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UPDATE TIME: 2018-04-06 
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" Straight from the primary sourcesThis is an incredible reference from the horses mouth along with some of the horses that ride in the same pack. This book offers a lot of history that a lot of most leftist books leave out. " said.

" Después de leer estos textos sumamente alucinantes e inquietantes, me pregunto si todavía se celebraría el día de Cristóbal Colón con desfiles y fiestas en algunas regiones de los Estados Unidos si todos tuviéramos que leer los diarios de sus viajes. " said.

" I read this in a class that discussed narratives of culture and nativism. Columbus's journey to the Americas is often told from a Euro-centric perspective, less often told from a native perspective, and rarely told from his own. These narratives are an interesting insight into his voyages into the "new world." " said.

" It's quite interesting to read Columbus' log. The Admiral of the Ocean Sea does not come across as the demon that some would portray him. This is a journal that has one foot in the middle ages and the other in modern times. Most interesting the the account of the first contacts with the native Americans. " said.

" Despite the name of the author and the title this book is niether written by Columbus nor is it about his four journeys. I found this very disappointing as the online description was vague. I was looking for the journal Columbus kept during his voyages.This book is a wealth of info. The editor uses original documents as source material. These are from the perspectives of people who knew Columbus and traveled with him. " said.

" A very good book. We know who Christopher Columbus is and ehat he did. These entries give us the "how." His character seemed to change with each mission. I guess I thought he discovered America one day, took a look around and went back home. Instead he had a mission and carried it out accordingly. He met barriers in communication, hostility (on and off the ships), funding, proving the mission--the list goes on. How could I have beem so naieve? " said.

"Los diarios/bitácoras de los viajes de Colón a las Américas son documentos históricos de primera mano para adentrarnos en esta parte de la Historia del Mundo. Estos nos llevan a bordo de la "Pinta", la "Niña" y la "Santa María" en busca de nuevas tierras. Llenos de curiosidades, estos relatos dan cuenta de los cuatro viajes que el Almirante Colón hizo hacia el Nuevo Mundo. Paisajes, primeros contactos con los nativos americanos y vivencias de estos viajes son los que llenan estas páginas. Una gran lectura de esta preciada y apasionante parte de la Historia." said.

"Fascinating detective work in defining Columbuse's own daily log as he went around the Carribean claimimg islands, hence deducting the actual stops with impressions of the new castilian subjects at each landfall.
One big, big drawback with this book, is that the maps are so poor to follow with the log. The maps and images are too filled in with black (not cleaned) to be of any use to the reader. The cartographic areas selected are too small with lots and lots of empty space to fill plus the annotation on the maps are terribly small to read. Maps are a complete disaster - just read the text it's worth it.
" said.

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