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UPDATE TIME: 2018-10-13 
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" 3.5 stars -- I am very happy with the number of inspiring women's bios that are coming out in picture book format. Not only do young readers learn something, their parents and teachers will as well. A very, very short time ago, women were not allowed to participate in so many facets of everyday life we now take for granted. Someone had to break down those walls! " said.

" Really interesting story. I had heard of Kathrine Switzer, but not Bobbi Gibb. The comments by the Boston Athletic Association are so ridiculous and infuriating here-- I love that Bobbi stood up to them, and kept coming back year after year until the rules changed.The illustrations weren't my style, but were very well done. " said.

" This book is about the first woman to run (illegally) in the Boston Marathon. Her story is very inspirational and easy to identify with, since we were brought up in a similar time - like she couldn't wear pants to school, or find athletic shoes made for women. The artwork is wonderful. I highly recommend this book. " said.

" A book for the millennials! Inspiring and true. The thought that women and girls' physiology was not set up to run a full marathon is crazy. Bobbi Gibb proved the truth and started a trend that has only grown in size and pride. I love the last pages that celebrate the other pioneer women marathon runners. Fantastic book!Written by Annette Bay Pimentel, illustrated by Micha Archer and published as a Nancy Paulsen Book.#girlpower #BostonMarathon #history #biography #PB " said.

" Not so long ago, in 1966, females weren't allowed to compete in the Boston Marathon because the officials thought females weren't capable of doing so. Bobbi Gibb's love of running and dedication to prove them wrong gave her the incentive to cross the finish line. And she did but it still didn't change the minds until many years later. But she continued to race and more and more girls joined her. Readers will be cheering Gibb on as they learn of her story. " said.

" Picked this up for Read tonYour Child day—and we allloved it. I grew up with Title IX emerging and didn’t appreciate the difference it made in allowing me to participate in sports. I appreciate as an adult the women, such as Bobbi Gibbs who courageously bucked traditions and persisted to push the limits for women in sports. I learned something new too—that she trained in nursing shoes! Resourceful! " said.

" An engaging biography of Bobbi Gibb, the first woman to run the Boston Marathon. Great for story time or a homework assignment. I didn't know about the some of the details surrounding Gibb's first race, which she ran without official permission. I knew people threw shoes at her, but I didn't know that she also received tremendous support from onlookers and the male races themselves. However, she still did not receive official permission to run for another six years. Wild. " said.

" I have little interest in team sports, and only slightly more for individual sports, but this book had me hooked from the start. I knew nothing about the history of the Boston Marathon and women participating (or, as it were, NOT participating) in it. But let me tell you: Bobbi Gibb is the lady who showed THE MAN what women can do--i.e., running a marathon is not just for boys! I recommend this one heartily.Thanks to Penguin Young Readers for the review copy. " said.

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