First Day Jitters (Mrs. Hartwells classroom adventures) Reviews

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" This is a realistic fiction book. This is great because throughout the story the reader believes they are reading about a student with first-day jitters when it actually turns out to be someone else! This book could be used for all grades at the beginning of the school year, but otherwise, should be kept in a k-2nd classroom. " said.

" I really enjoyed this book and think it would fit well in my classroom. It is very relatable to kids because all kids get jitters on the first day of school, even if it's not at a new school. It gives a reassuring aspect to students that the first day can be fun and isn't all scary like we may think that it is. Would be a great book to read to students on the first day of school. The illustrations are simple and relatable to students. " said.

"Realistic Fiction
I loved this book! Not only would this be a great way to start a school year off after introducing yourself to your new class, but it also helps children better understand that things can still work out when you are nervous about something. This book is not only useful for calming students down, but for the older grades, there could be a great discussion about point of view. This book really was well written and even had me baffled at the end. This is a must have for Preschool and Kindergarten classes for nervous students starting school!
" said.

"In this social-emotional book it teaches you that not only are children afraid of the first day of school but teachers are also afraid of the first day of school. Everyone can be anxious or scared about their first day but you have to remember that its not as bad as it seems and that you have to be brave and concur your fear aka the jitters. I learned all of that by reading this book and I believe that this book is great to read to young children who are new and scared about starting somewhere new. This book shows you that everyone gets the first day jitters and you aren't alone." said.

"I was first introduced to this book in my Literature for Children class at Jacksonville. Our professor read it to us on our fist day of class, and then had us write down some of our first day jitters. I feel in love with this cute little story then, and love it even more since I got to share it with my second graders.

This book encapsulates the Sarah Jane Hartwell's fears upon starting her first day at a new school. It also has a surprising ending.

I love it, and my students loved it. I highly recommend it to my fellow educators, moms with kids starting school, or anyone who is feeling those first day jitters.
" said.

"spoiler alert

In this story, first day jitters of someone going to school are told, but throughout the book, you don't get to see who the main character is at the end, all you know is that her name is Sarah. As Sarah prepares for her day, she constantly makes excuses about why she doesn't want to go to school. At the end of the book, Sarah is finally shown and its revealed that Sarah is actually the new teacher for the classroom. I really liked this book because this plot is relatable to both students and new teachers. This book also features really bright and colorful illustrations with the use of animals instead of people which is something I think children love about books. Overall really good book and very relatable.
" said.

"Sarah Jane is reluctant to get out of bed on the morning of the first day at a new school. As she lays in bed she goes through everything that’s wrong with her school: she doesn’t know anyone, it’s going to be hard, and she just plain hates it. After much insistence from her father, Sarah Jane finally gets out of bed and goes to school. When she arrives, she stand in front of the class and introduces herself as Ms. Hartwell, their new teacher.

First Day Jitters is a funny and relatable story. It is a good book to read on the first day of school, for anyone else that might be feeling like Sarah. There is also a very clever twist at the end when it turns out that Sarah is not a student, but the teacher! This can be a teaching moment to discuss how even teachers get nervous, and everyone is really in the same boat. I would read this book to a class of preschoolers to 2nd grade.
" said.

"The first day at a new school is always a frightening experience. In this story, Sarah does not want to go to school. Mr. Hartwell eventually gets Sarah to get out of bed, eat breakfast, and go to school. With the beautiful illustrations, the pictures do not tell how old Sarah is. It is revealed at the end of the story that Sarah is the new teacher. First Day Jitters shows children that they may not be the only ones nervous about a new school or the first day of school. The teachers often are also apprehensive because they are meeting the same number of new people that the students are.
" said.

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