Grandma Rose's Magic (Shabbat) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-07-07 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 5 user ratings

" Sweet, quick read about how generosity pays off eventually. " said.

" A feel good story- it must be magic! Age range: 5 - 8 Years " said.

" A grandmother shares a secret wish with her granddaughter, a wish to have the same dishes used by her grandmother. Will she has enough money saved up from her jobs sewing for members of the community? Perhaps some magic would help. " said.

" Heart warming (and I like the fact that Grandma Rose being Jewish is just part of the story not something that would warrant a "this is a multi-cultural book - and only those of that culture or those who want to learn about that culture will want to read it" label) " said.

"Delightfully heartwarming picture book about a grandmother who is always surprising her family and friends with beautiful things she's sewn for them: a blanket for the new baby, curtains for the new house, a veil for the wedding.... And all the while she's hoping to save up for a beautiful set of crockery just like her grandmother's. When she can't find it at the store, she returns home to be surprised in turn by her friends. Beautifully illustrated, this story has the charm of a cherished family tale to be passed on to younger generations." said.

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Grandma Rose's Magic is a beautiful story that clearly demonstrates the power of karma and doing good for others. It is also a sweet story about the magic of family and friends.

Grandma Rose is able to create magic with a piece of cloth and thread. She sews clothes for her children and blankets for babies, doll clothes. People are so impressed with her work and gush over it. Grandma Rose always says it must be magic. As she gets paid, she sets the money aside. She is saving up for a special set of dishes that are like the ones she had as a little girl for Shabbos. She goes to the store and the dishes are gone. A little sad, she decides to instead go grocery shopping for a feast. When she comes home, everyone is there, each with a piece of the set to say thank you. They ask how she knew they would all be there to buy the food. Must be magic!

The lesson here is that if you treat others well and do kind things for them, they will also take care of you and do kind things for you. It's a lesson that needs to be reinforced in today's society. This is one to add to my classroom collection.

I received an eARC of this book in exchange for my honest review.
" said.

"Read for 5427 class

While Grandma Rose's Magic is culturally specific, the act of doing kind deeds, saving money, and repaying thoughtfulness are universal themes. As such, this story is excellent for teaching graciousness, hospitality, and tithing/saving. I would have like more emphasis on the traditions surrounding Shabbos, especially how Grandma Rose participates with her grandchildren and grown children.

Grandma Rose is a magnificent seamstress. When her friends and neighbors ask her to sew something, they always get more than they asked for; it's just "like magic"! With all the money Grandma Rose saves sewing, she goes to the department store to buy a set of dishes that are exactly like the ones her grandparents had for the Shabbos: white with blue trim and a red and pink flower in the middle. But, when she gets there, she sees lots of pretty chinaware, but nothing with blue trim and roses in the middle! Disappointed, Grandma Rose doesn't let that stop her. She decides to use some of her money to cook a giant feast for her neighbors and serve it on the dishes she already has. When she gets home, she sees her family members, friends, and neighbors each holding a piece of the blue-trim-and-roses set. They wanted to thank her for her "magic" and thoughtful gifts that she gives when she sews. Grandma Rose is completely surprised and eagerly cooks the meal and serves it on her new dishes. Her guests are so surprised that she brought enough food home from the grocery store to feed them all. It must be "magic", Grandma Rose replies with a smile.
" said.

" Sweet, quick read about how generosity pays off eventually. " said.

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