My Little Pony: The Movie Adaptation Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-10-15 
Review Score: 5 out of 5 star From 4 user ratings

" This was very good. It was well written and the whole thing was beautiful and adorable. " said.

" I love reading the My little Pony Movie Adaption!!! It was great to be able to read along side of seeing the action with the beautiful colorful illustrations!!! " said.

" It was okay. Think little girl would like it. And thinking would like the tv show better I would read some else give a other try. " said.

" Again a very magical and artsy graphic novel of the My Little Pony movie! I have seen the movie so the book was nothing new. But I loved seeing it portrayed in comic form. I am just a big fan so I got the book anyways. And I liked the intro of all the ponies in the beginning! " said.

" 3 stars.I downgraded this to 3 stars as it's not the original 80s and I'm a mega 80s cartoon girl 100%. I stay away from all the *crappy* remakes that are now out there but I thought I'd give this a try. I've seen a few episodes and it's not awful and it's definitely not a replacement of the original butttt it was still enjoyable. It was cute and it's a definite must for all fans. " said.

" It's cute and all and followed the movie almost perfect. But slapping together a graphic novel adaptation simply can't do this movie justice. It cuts out most of the sung lyrics to Make it shorter and easier to follow while reading, but it takes away from important characterization you only get through the songs. Also, you can't full appreciate the stunning animation in a book. Still, a decent read. Recommended to very dedicated fans of the mlp. " said.

" This was such a lame book. Sawyer (4.5) loves My Little Ponies. It seems like every page followed the same pattern: “And then they got caught! But then they were rescued.” Without ever explaining how they got rescued. Even Sawyer said, “How did they get rescued?!” I realize it’s hard to condense a movie into a small book but even our “Finding Nemo” board book does a better job of picking the most important plot points and fleshing them out. " said.

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This was an okay adaptation of My Little Pony: The Movie. I liked the graphic novel format, but adapting a full-length movie into a graphic novel is a difficult task, one that is not undertaken easily. For me, this adaptation just didn't work. The dialogue was very choppy and the scenes jumped a lot without explaining things fully. In order to read this, it's best to have already seen the movie.

Also, it was cool that some of the songs were included, but the fact that they couldn't include the entire song was a bit grading for me. The lyrics jumped and skipped. I almost wished they just hadn't included the song at all or just did a line or two instead of butchering them. (I have the MLP Movie soundtrack and love it, so I was deeply disappointed that I couldn't sing along to the book.) Reading the songs in the book felt like listening to a CD skip, you just can't get the full experience and are better off just moving on to the next track.

Overall, this is an okay book. I recommend having seen the movie before giving this a try. Maybe good for kids who are starting to get into graphic novels, although the pages are pretty busy and the speech bubbles get a little muddled in their placement, making it difficult to read. Good for My Little Pony fans, but I like the other MLP graphic novel series better.
" said.

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