Vacation Under the Volcano (Magic Tree House, No. 13) Reviews

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" Another trip for Jack and Annie through the Magic Tree House to Pompeii on the day Mount Vesuvius explodes and buries the city. Having been to Pompeii in real life it was fun for me to imagine it again as it was. I like how there are always practical ways to deal with otherwise stressful situations. " said.

" Time waist for no man, which leaves Jack and Annie racing against the likes of a giant volcano when the treehouse leaves them on the soon to be destroyed island of Pompeii! Osborne amps up the thrills in this exhilarating entry to the beloved "Magic Tree House" series. Get ready to race through the pages and keep ahead of the game! " said.

" Ok, I’m finished, I am bored of all the Magic Tree House Books!!! I think this will be my last book I will read. It’s all the same except for different location and time. I read out of curiosity. But as an adult reader, I need more. This book Jack and Annie goes to Pompeii to save some books from being destroyed before the volcano erupts and the city will be forgotten. " said.

"This time Jack and Annie are off to Pompeii. Morgan has given them a mission to recover a certain scroll before all of them are destroyed.

Annie and Jack arrive a few hours before disaster hits. They must hurry to get the scroll and escape to the tree house before getting hurt...or worse.

I think my kids enjoyed this installment of the Magic Tree House series. Without going into too much detail, the author adds in facts about Pompeii. Like the name of Mt. Vesuvius and how to pronounce it. She also talks about the Romans, life during this time and the date Mt. Vesuvius exploded. As usual, there are additional facts in the back of the book. I think this would be a great addition for kids who are studying about the topics related to this book. There are several.

Content: clean
" said.

"This is actually going to be a short review, I ended up picking this up after watching Zoe's (ReadByZoe) 24 hour readathon vlog. It was such a fun read and I wish I picked the series up as a child. However, I wish there was more? I know I'm not the intended audience, but the story just seemed kinda meh. I did love trying to figure out where they'd find the book they were looking for but once I read where the treehouse was taking them I knew what volcano they were under and what would happen.However, I look forward to maybe reading more of the series." said.

" Being children’s books I don’t really expect much, I haven’t really reviewed many of the treehouse books but I love the history of Ancient Rome and the story of mount Vesuvius. I’m very excited or the next one which is about ancient China and that’s another topic I love the terra-cotta warriors, Huns and so much more. I will say I’m impressed with the fact Mary pope writes about historical facts and makes it a fun way for young children to sort of get a grasp of some the greatest history. " said.

" Good move by Osborne to have Jack and Annie travel through time to rescue books/scrolls from imminent destruction by an erupting volcano. The kids are enjoying the "Master Librarians" cycle thus far. Question: why the hell doesn't Morgan le Fay send Jack and Annie to Pompeii at least a few days, rather than minutes, before Vesuvius blows its top? She almost gets the poor whipper snappers buried in lava, ash and such! Not the sharpest tool in the shed, that Morgan. " said.

Jack and Annie are given an assignment by Morgan to travel back in time to retrieve an old story. Annie is afraid of this journey because she had a nightmare about the ground rumbling and smoke in the air. Along the way of finding the old story, they learn about the town and the history. They find out there is a volcano that is active and is about to erupt. They find the story and dash out just in time!
I hadn't read one of the Magic Tree House books since I was little! I forgot how much I enjoy them. I loved being able to learn about history through this book. I think that is a reason that I liked them so much when I was little. I also liked how every so often the story would give you a picture to tie the story together.
Teaching Idea:
You could use this to teach about forgotten towns, Pompeii, and ancient Rome.
" said.

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