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UPDATE TIME: 2018-04-01 
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" Note: I received a digital review copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley. " said.

" Colorful, imaginative, and professional accomplished. This book even includes some science as a feature. I would gladly use this as a choice read with my students, as well as a read aloud for them. I can see young readers enjoying this book, with all its humor. " said.

"Stinky Cecil is a frog, not sure what kind of frog since he apparently gives off an odor when he is scared and that is a type of frog I’m unfamiliar with. Anyway, he has a bunch of friends like a chameleon, a fly, a worm and many others.

The artwork is very cutesy and I liked it. I can see little kids enjoying the look of it too. The writing was simple and easy to understand. My only fault is at times spacial and time awareness was thrown out the window. For example, in the book the Jeremy the Worm and Stinky Cecil were sitting on the ground near the water but out of it. It then shows a few frames of them just talking, when all of a sudden they are now up to their necks in water and needing rescue. This isn't something a kid would notice or care about though so it’s a very minor issue although it happens several times in the book so it caught my attention.

Overall, I really liked it.

I got this as a free copy to read and review via #NetGalley. The copy I have has DRM, but I don’t know about the final product. I would assume it will have DRM as the others in the series do. So I have to subtract 1 point for the DRM.
" said.

" This fun book is a cross between a beginning reader and a graphic novel. Stinky Cecil is a frog and he has always wanted lakeside living, but when that lakeside becomes a flood, it will be up to this frog to figure out what is going on, and how to make things better. " said.

" The pacing of this book was quick and it suited the story perfectly. And it was FUNNY! All of the characters were great, but Nesbit was my fave. " said.

"A new resident to the pond, a chameleon, is fresh from a pet store and doesn’t know anything, which Cecil finds annoying. More importantly, Cecil’s house gets flooded even though it’s no longer raining. You might be able to guess the reason before you see it.
Gophers being so industrious, it’s no surprise that particular animal has a boat. And a headlamp. And a fanny pack.
Cecil pretends to be smart, but he’d be a goner ten times over without his earthworm friend.
Hmmm, maybe Bigfoot is a giant beaver (not as random as it sounds).
A long sticky tongue IS easier than a fork, especially when you have no fingers.
So anyway, this is a story about cooperation and empathy, or lack of it. Cute and educational, with extra learning at the end.
" said.

"It’s springtime at Cecil’s Pond and everything is coming alive: the flowers, grasses, insects, and butterflies. The marsh around the pond is all in bloom. Poor Nesbit (the chameleon) is overwhelmed by it all. He sees all the change as unsettling chaos!

Nesbit grew up in a pet store before moving to the pond. He has no idea what it’s like to live in the wild or where he fits in the chain of life. Cecil and his pond pals will have to help Nesbit along on his journey of self-discovery.


I received this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.

Can we say… adorable? I absolutely loved this book. The humor was tongue in cheek endearing and the artwork was so sweet! I loved all the characters, and Cecil was the perfect Protagonist. My daughter reads this book over and over and I can hear her laughing in her room. Great entertainment and a perfect motivator for kids who struggle with reading. This graphic novel “delivers clever, accessible lessons for kids using bold, colourful illustrations that come to life on the page.”
" said.

"An amusing, fun and educative book filled with colorful, vibrant and great illustrations. The storyline subtly draws you in and you find yourself going on this amazing yet learning adventure with all the great characters of this book. It’s fun and interesting, you get to learn all the cool things about the animals in this story.  We have Nesbit, Evelyn, Cecil, Bud and his wife Patricia,  Jeremy, Jeff and all the other cool characters of this story. Your kids get to learn all about these animals and their natural habitats, what they eat and what they like and many more interesting facts. This book is a treasure trove of knowledge, set in an amusing and fun package that would delight your kids, taking them on a fun adventure while learning." said.

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