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"I read this to prepare for working at the live stage show 'Angelina Ballerina - The Mousical' this week. I can't remember if this book was part of my childhood, but ballet definitely was. In fact, my strong aversion to ballet as an adult stems from leaving my ballet bag on a bus in Edinburgh when I was 3 and having to do the class in my underwear. I hated it ever after. The book is cute and the illustrations packed with detail, but I don't agree with Darcey Bussell's endorsement on the back that 'Angelina is a magical character who fulfils every little girl's dreams'. Not all little girls dream of being pretty in pink." said.

"I don't know how my ballet and dance oriented older daughters managed to miss out on Angelina Ballerina, but this is the first time we have made her acquaintance. Little Cherub was given a boxed set of Angelina books for Christmas, but is only now showing interest ... and Angelina the dancing mouse is right up her street. Dance classes and ballet shoes are familiar from her sisters (though they have outgrown the little pink ballet dress stage), and she has already been brainwashed into expecting that she will learn ballet too. The story is simple - Angelina neglects her daily tasks because she is too busy dancing, until she starts proper ballet lessons, works hard both in and out of ballet, and becomes a proper ballerina. For me the detailed, slightly whimsical illustrations lift the book out of the ordinary. " said.

"Angelina Ballerina is a short story about a little mouse who loves to dance. She loves it so much that it can get her into trouble at times. Angelina's dancing begins to annoy her mother who constantly has to remind her of household chores and to be careful when she knocks things over in the kitchen.

Her mother comes up with the idea to send her to ballet lessons and Angelina is so thankful that she learns to help around the house and also work hard at dance class.
Angelina worked very hard at her dance class for many years until she became a famous ballerina.

I remember reading this book as a child and I loved the story. I believe that it would inspire and help passionate children to follow their dreams. I would definitely have this on my bookshelf in my classroom and think that it may be a good way to introduce creative writing for younger children to express their interests.
" said.

"Angelina Ballerina is about a little girl who dances constantly and one day her parents finally suggest it is time to start taking lessons.

Holabird (1983) uses small details like, "Angelina even danced in her dreams" (p.9) to explain how much she dances. The author continues to describe all the different places, times and specific dances Angelina does throughout the book. This calls to mind when Fletcher speaks of the art of specificity in writing craft. Specifically, Fletcher discusses the recurring detail. At the beginning story, the author explores Angelina annoying her family by dancing at home and not doing her chores. The author ties it up by explaining that once she begins receiving lessons, she now pays attention to her mom and completes her chores. The author could have just brought that detail up about annoying her parents and never resolved that issue, but she does. I would use this book for just that reason, to show students little details that are included need to be attended to within the story.
" said.

"I loved reading this book. Angelina was an ambitious little mouse, who loved to dance; there was nothing more she would rather do more than dance. She loved dancing so much she would dance every chance she got. Rather it be in her dreams or on her way to school, Angelina would dance. She danced so much that she sometimes forgot important responsibilities, such as eating her breakfast. Until one day Angelina's parents decided that they would put her in dance class; now knows that there is a time and place for everything. This book is a good book for your little ambitious ones. Caregivers can use this book as a guide for teaching there children about accepting responsibilities. Children can also learn that there is a time and place for everything they do. The illustrations in this book are very descriptive and full of details.

Learning Experience: As a class we will construct a T-chart of dos and don'ts. This will help children understand that there is a right place, as well as time for everything. Children will also be able to understand that they have certain resposibilities that they have to remember to do in order to be successful.
" said.

"Angelina loves to dance more than anything else in the world. In fact, her dancing is driving her mother crazy! She dances instead of tidying her room and when she dances in the kitchen she knocks over a whole plate of Cheddar cheese pies. Angelina’s mother is at her wit’s end, but luckily her father has an idea. The next morning Angelina finds a box on the breakfast table with a pink ballet dress and ballet slippers. She begins ballet lessons at Miss Lilly’s Ballet School. Now Angelina dances so much in class that she can spend time at home cleaning her room and helping to bake delicious Cheddar cheese pies. And after years of practicing, Angelina becomes the famous ballerina Mademoiselle Angelina and many people are able to enjoy her wonderful dancing.

The text is set against the white of the page, making it easy to read, and the delicate, detailed illustrations deftly showcase Angelina’s wonderful movements. There’s a timeless, yet contemporary, quality to the text and illustrations of this book. The action-driven text, great for reading aloud, centers on activities that could have happened yesterday or a hundred years ago. Likewise, although the illustrations were inspired by Craig’s childhood in rural England, children will not be lost in historical details. Even though both creators are English, I feel that Angelina’s story is universal.

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" said.

" There was only a slim chance that I wasn't going to like this book, and I did! I'm sorry, a mouse wearing pink and dancing ballet? Of course I love it. It also shows good parenting by redirecting passion into a constructive form, and that hard work can help you fulfill your dreams. " said.

" Great aret and fun story as angelina doesn't let anything get in her way as she works towards becoming a famous ballerina. " said.

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