The Spinner Prince (The Pride Wars) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-07-08 
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" Fans of Erin Hunter will love this " said.

" A rousing and exciting debut. Part "Hamlet," part "Hunger Games," this original fantasy is both familiar (in a good way) and unique. High adventure and action, yet thought-provoking too: What is the role of story in our lives? Is there life after death?An engaging and instantly likeable narrator keeps the reader turning the pages. Looking forward to the next book! " said.

" An incredible story! I loved this so much! The unique race of cat-evolved people lends itself to fantastic characters in world rich in description. This is a great story for all ages and the weaving of mythology, both familiar and unfamiliar figures, creates an incredible backdrop for a wonderful coming-of-age story. " said.

"A Wonderful Story By A Great Storyteller

Matt Laney's book "The Spinner Prince" is everything I expected and more. Having been familiar with his writing with the Still Speaking Writers Group, I was excited to hear he was branching out into fiction, and with such a great story. I knew this would be a story that our whole family would love, and can't wait for my daughter to pick it up next. The characters are well developed and easy to get to know, and I found myself drawn deep into the story throughout. My only disappointment is in having to wait until the next novel comes out. Thank you so much, Matt, for this wonderful story. I look forward to reading much more about Leo and Alayah in the years to come!
" said.

"The Spinner Prince is the first book in the Pride Wars series. It follows Leo, the heir to the Singa throne, as he comes of age and prepares to take his place as the next great Singa Kahn. But many obstacles are thrown his way, including one in himself that he can't control. In a world ruled by facts, can fiction and faith find a place among those living in Singara?

This was a fantastic read. I was engaged throughout the book, and didn't find it predictable. I loved the cast of characters, and I loved that the stories included were based off of different parables from all over the world. I definitely did get some Lion King/Hamlet vibes, but with so many similarities, it's hard not to. I didn't really have any issues, with this book. It was a great read, and Leo was very relateable. I can't wait to read what happens next.
" said.

"It is impressive when an author debuts with such an engaging, convincing story! Just as Leo in this novel has parables that burst forth out of his mouth, I imagine this story pouring forth from Laney as a story needing to be told. I love everything about these parables coming to life, with characters that linger after the story is "done" (readers can attest to how true that is!). The Spinner Prince seems to be an ideal combination of action/adventure and more thought-provoking events, raising questions about the role of story in our lives and how we determine what is true. Although this genre is out of my natural comfort zone, I found Leo very relatable as a young protagonist, thanks to Laney's ability to develop a character. I listened to this as an audiobook (also out of my comfort zone) and found the reader very compelling. He was able to convince me of Leo's youth, and I think young readers will relate to his struggles to come to terms with his outlawed abilities as a Spinner and his impending responsibilities as heir to the throne. A great coming of age tale!" said.

"This book gets 2.5 stars, but I wish I could give it more. It would easily have won 3, maybe 3.5 or even 4 stars if it wasn't so predictable and full of cliches. I think children will enjoy this story, but it won't capture the hearts of older readers so easily.

The characters are supposed to be lion/human hybrids from the future--and while that's a cool idea, I had a hard time picturing it. I just kept picturing Lion King characters the whole time.

I applaud Laney's attempt to blend faith and fantasy, but it comes across a little heavy handed at times. Still, the scenes of Spinners weaving their tales shone. The small stories woven into the larger novel read like traditional fairy tales, and when characters from those stories came to life, I was reminded of one of my childhood favorites: the Inkheart series by Cornelia Funke.

Overall, the execution of The Spinner Prince was lacking. The dialogue was stilted, I was never surprised, and Leo was a hard character for me to connect with. As an adult reader with a great love for children's and young adult fantasy, this book falls short. But I think that children will be able to overlook these flaws and enjoy the simplicity of this adventure tale.
" said.

"Our 10 year old daughter writes a review of “the best book ever” by Matt Laney.
Do you love books that are full of action, friendship, and mystery? Pride Wars, The Spinner Prince, is a book that will keep you clinging on to every word, wanting to find out what happens next. Why did I choose this book? Well, I was drawn over to one of my favorite book’s section, the Warriors shelf, and I saw this book. I wanted to check it out, and so I read the back of it. It started as, “Millions of years from now.....” That got me wondering. I thought, What’s going to happen a million years from now? So, I ended up taking the book off the shelf. When I started, I couldn’t stop. Not that I wanted to. It was so good! When I finished it, I was kind of upset. I wanted to find out what happened next! I liked this book a lot because the main character, Prince Leo, is different. He has an ability that most Singa (a new species) do not have. And they hate this power after a long history of war of a terrible enemy that was finally defeated. I was always wanting to know what would happen, and sometimes I put the book down and thought about what I thought was going to occur next. I loved this book, and it is a quick favorite!

It is now a favorite of the entire family and spreading through friends, family school. Full of adventure, mystery and imagination like the Warriors and other series. We could not put it down and can’t wait for #2 in the series!
" said.

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