The Escape (Henderson's Boys) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-06-09 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 18 user ratings

"Une excellente lecture qui se démarque de la saga CHERUB par son contexte historique et la richesse offerte par l’auteur !

Je ne suis franchement pas déçue. Alors que les Allemands envahissent la France, on suit le parcours du jeune orphelin Marc, fuyant l’orphelinat de Beauvais, et des deux enfants Rosie et Paul au travers de Paris, lesquels doivent remettre des plans essentiels à un certain espion Anglais : Henderson. Pour leur malheur et notre bonheur, leur chemin va finalement se croiser…
On retrouve donc des personnages présents bien avant l’organisation CHERUB. Henderson est censé créer l’organisation au cours de la saga. Dans ce livre, il va affronter mille dangers : Barrages Allemands et SS, par exemple, en compagnie d’un seul enfant, dans le seul but de mener sa mission à bien. Il est un personnage déterminé et attachant car il est le père créateur de l’organisation et celui qui va guider les enfants sans perdre son sang froid. De plus, les personnages sont plus approfondis et peu stéréotypés, avec par exemple Paul, garçon un peu froussard et Rosie, sa grande sœur courageuse.
Le scénario, si l’on peut dire, est très bon, très entraînant avec toujours cette écriture fluide typique de Muchamore. On retrouve sans cesse des péripéties et des retournements de situation qui nous clouent au livre. Le schéma se détache de CHERUB : on ne retrouve pas l’éternelle mission que les agents doivent poursuivre, mais juste un but : faire traverser la Manche à d’importants documents, de par un climat de guerre. L’originalité est plus présente encore, et on voyage au travers de la France au milieu de l’action.

J’ai beaucoup aimé le livre pour toutes ces raisons et pour les scènes d’action également. Beaucoup plus réalistes que la saga CHERUB, elles sont très sanglantes mais nous montrent une vraie réalité, et un contexte d’espionnage différent que j’ai apprécié. Muchamore ne nous épargne pas et on est loin des péripéties parfois peu probables de la saga CHERUB aux enfants parfois trop parfaits. Même la fin offre de quoi se jeter sur le deuxième tome !
" said.

"After reading the CHERUB Series, I really liked Robert Muchamore's books and my friends had also been reading the series "Henderson's Boys", so I decided to give it a crack myself, and i'm really glad I did!

The story opens in France, 1940, during World War II. As Germany are advancing and getting closer and closer to conquering France, a boy named Marc (13) has no parents and has been living in an orphanage for as long as he can remember. Meanwhile, many English spies are being caught in France and either sent back to Britain or slaughtered on the spot. Two children (Rosie (13), Paul (11)) do not know that their Dad is one of the spies being hunted down. I really enjoyed the buildup in the story which covers two different lives, and how they come together as one to attempt to escape France - this is one of the key reasons I continued to read the book because you never know whats going to happen next, or how these completely different lives can tie up into one.

One of my favourite characters in the book is Marc because not only is he an exciting character and very unpredictable, but the mystery of his parents really intrigued me and how he manages to cope on his own in France during the war, avoiding bombing, fighting Nazis, breaking into houses - its astonishing how much he can do for himself! Marc also meets up with a man called Charles Henderson, one of the few spies that hasn't been caught yet. He partners up with Marc midway through the story and it is a test to Marc's fighting abilities and emotion control in my opinion.

When reading the book I learnt how easily some people can gain power, and within a flash be taking over cities and countries - at times is as if you were in World War II, experiencing the tough challenges Marc, Paul and Rosie had to go through. Reading this makes me feel very fortunate that I live in modern times!

A quote I enjoyed from the book was "For the first time he could remember, Marc wasn’t woken by the director yelling or other kids jumping on his bed". When I read this quote I realised how to some it must be a luxury to have a warm house, food every night, a Mother and a Father, clean water - I could go on and on. It just hit me that you really should be thankful for what you have, because it could be gone in a flash.

" said.

"This book is about a guy finding a couple of kids and fighting nazis with them. I would rate this book five stars, and I did. I rate this book five stars because at some points I was so immersed I completely forgot about the world around me and I got a little startled when someone would talk to me. Also, it had it's fair bits of funny moments. I liked it so much because the book had a great plot.
When I got so immersed in the book, there really is no evidence for a specific part. Everytime I would go back to reading it, I would just leave mentally. I guess a really good part would be when one of the characters was getting tortured by the Germans. I felt like I was right there next to the guy, just watching it go down. I'm glad I didn't have to feel his pain though.
This book was pretty funny too. I wouldn't call it a purposely funny book, I just have a dark sense of humor. Again, not really any examples because I don't sticky note, but when the two groups of people met, I thought it was a pretty funny meeting. They all just seemed so awkward. Also, just every once in awhile Henderson would just say something so stupid that I would start laughing. They sometimes cracked jokes, but they were all pretty dumb jokes.
The plot was great, because at first it started off just Marc all alone on a farm, then the action starts building up. He gets caught, and some random guy named Henderson comes along and they get along fine. Then these two kids contact Henderson because something happened to their dad, so Henderson and Marc go down and get these two kids. The most action packed part is right after Marc meets Henderson. That or maybe right before they get down to the other two kids.
All in all, I loved this book because it was so well written. It was amazingly immersive, pretty darn funny, and the plot just kept me reading throughout the entire book. I would definitely recommend this book to any action lover out there.
" said.

" Most of the book was very slow and seemed as if it was taking forever. Luckily the last 1/4 of the book was very fasted pace and I couldn't put it down. This redeemed the book for me and why it is three stars instead of two. " said.

" This book is a book that I would read over and over again. It's a book that leaves you on a cliff hanger. It makes you want to read more carry on reading it,also,the end part of the story when Rosie is separated from her brother ( Paul) makes you want to read the next part.I would recommend this to a lot of people it's a fabulous book everyone can enjoy." said.

" Robert Muchamore books were my guilty pleasures when I was younger so I am glad that I picked up this series when I ran across it in the library. The books are definitely not the most well written but they are compulsively readable. This series is set during WWII and the change of setting from the original books was great. I will definitely continue the series as the books are enjoyable and can be read in one sitting. Nothing groundbreaking but pure fun " said.

"This is a short(ish) book, and it could be a short(ish) review.

The Escape is set early in World War II. The Nazis are in France, advancing across the country with their famed Blitzkrieg tactic. The Government abandon Paris upon realising they don't want to be blown up. The whole country is in panic.

Within this historical setting, Robert introduces us to three children. Each struggling along in wartime France.

First, there's Marc, a French boy (hey come on, give him a chance). Marc has grown up in an orphanage where he is frequently abused by The Director.

When the Germans arrive in town, Marc uses the commotion to escape. He steals a bike, food and money from the Director and flees south to Paris. Here he sets up camp in a house that turns out to belong to British Agent, Charles Henderson.

After Marc overhears valuable Gestapo information, Charles takes him on a mission. Together they seek to stop the German's getting hold of vital plans that could shift the way in their favour.

These plans just so happen to be in the hands of Paul and Rosie. Two kids fleeing south from Paris, hoping to get a boat to England from Bordeaux to get the plans to safety.

The narrative beautifully bounces between these two stories until the climax, when they are finally brought together as a German spy attempts to get to the plans before Marc and Henderson.

The book is a speed read. We follow both Marc and Paul and Rosie as they run from the Germans, get into scrapes, and help with the war effort.

All my fears about not liking this because it was set in the past and didn’t feature a CHERUB cast were unwarranted.

This book brings in a new and exciting cast. The kids are smart, different, and worth investing in. Charles Henderson is not some boring parental figure. He’s shocking and violent and puts getting the job done above all else.

If and when I have children, this is the book I will give them when they start to hit their teenage years. There is no better series for getting kids into reading, I wouldn’t have thought.

I gave The Escape a four out of five on Goodreads, and well earned it was.
" said.

"Cherub est une célèbre série de livres d’espionnage pour adolescents, écrite par l’écrivain anglais Robert Muchamore et qui met en scène des agents secrets mineurs de dix à dix-sept ans au sein d’une agence gouvernementale fictive au Royaume-Uni. Suite au succès de cette première série, l’auteur s’est lancé entre 2009 et 2013 dans une série dérivée de la première, Henderson’s Boys, qui décrit les origines de ce service très secret. L’évasion en est le premier tome.

Nous sommes à l’été 1940, les nazis fondent sur la capitale, incitant des millions de civils à fuir Paris en direction du Sud. Au milieu de cet épouvantable chaos, trois enfants : Marc, Paul et sa sœur aînée Rosie. Le premier fuit un orphelinat où il est maltraité sur une bicyclette volée, bien décidé à gagner Paris où il espère passer inaperçu ; les deux autres quittent Paris en compagnie de leur père, ressortissant britannique en possession de documents compromettants. Tous trois vont croiser le chemin de Charles Henderson, agent secret.

Destinée à un public pré-adolescent, cette saga se présente comme un pur divertissement. Il y a de l’action à revendre et c’est tellement plein de pep’s que même les passages les plus prévisibles passent très très bien. L’auteur manie avec brio un contexte difficile, dur, parfois brutal et refuse de ménager ses héros. Les nazis et la Gestapo sont aussi atroces qu’ils l’ont été dans notre réalité et ces pauvres orphelins qui n’ont rien demandé se retrouvent seuls au cœur d’un conflit qui les dépasse complètement.

Le point fort de ce roman, c’est la crédibilité des enfants. Ils sont d’une naïveté tout enfantine et font malgré tout preuve d’une exceptionnelle débrouillardise. Marc par exemple, lorsqu’il voit les Allemands défiler dans Paris, ne peut s’empêcher d’être impressionné par leur prestance et leur équipement, il va même jusqu’à s’imaginer rejoindre leurs rangs dès qu’il en aura l’âge ! Il va bien sûr très vite déchanter en étant confronté à eux mais c’est ainsi, par petites touches, que l’auteur construit ses personnages et les fait grandir.

Au final, un roman jeunesse avec de belles qualités. Si le style n’a rien d’exceptionnel et si Robert Muchamore se contente d’aller à l’essentiel, il est efficace et maîtrise parfaitement son intrigue. Il sait ménager le suspens et réussit plutôt bien à retranscrire l’ambiance de l’époque. Accrocheur, ce livre offre un aspect historique particulièrement intéressant. A découvrir et faire découvrir.
" said.

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