Terra Tempo, Vol. 2: The Four Corners of Time Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-07-07 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 3 user ratings

" This is a wonderful, new series of graphic novels which I bought for my 14-year-old. He and I both loved the first two volumes and are looking forward to more. " said.

" Terra Tempo - The Four Corners of Time by David Shapiro, Christopher Herndon, and Erica Melville - well worth the read, especially perfect for dinosaur, archaeology fans will love this! Be prepared though, it is a lengthy graphic novel. " said.

" An entertaining romp through the Permian,the Cretaceous,& the Triassic for 3 scientific kids with a time-travel map, all while being pursued by bad guys who want the map! This graphic novel moves quickly & is beautify illustrated. Kids of all ages that loves dinosaurs & adventure will love this book! (I'm almost 60 & I loved it!) " said.

" An excellently drawn and deeply researched graphic novel introducing children to how our world developed, both through plate tectonics and the animal and plant life in the far past which were affected by climate changes.Through time travel (the fiction part of the book), three American children see how the American Southwest land formed. They experience some very scary close shaves with dinosaurs before they find their way back successfully to their family. (no blood, no dead bodies) " said.

"The three characters introduced in Ice Age Cataclysm, Ari and twins Jenna and Caleb, are back for another time-traveling adventure. This time, Ari finds a map of the Colorado Plateau, and while the three travel to the Grand Canyon and other parts of the west with the twins' aunt and uncle, they also use the map to visit Earth at various times in its history. Not only is this a cool adventure story, but it also provides interesting facts and visuals of the Cambrian, the Cretaceous, and the Triassic periods. As they learned in the previous book, humans aren't supreme during many of these earlier times. Plus, this adventure requires them to outwit some other adventurers. " said.

"****Received from Goodreads first reads giveaway.

Our family really enjoyed this book! The story was great and the pictures were entertaining. My 8 year old son and his 14 year old cousin both equally liked the book but in different ways. While my son loved the dionosaur battles. He also learned the name of a dinosaur that he had never heard of before, my nephew loved the element of time travel and learning "cool facts" such as mass extinctions, layers of rock, mysteries of the Grand Canyon, etc. As a parent, I liked that they both were engaged and learned some interesting facts while reading. I would definitely recommend this book.
" said.

"This series gets a little better with each volume. This time around the trio heads back in time even further, to the age of the dinosaurs. They experience swimming in prehistoric waters, vicious dinosaur battles, and a chase throughout time protecting the map that made the whole journey possible.

This volume grants us the good guys vs. bad guys element that was missing from the first volume. Readers get a more complex story here regarding how the time travel is possible and who has used the maps before and for what purposes.

Concerning the map magic, the capabilities in this volume gave the maps a tablet-like nature making them super powerful and the go-to tool in times of trouble.

The science info is top-notch and the gripping pace of the adventure/time travel elements distracts the target audiences from flaws with the storyline/plot etc.

Recommended for grades 3-5.
" said.

"I received this novel for free through Goodreads First Reads. Thank you to Shapiro, Herndon, and Melville, and of course Craigmore Creations.

This was the first graphic novel I've ever read, and I've got to say that it has opened my mind to a whole new world.

I wasn't sure if I would like the characters at first, but they grew on me. In particular I enjoyed their witt and humor, and the different personalities they each presented.

The artwork is incredible! There were so many moments where a picture would take my breath away, and I'd just be lost gazing into another world. Not to mention the fact that they were all so captivating. Having never read a graphic novel I was sure I would be too focused on the words to care about the pictures, but boy was I wrong. It's just like reading a movie almost, one with subtitles. Everything was done just right, and in a way that was purely exciting and adventurous.

I look forward to reading the first installment of this series, and hope to see more books to come in the future!
" said.

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