Hermes: Tales of the Trickster (Olympians) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-07-06 
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" This was a fun read. I've never really known much about Hermes as a god. It appears he's a god of A LOT of things... This graphic novel definitely showed his trickster side. I've enjoyed reading O'Connor's Olympian series. I would recommend to anyone who enjoys reading Greek mythology, or even just want to get a taste of it without having to read the complete stories in huge anthologies. " said.

"After the lackluster entries for Apollo and Artemis, I was worried George O'Connor was running out of steam in his Olympians series, but Hermes is not only a return to form, I think it's his best. Visual gags and inside jokes for mytho-philes of all ages abound, and his double page spread for the introduction of Typhon is amazing.

As always the G(r)eek Notes at the end of the book are great:
"Stop right now. Go to Youtube, look up "yakety sax", press play, and read these four pages with that as your soundtrack. In an ideal world, each volume of Olympians would be an unlimited number of pages, and this chase sequence would extend for like, eighty-eight pages."
" said.

" George O'Connor continues his series on the Olympians with Hermes. Hermes is a trickster among his many attributes as becomes clear in stories told to Argus by Aesop that reveal his origins, his relationship with other Olympians, and major life events. The book also sets up future tales. In all a very nice addition to this series.I want to thank Netgalley and First Second Books for the chance to review this title. " said.

" Ten books in and I’m still as in love with this series as when I began. The artwork is stunning and anyone who can take the confusion of Greek mythology and create a coherent, faithful but still interesting story deserves recognition. Furthermore, he’s kept each character distinct and fresh despite the overlapping stories. I particularly enjoyed the way Hermes was presented as a series of tales from a traveling storyteller. Do yourself a favor and read the entire series! " said.

"I am a total and complete sucker for all things mythology and especially greek. Most of these are Juvenile appropriate renditions of each of the gods most famous adventures, but what I loved the most about the Olympians series specifically is that they don't shy away from the fact that the Greek gods are selfish, petty, jaded, and frankly childish pricks. They almost never are painted in a positive light for the most part, which is actually pretty accurate for their lore. I really enjoy the Olympians series. " said.

"Probably one of my favorites of the Olympians series, this one takes a slightly different format turn with a more in depth frame story to hold all the myths about Hermes. I was pleasantly surprised to discover some new stories in this one that I had not heard before & amused by the ways O'Connor sidesteps some of the more gruesome myth bits (Pan & Syrinx specifically). I also quite liked the little twist about our narrator friend towards the end. Good Greek myth stuff (with some a tiny bit of Egyptian crossover that made me giggle) and a nice continuation of the series. " said.

O'Connor says in his author note that Hermes is his favorite - and it shows. He has poured all his energy, research, creativity and art into this latest in his Olympians series and it. is. AWESOME!

The story stars with a little known myth about dogs that will gross out parents and delight kids, then moves to Hermes childhood trickery and onward to gods and monsters of all sorts, to end with an unexpected twist - and a bit of a cliffhanger.

The entire story was a sheer delight, even by the high bar O'Connor has set with this wonderful series.
" said.

"Hermes is the god of peacemakers, astronomy, calendars, and writing. He is also the god of thieves and liars, language, and politicians. He has many other categories that he is the god of, but he is most known for being a trickster. Hermes: Tales of the Trickster is a graphic novel depicting many of his exploits. O’Connor continues his Olympians series with this tenth volume. The graphics and format are the same as the other books, but since each book is about a different Olympian, readers do not need to read them in any particular order. These stories of Hermes are quickly devoured and will please most readers of mythology and/or graphic novels. " said.

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