To Be a Slave (Puffin Modern Classics) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-10-13 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 74 user ratings

" Had to read it for school and it was dreadful " said.

" There should be nothing but stark reality surrounding this subject, so none of us delude ourselves into thinking the slavery was just part of the romance of the south as in Gone With the Wind. The life of a slave, told by slaves. " said.

" I wish that there were more illustrations because I wanted to get more a visual picture of what they were going through.I like this book because actual slaves were telling their stories.I rate this book a 4 out of 5 because they used real slaves interviews.If i were the author i would have put in more pictures because like i said before i think it's better to get more of a visual picture. " said.

" My english teacher assigned this book to the class and gave us 2 weeks to read it. At some parts, it made you cry, and at other parts, it bored me to tears. Either way, you'll end up crying if you read it. But no it was a pretty good book, not the most interesting through some chapters, but it really made you question life back then in history, and life today. You decide how much you think things have changed. " said.

"This was a monumental book that I would love to incorporate into a middle school or upper elementary classroom. The format is a massive collection of personal anecdotes collected from journals, etc of slaves and as such can feel jumpy and hard to follow at times. This is especially true with the very short stories. I would have liked a little more narration to keep it flowing and provide more information about events.
That said, I think this would be a great book to keep in a classroom library and perfect for adding realism to a social studies unit. Reading a few of these stories aloud, as well as using the audio book version to play songs, will help express the emotions of the slaves to students who have no real understanding of anything so awful.
" said.

"Honestly, I absolutely hated this book. The text did not keep me interested throughout the whole book, let alone the first 40 pages. Not only that, but the words were stated in such a way that the English language would have been spoken in the 19th Century. The text was hard for me to understand and very disinteresting. Maybe if I try to read this book again when I am a little bit older, I might be able to understand the text better and enjoy what I am reading. I don't think I would read another book by Julius Lester because I don't like his style of writing. Also, the life stories from the slaved nearly scared me to death.

I definitely would not recommend this book to anyone. The style of writing that the author uses is something that you have to like from the beginning; it is not something that you can easily learn to like. If you like learning about history, then you might enjoy this book, as well.
" said.

"Julius Lester's "To be a Slave" was a great book that taught me a lot about slavery. What surprised me the most about this book was how emotional it could be, especially when the slaves were talking about how they were treated by their masters in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

When I first started reading this book, I was worried it was going to be a boring historical fiction book about slavery. After I read the introduction, I learned that it was written by a descendant of slavery who had done a lot of research about the lives of slaves. When Lester did was take the narratives of the former slaves and weave them together with his own written. The final product is a piece of literature that portrays the evils of slavery and explains them for the reader.

I gave this book four out of five stars because there was not a true story line. I appreciated its historical accuracies and point of view.
" said.

" This book was written to introduce children to the concept of the slavery in the US. It intersperses excerpts from slave accounts and interviews with explanatory remarks by Lester as well as black and white drawings by Feelings. I felt it did a good job of explaining and showing without showing too much of the real horror that slaves suffered. My intent in reading it was to determine if it is appropriate for my 11year old grand-nephew, and I feel it definitely is. " said.

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