The Getaway (Diary of a Wimpy Kid Book 12) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-07-08 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 61 user ratings

" great mindless entertainment. the plot was good and these books are always rly quick to finish. i will say i love gregs narration he's so sarcastic and just done. " said.

" I enjoy this series and have read them all, but I would have to say this is my least favorite of the 12. I loved 'The Long Haul' and thought it very funny, so I was hoping another family vacation would be hilarious. Not so much. On the other hand, it's always good to visit with Greg and his family. " said.

"The first part of this book had me cringing and tense as Greg experienced EVERYTHING I hate about air travel. So well done, Jeff Kinney, for making that so believable and putting me right in it.
Overall-funny, typical terrible Manny (that kid's the worst), Rodrick is becoming more likable, and, as my husband said "you need to be willing to put aside disbelief to fully enjoy this one." That's true. But yes, very enjoyable. Those poor Heffleys just can't catch a break. Is it the best children's book I've ever read? Certainly not. Does it need to be? Nope.
" said.

"Da ich Gregs Tagebuch schon immer gerne gelesen habe, musste ich jetzt auch den zwölften Band lesen. Ich gehöre mit meinen 19 Jahren definitiv nicht mehr zu der Zielgruppe, dennoch war es mal wieder schön in Gregs Welt einzutauchen. Diesmal fliegt Familie Heffley in den Urlaub, weshalb das Chaos schon einmal vorprogrammiert ist. An dieser Stelle muss ich auch ein großes Lob an den Autor loswerden, der selbst nach elf Büchern noch ein zwölftes geschrieben hat und dennoch immer wieder neue Sachen einbringt. Mir wären nach fünf Teilen wahrscheinlich die Ideen ausgegangen.
In diesem Band ist mir jedoch aufgefallen, dass Greg sich etwas weiter entwickelt. Das kindliche ist noch dabei, aber ich finde, dass man auch merkt, dass es so langsam weiter geht. Mehr in Richtung Pubertät - vor allem, wenn ich an die Stellen denke, in denen Greg über Rodrick spricht.
Apropos Charaktere: ich fand, dass in diesem Band nicht so viel auf die anderen Charaktere eingegangen wurde wie in den Bänden zuvor. Außerdem war es mal schön nur Greg und seine Familie zu erleben. Ohne die ganzen Klassenkameraden und Freunde von Greg.
Im Großen und Ganzen hat mich dieser Band nicht enttäuscht - außer, dass ich gemerkt habe, dass ich langsam zu alt werde (aber ich werde trotzdem nicht aufhören die Bücher zu lesen, weil sie so eine Leichtigkeit mit sich bringen). Falls ihr ein Kind zu Hause habt, dann dreht diesem auf jeden Fall Gregs Tagebuch an, denn für Kinder - vor allem Jungen - ist diese Buchreihe wunderbar.

Von mir bekommt das Buch 4 von 5 möglichen Sternen und ich finde es ist ein Muss für jeden, der Gregs Tagebuch liebt!
" said.

"I kept forgetting to bring home a copy of The Getaway. Not shocking, since I was still disappointed by Double Down's lack of any apparent plot. I had been booktalking historical fiction, and since my favorite has always been books written in years past, I had a copy of Henry Reed, Inc., that came home in the same backpack.

The Getaway is probably the best Wimpy Kid yet, and had the most plot. Basically, Greg's parents decided to spend Christmas break at a warm, exotic resort, cost be danged, but when they head off to Isla de Corales, nothing goes right. They have trouble getting on the flight, their luggage gets lost, there are bugs, the father gets ill from the water, the activities are all booked up, and Roderick runs off with a girl instead of hanging at the teen zone with Greg. For most students, who have never traveled to an exotic locale, the details of the trip will be new and interesting (Who knew about so many bugs in these fancy resorts? Makes sense, never thought of it.), and will also make them feel better about not traveling. Greg tries to have adventures and strike out on his own, which causes problems, and his family actually deals fairly well with everything that comes their way. The ending actually had a bit of a twist and closure not usually found in these books.

But I still didn't care for it, even though it read more like Big Nate Sails the Bahamas. I realized why when I read Henry Reed. Fascinatingly, it came out on the same date 59 years ago, and the colors are even similar. (Blues are now very green based, making my huge quilting stash hard to use with new fabric!)

Yes, the 1950s had their problems. But Greg Heffley and his family are negative and boring to me, and I don't want to be a part of their world for very long. The fact that my students do, when they could instead be spending time with Henry or Anne or Homer or Laura... it just makes me sad.
" said.

" okay! you never get too old to read childish books. *covering my face w/ hands* " said.

" Jeff Kinney must have known that whenever he writes about Heffleys going on a trip, he creates a masterpiece. " said.

" بعد از یک سال دوباره با خانواده هفلی در سفر و تعطیلات دیداری تازه کردیم.در حد و اندازه های کتاب های قبلی بود. " said.

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