The Man Who Knew Everything: The Strange Life of Athanasius Kircher Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-07-11 
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" Note: I received a digital review copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley. " said.

" Short, but engaging STEM nonfiction for upper elementary or middle school readers. The hits and misses of Kircher's observations are humorous to us now. " said.

" This guy is just cool, and this book would have been exactly what I loved in elementary school - full of wild facts, neat pictures, and weird history. I really liked how this was put together, and at the end is a fact or fiction guide to Kircher's "discoveries" as well as a mapped timeline.So fun. " said.

" An interesting look into a prodigiously interesting figure from the times of the Scientific Revolution, The Protestant Reformation, the Thirty-Year War: the early to mid 1600s. Like Kircher himself, the book isn't perfect, but it's well worth the time to read and learn, if for no other reason, the infographic-like 'time line' of Kircher's life illustration. And for the word, to kircherize. " said.

" One of the attributes I'd most like my students to leave school with is burning curiosity and this book portrays a man exhibiting this trait. Sure, he probably had as many misses as hits, and probably erred on the side of philosophizing rather than careful experimentation- but there's a lesson in that as well.Well laid out and illustrated, perfectly suited to elementary students. " said.

"Fun bio of a 17th century "scientist" intent on discovering everything about how the world works and is. A Jesuit priest, he settled in Rome and somehow managed to escape the Inquisition with his pronouncements.

Given the extent of science in those days, it's amusing to see what Kircher hit upon that was correct. He also was a PT Barnum type, establishing a museum for all of his scientific artifacts. A lot was just prank/made up fun.

The back part that shows some of his hits and misses is enlightening. There's also a chronology and a map of his worldly travels. The art is not spectacular or breathtaking, but it works.
" said.

"Although a book for teens or pre-teens this is a delightful book with information and illustrations about the unusual figure of Athanasius Kircher. The man lost to history is a cross between Leonardo Da Vinci and P. T. Barnum. Kircher had a delightful museum of curiosities that matched his books on strange, bizarre and often accurate theories of how nature works.

While enjoying the book you get to understand why Kircher is not well known today. He outlived his time as the amateur polymath idiosyncratic scientific explorer gave way to what we know as the hard sciences, and the triumph of the scientific method. Kircher speculated widely in ways that would be impossible for a scientist to do. Its interesting to know about Kircher and this book does its job.
" said.

"This is a book about a man I have never heard of. He lived in the Renaissance, but was sort of ahead of his time, as well as behind the times as well.

He tried to study things, and figure out the natural world, but without other scientists working with him, and the worry about the Catholic Church censoring him, he didn't come up with too outlandish theories.

Apparently he did figure out that germs killed people, but then he also believed Bees come from manure. He sort of guessed about plat tectonics, but then thought that mountains were all hollow.\\

THis should be a fun book for kids as they probably know more that's Kircher did, and can guess which things he wrote about were correct or not.

Thanks to Netgalley for making this book available for an honest review.
" said.

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