Sonic the Hedgehog Archives, Vol. 16 Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-04-04 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 5 user ratings

"No one wanted Al and Cal back. NO ONE. In particular, no one wanted evil robotizied Al and Cal back. What is this issue even? Weird creepy transdimentional men getting Sonic and Tails to fight? Anyway, Tails and Sonic get decked out in pointy, Mad Max gear and beat the snot out of each other for a few pages (shouldn't Sonic just... wipe the floor with Tails?). But the power of friendship saves them! (Friendship is Magic! Oh wait, that's a better comic...). That was pointless. This is followed by a pointless slice of life story with Sally. Writers, slice of life is fine if it helps promote character development. This one... shows us Sally can throw knives. Cool, but not quite enough...

Oh goddamit, the Monkey is back. And weird art. So there's a mountain on fire because of a nasty lady called the Iron Queen. She's... a human? Well, I guess there must be some of those still around. Anyway, she brainwashes Monley Khan who attacks Sonic and Tails. They punch, but Tails breaks the Queen's magical staff, ending the spell on MK. The three now team up to get the fan, raiding the Iron King and Queen's castle. More punching. Then success! Not actually the worst issue. Well, until we get to the backstory. King Acorn reveals the Source of All to Sally, and demands that she marry Antoine. She is unpleased, and rightfully so. Why is this necessary? Just... I get that the Source gives the Acorns a bit of a look at the future, but King Acorn, help Sally out here. Maybe she will react less terribly if you GIVE HER ANY SORT OF REASONS WHATSOEVER?!?! Anyway, she runs off to think about things and King Acorn ominously talks about his "other" option. Duh duh duuuuuuuuh. I hate this character. I hate this plot. Also, sexist Acorns are sexist.

And now we're back in Downunda. So the platapus has gone evil. It turns out he is brainwashed, but we never find out why all the rest of his kin are crankypants... Crocbot is behind everything (somehow), and he mentions a mysterious Bunyip THAT WILL NOT APPEAR FOR ANOTHER 50 DAMN ISSUES. I HATE when the comics foreshadow stuff like this. No, don't tell me something that is going to appear in a few years! Construct your stories better!Anyway, that was an oddly boring story where very little happened... Ixis appears in some clouds in a short story following the main. Then Geoffry St John gathers some new recruits for the Secret Service. Boring issue was boring.

The final issue of this archive begins with a plane crash in the desert! A rabbit appears, offering help, and I am getting a very Mad Max vibe from this situation. Robians in the desert are still evil, and the desert city is kinda creepily obsessed with Sonic and don't want to let him leave. Oh, and Snivley and all the rest of the baddies breakout of jail. Stuff stuff stuff! These issues move very fast. Then we get a secondary story involving the secret agents again. These stories would work better if they got more than a couple pages...

So there was one worthwhile comic in this set. Wooooo... Can we find the wizard yet? This lack of plot is wearing thin...

" said.

"The post-Endgame stuff is okay for a few issues, but this is where it starts getting weird. Understandably, Ixis Naugus is an important villain in the comic universe, but there are bits and pieces leading up to the storyline that are a bit odd and disjointed. Even so, it's nice for Archie Comics to release these "Archives" for the younger fans who came into the story post issue #100 or post issue #200...they can see where modern storylines in the past year or two have come from the older issues of this, the longest-running video-game comic!" said.

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