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"Dang, this guy had a crazy life! I really enjoyed the stories of his time in Africa, although the ones about snakes kind of freaked me out at times. It was interesting to get a snapshot of late British colonialism in Africa as well - it's easy for me to forget that it wasn't that long ago that Europe was sticking its fingers everywhere on that continent and elsewhere. Dahl's adventures in World War II, especially in Greece, were seriously intense, with numerous close shaves and narrow escapes. I kept thinking to myself how glad I was that he didn't die there, because then we would have missed out on all the books he would go on to write. The narration was also excellent, although now my mental picture of Roald Dahl as a young man looks like Dan Stevens, even though I went and looked Dahl up to find pictures from his RAF days." said.

"heh. recommended to me by Miriam, who noticed that it wasn't on my Flying shelf. That's because I read it long before I set up my Goodreads account! Dahl's account of the Battle of Athens is one of my touchstones - the desperation and exhaustion of the RAF pilots, their relative cluelessness about what's going on everywhere else, the hands that shake too much to hold a cigarette when you're back on the ground - it's incredibly vivid and has influenced my own writing. The rest of the book is jaw-dropping too, for its evocation of 1930s Kenya and Empire life there. Going Solo is perhaps not Dahl's most lauded piece of writing but it's certainly the one I recommend most often.

There! On my flying shelf now!
" said.

" A remarkable account of a remarkable portion of a remarkable life. Rereading this as an adult, I left with a much greater appreciation for my late grandfather's WW2 air force service and the ghastly "waste of life" he, too, was lucky enough to survive. " said.

" This is probably the most exiting autobiography I've ever read. I feel as if I'm friends now with the author eventhough there's a 73 year gap between us. The book gives you a good glimpse of how it was like to live in the British Empire or The many many countries occupied by Britain, I should say. out of the many odd events and characters Roald had seen, the German Jewish/Zionest setteler near Haifa was by far, the creepest, most twisted and disturbing in the intire book. " said.

" I liked this better than I thought I would, but I still think he was better at children's books. " said.

"A sequel to Boy, this picks up with Dahl’s journey to East Africa to take up a position with Shell. The journey there is as joyous as anything he’s written: he takes such delight in his fellow passengers’ dotty behavior, like the major and his wife who jog the deck naked; the female coffee farmer who has a horror of fingers and toes; and the cabin mate (a Mr. “U.N. Savory” – literally!) who goes to great lengths to hide his baldness. Once in Tanganyika he has some alarming snake and lion encounters – more of a highlight for me than his lucky escapes during his outrageously outnumbered war pilot experience in Greece, though these are written with just as much élan." said.

" Qué vidas tan pobres que vivimos en estos tiempos modernos.Amo leer sobre Dahl, podría hacerlo por siempre. " said.

"3.5 stars.

First off, I am once again shocked that this is considered juvenile fiction. I could see this being for the older range of juvenile fiction (15-18), but I would NOT give this to my little siblings (ages 12-14). There was quite a bit of language, which made me uncomfortable. Yeah, I get it; it's real life, but nonetheless.

Anyway, besides that, I really enjoyed this book! It took me 5 or so chapters to really be interested in it, but after that I was hooked. Dahl's slightly humerous and fascinating accounts of a RAF pilot were so interesting. It also portrayed a side of WWII that you don't hear a lot about: the fighting in the Middle East, which was were Dahl was stationed.

Overall, a good read, but would not recommend to anyone under the age of 15 due to the aforementioned langauge, and somewhat mild description of violence.
" said.

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