief really well, and the story and characters were interesting. I wanted to feel a bit more of the Italian atmosphere, but otherwise it was exactly what I wanted: light and summery with splashes of humor and emotion. " said.

Ahhh Love & Gelato! I had such high hopes for you! When I went into this book, I was expecting to be entirely swept away by the Tuscany setting and a swoony romance. The setting itself was beautifully written here. I felt myself being transported to Italy, wanting to eat gelato alongside the protagonist, Lina. However, I really struggled with the romance and the characters in this book. I didn’t feel like they were as well-fleshed out as they could have been. Lina, herself, while a protagonist, I didn’t feel like I got to really know besides her grief and her desire to want to find the truth about her mom’s time in Italy. The same went for her love interest, Ren. He was just so … bland. This also meant that the romance wound up being flat. I just couldn’t sense any chemistry between the two, which was thoroughly disappointing because I was expecting one heck of a swoony romance! What I did actually like more than Lina’s character arc in this book were her mother’s diary entries. I was honestly more invested in her mom’s life than I was in Lina’s life. I’m sad because I was expecting so much more from this book, but it didn’t live up sadly. :(
" said.

"Teenager Lina’s mother had been informed that she was dying from cancer. After bringing Lina up as a single parent, her dying wish was for her daughter to move to Tuscany, Italy, to live with her father Howard, a man Lina had never heard of, nor knew anything about.

Shortly after her mum’s death, Lina apprehensively travelled to Italy, leaving behind her grandmother, and best friend (whom she had been living with). Things didn’t exactly start off well with her father though, after it turned out that he was the caretaker of a World War cemetery, and that the house she would be living in overlooked the headstones.

But then she met sexy neighbour Ren who was half Italian, half American. The two struck up a friendship that ran deep. When Lina was presented with her mother’s old journal, the two of them settled down to read about her mum’s life in Italy, which included plenty of surprises and shocking moments.

Love and Gelato, is a YA book that is filled to the bring with emotion. Lina is a beautifully-rounded character. She is exceptionally likeable, and tries to carry on with her life as normal as she possibly can after her mum’s premature death.

At the start, Lina didn’t take to Italy. Yes the country was beautiful, but she didn’t want to move to a different place, halfway around the world, to live with a father she had never heard of, leaving her life and friends back in the States. Then there is the fact of having to see the headstone everyday, as if she needed a constant reminder of her mother’s death.

Ren is a lovely, well-mannered, rather good-looking, young man. The two take to one another and their relationship develops well as Lina isn’t afraid to say exactly what she thinks, and Ren doesn’t pussyfoot around her, treating her like a fragile doll.

You get to read all about Lina’s mum’s time when she too lived in Italy. It is written in diary form throughout the book, and you get to discover what she got up to, at the same time as Lina and Ren do, though I had already worked out from the off about the mysterious X.

The book is fantastic. I was as engrossed and eager as Lina was, to finish the journal. But it is more than just about Lina discovering about her mother’s past. It is about Lina learning to discover herself too, and to learn to move on as best she could after her mother’s death.

The story is filled with surprises, twist, turns, and poignant moments. Yes there are plenty of emotional scenes, but there are also just as many funny moments too. I’ll admit that the book might not be aimed at my age, but I held off reading the last chapter for a couple of days when I’d reached it, as I just didn’t want the book to end.

The writing is incredibly authentic, and the plot totally unique. A completely amazing book, from a superbly-talented debut author. I look forward to reading more from Ms. Jenna Evans Welch.

Reviewed by Stacey on
" said.

" I so LOVED this book! If you can't go to Florence, but still want to experience it, reading this book will make it seem just like you're there! Blog | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest " said.

"Esta reseña NO contiene spoilers.

*pukes rainbows*
Este es uno de esos libros ridículamente cursis que son el placer culposo de todo ser humano existente en el planeta tierra. Sí, es surrealista y más fantasioso que la propia fantasía pero OH GOD, QUE BIEN LA PASÉ LEYENDOLO.
Love & Gelato nos cuenta la historia de Lina, una adolescente que debe viajar a Italia luego de que su madre muriera y dejara eso como su último deseo. Estando allí, ella recibe el viejo diario de su mamá y descubre que su historia esconde muchos más secretos de lo que alguna vez pudo imaginar. A partir de ese momento, se lanza en busca de respuestas mientras recorre Italia encontrando sin querer al amor y, por qué no, deteniéndose de vez en cuando para disfrutar del gelato.
Lo normal en este tipo de historias es que sigamos a personajes queribles pero frustrantes a la vez. Esta no es la excepción. Si bien acompañamos a Lina durante toda su travesía y nos interesamos por ella, también dan ganas de bajarla a tierra firme en más de una ocasión. Sus decisiones no son las más acertadas y al igual que el resto de personajes, no siempre procede de la manera más lógica. Fuera de eso, sí me preocupaba que ella esté bien y fue capaz de sacarme más de una sonrisa, así que la perdono por ser un poquiiito irritante de vez en cuando.
¿Los personajes secundarios? No es diferente. Son TODO lo que probablemente se están imaginando.
El chico perfecto, el amigo simpático y dispuesto a ayudar, la novia rubia y bitchy que desprecia a la protagonista, el padre inexperto en busca de un vínculo, y así con el resto. Como digo, nada muy especial pero oops, funciona.
La pluma de Jenna Evans Welch es bastante normal. No fue nada del otro mundo pero tampoco estuvo mal. Si bien no me llevó a otros mundos, me dio una idea justa de cómo los personajes se movían por las calles de Italia e interactuaban entre sí: fue creíble.
Tiene un "factor contemporáneo" muy bien logrado, lo que obliga al libro a ser adictivo y muy muy ligero. Te despierta el interés adecuado por los personajes y la trama, haciendo que en un abrir y cerrar de ojos hayas leído la mitad del libro.
Sip. Esta historia es tan cursi como suena.
Es todo lo que necesitamos en medio de lecturas pesadas. Algo divertido, no muy serio, que cumpla con su propósito de entretener y que no requiera procesar demasiado. Lo recomiendo.
Está plagado de tópicos, drama y situaciones desesperantes pero seamos honestos, todos disfrutamos de este tipo de lecturas.
Si bien no soy un firme creyente de que hay libros por cada estación, en este caso puedo afirmar que Love & Gelato es la definición de libro veraniego. Si planean leerlo, háganlo sentados en el patio bajo los rayos del sol mientras disfrutan de su helado favorito. Me agradecen después.
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" 3.75! this book was so sugary sweet and young. bonus points for it taking place in tuscany :') " said.

" “You know, people come to Italy for all sorts of reasons, but when they sat, it's for the same two things."
"Love and gelato.”


▬♥Remember A&FK? An American girl living a Paris dream?? *Insert Italy in place of France plus a lot more drama minus Ettiene's level of cuteness* Yep. You got it right! Its Love & Gelato.

▬♥L&G is story about a girl, Lina (even her name rhymes with Anna) who went to Italy because of her mother's deathbed wish. It is a sweet story with lots of gelatos and occasional spicey nuggets. Lina is a teenager with a tendency to be a brat sometimes. She has recently lost her mother and her father is AWOL from scenario. Her mother wants her to live with his friend, Lina's alleged father, Howard. Lina is NOT happy.

▬♥Like most of contemporary books, the plot is predictable most of the times. Lina's mother has left a journal for her to tell her the things she hasn't told her in her life.The writer wants to surprise us, I'll give you that, but all her surprises were predictable. In fact, all the things were so damn cliche I was mad at Lina most of the times for not figuring out simple things.

▬♥The only good thing in the book is that we get to travel Florence,Italy with the MC. The places she gets to see, mostly with Ren-the love interest, and all the experiences she got and a trip to Roma though that was a complete disaster. But I loved Florence!

▬♥And pizza and GELATO!! Food descriptions were good. Italian people or better yet Lina's Italian American friends added the flavor to the story but though I liked the Ren the romance was not quite memorable.

▬♥Lina's mother's story was so cliche. So so cliche! That my eyes were literally hurt from rolling them so much. I did not like her one bit. Her story was over-dramatic and not in the least interesting.

Overall it was a good summer read.
3 stars
" said.

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