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UPDATE TIME: 2018-10-13 
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" This is a fantastic tale of imagination and the many worlds that books can take you to. I like that it's set in a library and the author reinforces that you cannot be rough or loud or destructive to books. The shouting, wild actions and yelling is not appropriate for the library, but that can be discussed while reading the story. And our girls liked that Tess ends up being like her Mom, telling the T. Rex to take a time out when he acts beastly with the books. " said.

"I was not impressed. It felt that the text was trying to rhyme and very much not succeeding. The unattended child in timeout in a LIBRARY did not sit well with me in the least. (In case you haven't figured it out, librarians are NOT baby-sitters.) The adventures would have been fun, and the girl's attempts to keep the books taken care of would have been nice, but I was too distracted by the text and how it was laid out on the pages. Not the best book for me, but I'm sure some children will like it." said.

"No T. Rex in the Library is cute story about Tess, a little girl with an active imagination. After she is sent to time out for misbehaving in the library, Tess soon begins to imagine that she is riding through different sections of the library on the back of a destructive T. Rex. She admonishes the T. Rex to not knock over and rip up library books and soon sends him to time out for "beastie behavior." This is a fun book that can be used to introduce younger children to the different sections of the library and proper library etiquette. Creative and colorful illustrations." said.

"Another children's library book by Toni Buzzeo. It is not my favorite book by Toni who has written better picture books for kids regarding the library. You have a little girl who is loud and willful, and has a mother who shouts across the library that she's now in a time out. Reading that out loud to students, they may think that's acceptable behavior in the library. The illustrations are beautiful, and the girl has an active imagination, but watching her trounce the library made me wince. Please read instead "Our Librarian Won't Tell Us Anything" and "The Library Doors", both fun reads for students." said.

"When Tess comes into the library, she is definitely not on her best behavior. Set on time out by her mom for her "beastie" behavior, Tess manages to knock over a pile of books and release a T. Rex from the bounds of a book. Now the dinosaur is tearing around the library, knocking over more books. Squid, knights and pirates join the chaos. When the dinosaur finally goes further on his rampage than even Tess can condone, she sets the huge reptile on a time out before putting him back inside a book.

This picture book could have a role in a book care lesson or introduction at the end of the school year. It could also be used in a discussion of writing ideas.
" said.

"The cute retro illustrations are wonderful, and I'm partial to stories about how books open up a world of imagination. Naughty young Tess's redeeming feature is that she ultimately loves books, and is willing to protect them from her alter-ego, the T. Rex. But the story doesn't fulfill its potential. For one thing, the plot failed my logic test -- what parent would discipline her "out of control" child by giving the child a time out in the library and walking away for 10 minutes ("I'll be back for you")? What misbehaving child would then sit still for 10 minutes alone? Maybe Mom needed the time out, after shouting at her daughter and calling her a "beastie"? " said.

"I like books about the library and am always on the lookout for picture books in that setting. I figured this one would interest my son as it has dinosaurs. A woman puts her daughter Tess in time-out for ten minutes for being a "little beastie" in the library and causing mischief, and while there Tess imagines a T Rex coming out of one of the books she knocked over and causing plenty more mischief and mayhem in the library, including ripping books. For this, Tess punishes the dinosaur by putting it in time out and back inside its book. I get that they're trying to teach kids to have good behavior in the library, but that message kind of gets lost about halfway through the book. My son loves it though, mostly just because there is a roaring rampaging dinosaur, so this book gets three stars from me instead of two. Recommended for ages 3-6, 3 stars. " said.

" it's a cute book but poorly written " said.

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