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UPDATE TIME: 2018-07-07 
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"I was going to read this before the last book I read, Thanksgiving on Plymouth Plantation, but I thought this looked better, so I saved it for after. I wish I had read it before like I originally planned.
I wouldn't say buxom in a kid's book. &their mom doesn’t look that buxom, either.
It said Seth said something to Sol, then says 'answered Solomon.' Usually you use the full name first, then use Sol, the nickname.
On the 3rd page, all of a sudden the boys were talking like hicks: 'a dezzen oranges if they warn't too high!"
'Pa will come back tomorrer night.' Who says tomorrer?!?
What kind of names are Roxy and Rhody?
Oh boy, the kids are going to ruin dinner. She uses both flavoring for the biscuits. Why on earth would you do that? Then uses catnip and wormwood in the stuffing. Real catnip?!!
That bear looks crazy. He's laying on his back, with claws &teeth out.
'His great paws kept clawing at us.' How close was he?!? This was a time when the writing wasn’t that good. It didn’t describe how close they were, then all of a sudden says his paws were clawing at them, suggesting he was pretty close.
The bear is at the window! And standing in front of it like a person.
Dressing as a bear is a bad idea!! He could have been shot! That makes sense now why the bear looked human standing in the window. However, on the page where the bear was in the bushes, the face looked like a real bear. It had teeth& was snarling and everything. A human in costume wouldn’t look that real!
I thought Gad was an adult, not a boy! Then he’s pelting everyone with oranges, which is weird.
I like the colors on the page with the sleigh.
It was funny when Sol said "guess Gran'ma's dead and come up to be buried here." Then they realize the party is too cheerful for it to be a funeral.
Why would you say 'fat Aunt Cinthy'!
Blindman's buff. I thought it was bluff.
Wonder what hunt the slipper is?
'Apple and cider, chat, and singing finished the evening.' I didn’t like that wording. Sometimes the writing just isn’t written that well, and doesn’t sound good to read.
The girls looked cute when they were in bed, especially Prue. I haven't really admired the drawings that much, but that's cute.
'Here a smart rap on the wall of the next room caused a sudden lull in the fun.'
Wish it hadn't ended on them being told to 'go to sleep immediate, or you'll wake the baby.' It kind of put a damper on things. However, I liked the part where the mice could be heard in the pantry, having their own old-fashioned thanksgiving. Then it hit me: this didn’t really feel like an old-fashioned thanksgiving. Yes, it’s set in olden times. &they played old games. But for some reason, it didn’t feel like this old-fashioned thanksgiving. Maybe because the actual night of thanksgiving was sort of rushed. More emphasis was put on the ruined dinner than anything else. Maybe it could have been better if there had been more traditional thanksgiving events taking place.
This was just an ok book.
" said.

" 3.5This one was so cute!! It's a quick little read that definitely has the cozy Thanksgiving feel I was looking for! " said.

"Louisa May Alcott and Thanksgiving ... I'm not sure what could be more splendid!

"An Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving" is whimsically delightful! Your family will fall in love with the Bassett children as they spend their Thanksgiving Day together, making fond memories, sharing the chores, and laughing over a surprising antic.

You won't regret making this book a tradition! There's recipes from Louisa too!

Ages: The Whole Family!

Cleanliness: The word "buxom" is used. The word "pussy" is used for a cat. Mentions goblins and ogres for descriptive words. Mentions wine, brandy. A young lady runs into the arms of a young man; he steals a kiss on her cheeks. Someone says The family dances.


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" said.

" Cute little Thanksgiving children’s story. Sweet family dynamics and even some colonial recipes to try are included. " said.

" A good holiday book for the whole family. " said.

" I particularly enjoyed "The Strange Island." " said.

" What a great book! It really does explore different cooking practices that were once common. How neat. " said.

"Sweet little story in the vein of the Little House books. ❤️ Would make for a good read-aloud. " said.

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