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" Pretty good book. I prefer Doyle's style better, but this was a great pick for Young Adult's breaking into Sherlock. The vocabulary used was awesome to say the least. I loved all the words that were used. Peacock showed a different side of Sherlock that is not seen in Doyle's writing. " said.

" This was a fantastic book, and this is probably my favorite one. (out of 1,2,3,5) I loved how there were many mysteries that were intertwined with eachother, and they all somehow connected. I loved it! " said.

" Third book in the series--a wonderful adaptation of Holmes for middle school! The books are a lot of fun to read--good for fifth, sixth or seventh graders with a higher-level vocabulary and/or interest in mystery. A sophisticated-yet-accessible series for the younger set. Highly recommended! " said.

" Didn't enjoy this one as much as the first two. However, I still think it is a good series and will read the next one. Having read some of the original Sherlock Holmes mysteries, I am impressed with the plausibility of the events that will ultimately shape the adult that young Sherlock becomes. I also enjoy the historical information that the author is able to weave into the narrative. " said.

" Another adventure in the life of a young Sherlock Holmes, this time involving a kidnapped society girl. Holmes thinks he's discovered where she's being held but is baffled the next day when she is discovered by the police in a totally different area of England. When her family's house is robbed, it only baffles Holmes even more. So when she's kidnapped a second time, he vows to discover the real truth and show up Inspector Lestrade. " said.

" Lại 1 tập hay nữa của seri này, dù không có những đoạn hồi hộp dồn dập như 2 tập đầu nhưng vẫn hấp dẫn. Không đơn thuần chỉ là phá án, còn những bài học rất hay cho cả young adults. Chưa đọc Sherlock Holmes gốc nhưng tác giả viết dựa trên đó không chỉ là ăn theo, mà như là 1 người am hiểu sâu sắc về trinh thám và Sherlock, hèn vì đoạt giải. Chưa từng thích phim trinh thám, nhưng truyện trinh thám khi thử đọc thì đều hay từ hồi Hitchook tới giờ. " said.

" I am really enjoying this series. The writer has done a great job of building the characters, and the suspense, through each story. I get a little frustrated with Sherlock sometimes, he is so damn stubborn, but if you've read (or watched) any Sherlock canon, you'll know that the author has pretty much nailed it. The supporting cast of characters are well written also. I'm excited to continue reading the rest of this series. " said.

"Better than the other one but oh so bleak. Not that that's a bad thing, we see Sherlock developing into the person who doesn't want the fame so much as justice. But this stupid nonsense with Irene - I'm really banking on her being Irene Adler - is getting tiresome. I get it when he's an adult but ... I guess I'm calling young Sherlock Holmes childish. Still interested to see how it all plays out. Also his poor lamentations about not having a friend who gets him and I'm like WHERE ARE YOU WATSON? lol" said.

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