Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-12-24 
Review Score: 5 out of 5 star From 1 user ratings

" This book is very funny. It’s about a kid named Greg who has many bad and unlucky experiences. Greg’s mom wants the family to go on a road trip. The road trip was a complete failure. For example, at the fair, the family unintentionally won a pet pig. Greg and his family had to take the pet pig with them for much of their road trip. I would recommend this book if you like humorous books because it often had me laughing out loud. " said.

"What I thought of the book was very funny. In the book the Heffleys are going on vacation to Disney Land and with everything in the back including Greg, their trip will have many things up against them.
My favorite part was when Greg's younger brother Manny won a baby pig from a contest and they took the pig it had to go to the bathroom Greg had to take it and himself to the restroom, but the pig refused to use it and used Manny's little plastic potty instead.

I reccomend this to anyone like these books.
" said.

" 1st book read in 2015.Number 303 out of 429 on my all time book list.Follow the link below to see my video review: " said.

" Even the trip turned into a disaster , but the Heffley's adventures were entertaining as always , and honestly speaking ... Manny is the one who makes this series fascinated " said.


1. I laughed so hard several time: a) basically everything about the pig was hilarious to me b) when Greg had to go to the vet and they filled out a pet form for him c) the seagulls attacking them in their van.
2. I was very happy with this book. Some of the series wasn't as funny as the original but this one was great.
3. Is this the first one where it's completely away from home and school?
4. Also, I went on a road trip this summer with my friends and the backseat was the same kind of deal. We called it "the hole."
5. What kind of water park doesn't write down the person's locker number?
6. Rodrick having to use a bandage for another shoe. Hahaha
" said.

" I laughed out loud as the family embarks on a road trip. Mom wants the trip to be fulfilling and educational. This trip is anything but! Stinky shoes win a prize at the fair. That prize is a baby pig that imprints on Manny. Clothes are stolen, accidents happen, and an attack of seagulls makes a giant mess. " said.

" O my goodness I had no idea you were giving out a new book! I have all of your DOAWK books and they all deserve 5 stars.I know you have been writing stories for a while so it is not as hard as it is for me at the end of third grade. Meanwhile I love your stories and definitely would appreciate it if you would give me your next book for half price. " said.


As always, cute. My son and I read these every year when they come out. I genuinely laugh out loud at least three times with each book. This one was just as funny in ways, but weaker in others since it took a hilarious situation and amped it up a little unrealistically. Sure, its all kids fiction, but this one is more far-fetched than the others. The magic and charm is humor that can be related to. This one has plenty to relate to, but goes over the top at the same time. It's a humor for kids who can sympathize, and adults who remember. Love these books and they haven't grown old.
" said.

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