The Mage (Foxcraft, Book 3) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-07-11 
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" This book was amazing... I think I enjoyed it much more than the previous two, though the whole series captivated me. This one somehow was the most touching of them all - I felt Isla’s sorrows and triumphs, her fear and courage... and I really enjoyed her time in the Snowlands. " said.

"This book was an amazing way to end the Trilogy. Thank you for writing this series, it was very insightful and beautifully written. I never would have thought that Isla would become the Black Fox! That was wonderful, my favorite part though is how she was developed as a character. How she is uncertain of her abilities and how she makes new friends and enemies.I love this series and I have always loved Foxes now I love them even more! I do hope you write a sequel or prequel to this trilogy because it was fantastic and I would love to know how you take Isla's path from here." said.

" This book is a very great last book of the trilogy! I like how she had met with her wolf friend Prince Farraclaw Valiant-Jowl of the Bishar of Claw. In this book, my fav character is Lopclaw, the underwolf of Claw. " said.

" I have also read the first two books, but this one really captured the emotions of the foxes. I fell in love with this series but this book has to be my favorite. I definitely recommend this book for grades 4 and up. " said.

" A great conclusion to the plot that began in volume 1! I'm glad to see we've come full circle and characters from earlier volumes appear again.The world of the wolves I found even more fascinating than the world of the foxes, and the scenes that take place in the Snowlands I think are the best scenes in all three volumes. Perhaps Inbali Iserles will write us a trilogy starring the wolves of the Snowlands next! :D " said.

"I read to my girls almost every night, and the Foxcraft trilogy is our third series of books in just the past few months. After the Tuesdays at the Castle series (which was very good) and Dragon Slippers (another great read), I wanted to try something different, and decided on foxes.

I'll be honest, after the first book I wasn't sure I wanted to continue. It was darker, grittier, and just so...different than what we had been reading.

I'm glad we didn't stop.

The story picks up some serious momentum in the second book, and by the end of the third, we were cheering, crying, and wishing we could find out what comes next. Without giving anything away, let me offer my sincere endorsement of this magical tail (pun intended). It is spellbinding, and the heroine Isla is a worthy addition to our cast of favorite characters. Thank-you Inbali Iserles for a tale that is reminiscent of the animal lore of Kipling. Wonderfully told!
" said.

"Isla travels to the cold Snowlands to find her brother Pirie. Here she has to deal with wolves, that are no friends of foxes, but Isla has made a useful connection that will save her life. Isla's knowledge of Foxcraft is what keeps her out of harm's way over and over again. She's incredibly skilled at it and every time someone explains a new trick she masters it in no time. She needs to if she wants to survive and save herself and the other foxes from the Taken.

Isla has the Elders on her side, but that might not be enough to stay ahead of the fox that calls himself the Mage. The Mage enslaves other foxes. He's preparing to summon an ancient power, something that should stay dormant and shouldn't be released. The Elders need Isla's help in their fight against him, but she also should find her brother. Is there a link between both missions and will Isla eventually succeed or has her search been in vain? Will the Mage win or can he be stopped?

The Mage is another brilliant story about the beautiful brave Isla. Isla is growing up. She can stand up for herself, she's becoming smarter every day and she can take care of both herself and others. I was impressed by her progress and the way she uses her powers. Isla has learned a lot on her travels and she's a formidable fox now. This put a big smile on my face. She's a wonderful main character and I really enjoyed reading about her adventures once more.

Inbali Iserles has written such a fabulous series. The magical aspect of The Mage is amazing. I was thrilled that there are so many great scenes about this topic and I enjoyed every single one of them. Isla has to fight against a mysterious enemy and this time she has several allies. She is no longer alone and this aspect of the story is heartwarming. The overall vibe is incredible and that is something I enjoyed so much. I also loved the ending of the story, it's fitting, spectacular and moving at the same time. The Mage is a gorgeous finale of a stunning series, I highly recommend the Foxcraft books.
" said.

" Lots of intense moments. Really good. :D " said.

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