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UPDATE TIME: 2018-07-07 
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As A collection of four comic books I thought this was decent. Truth be told I feel a little mixed because of the content. For every good thing I come up with there is also a little nit-pic I find. I Couldn't put it down but there were a couple story choices I would have changed. I think it's a solid four stars.

The cover is perfect to portray that it's from the TV show. Whether it cannon or not I think this book takes it a little too close to the show by adding Hawk Moth to the cover. Since he strangely really isn't in the book. With that said, can I say how amazing Hawk Moth looks on this cover. The design choice is down right perfect here. Ladybug is a close second favorite art style choice and I also like the little detail of Cat's tail poking our from the corner.
Once you turn to the back the story really starts to show and wow is that the Yang to the front covers Ying.

Story #1
First thing I want to say is that glad that it's sequential. Every chapter links up with the next one. Surprisingly enough the first chapter is a Disney US Webisode taken clip from clip. I actually think this was a weird choice since the color and design doesn't fit any other part of the book. What I think I find the strangest is Marinette's eyes are green and her hair is purple. Why the webisode portrayed her this way I don't know. The story is cute, innocent, really fun, and short.

I think this would have been better as an actual episode. Lacrosse is one rare spot found anywhere in media. They may just call it Adrian's game but that's the game. Truthfully I had some trouble figuring out what Replay's powers were and how they worked against Cat Noir and Ladybug. We get a preview thanks to Chloé. Apart from that the story was decent and the action made sense. But strangely Marinette's hair is lavender now and she has grey eyes. (Also Hawkmoth has this really funny look at the end and it kinda gets me. The last thing that gets me is that Adrian is dreaming about the game and we see an unusual image. I'm not going to say because it's the end of part two but... I'll admit it's cute but it left me scratching my head as to why it's there.

Story #2
This is when the book starts to get really interesting. Personally I'm not too crazy about the Kwami origin story. It sort of create a chicken/egg issue. Kwami couldn't be seen or interact with people but someone make a miraculous for them. I don't think it would have been needed this early on. (That is unless there isn't more than two being made.)
The beach scene is brilliant! It pulls away from the show but it stays true to the theme. I also love that it presents France with the replica of the Statue of Liberty.
This is also the first time we see their swimwear and it fits the personality's well. The story's decent I'm a little surprised that the other super hero's aren't miraculous holders but I'm most disappointed about is the Dark Owl reveal.
(With a no choice reveal I would have kept it with Cat Noir and ladybug shocked expressions and that's it.)
I love the drawings at the end. I'm not too crazy about the scatches but the three pages are awesome!

Details I have to mention.
I just loved that the other hero's called Cat Noir a sidekick that only throws out jokes and Ladybug is the superhero cleaning lady.
I also love that they ended up returning to the hero squad late. It's also awesome that they are visually the youngest in the quad. (apart from Sparrow.)

Picking up this book I didn't know what to expect. I actually expected something close to Disney's Big Hero 6 graphic novels. I was surprised when I received it that it was closer to the episode based books. I'm not going to lie but when my first impression of this book I was a touch disappointed it was aimed younger than I realized. (The irony didn't pass me.) but I quickly realize why. The creator Thomas Astruc would change the rules for the graphic novel. I have a TON of respect for him because of that.
I would like to end this saying I'm looking forward to reading the second installment this December
" said.

" This is ridiculously adorable. It’s like a mix of Card Captor Sakura, Sailor Moon, Powerpuff Girls, and traditional comics. I’m not quite in a diabetic coma, but it’s a near thing. This is a great comics starter for younger readers. " said.

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