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UPDATE TIME: 2018-10-12 
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"Hermes is the god of peacemakers, astronomy, calendars, and writing. He is also the god of thieves and liars, language, and politicians. He has many other categories that he is the god of, but he is most known for being a trickster. Hermes: Tales of the Trickster is a graphic novel depicting many of his exploits. O’Connor continues his Olympians series with this tenth volume. The graphics and format are the same as the other books, but since each book is about a different Olympian, readers do not need to read them in any particular order. These stories of Hermes are quickly devoured and will please most readers of mythology and/or graphic novels. " said.

"As they are published, I will read all the books in this series and each provides a varying degree of enjoyment. As a trickster god, Hermes is a crowd favourite. I think to pull off the stunts he has in mythology he would need to be a charming, capable character and there are glimpses of this in this graphic novel imagining of the Olympian. But, as with the others, I wish that the myths covered in the book were some of the lesser known myths. These books provide a perfect vehicle to tell more and they don't, so there is a lost opportunity. But, it you enjoy Greek mythology, you will enjoy this series. My students certainly appreciate them as enjoyable to read and credible sources of info for projects. " said.

"Copyright: 2018
Number of Pages:
Book Format: Hardcover
Reading Level: Grades 4-9
Genre: Mythology
Lit requirement: graphic novel #2

This book holds most of the myths about Hermes, Greek god of travelers, tricksters, thieves, fables, Merchants, hospitality bringer to the underworld, gambling, flocks and herds, peacemakers, astronomy, writing and politicians. The myths are told to Argus of a white bull by a traveler with his dog.

I love this series. Hermes is my third favorite god. I love how he pulls tricks on people. I have love mythology since I was young and have read my versions of the myths out there and I love this books version the third best. I would recommend this book.
" said.

"My Review: I have so been enjoying this series of graphic novels and was excited when I won this one in the Goodreads Giveaway. I had know a bit about Hermes from my previous knowledge of Greek Mythology but this really expanded my knowledge. I like how this one is presented as a traveler telling stories about Hermes and his adventures, and the way the stories are within a story within a story, very suiting to the tricky Hermes. We get to see a lot of the different sides of Hermes personality throughout this one and it does a great job of presenting his story. I have to say it also does a great job of introducing the other gods and goddesses involved in this story to readers who are not as familiar with mythology, it doesn't dumb it down but it makes the tales very approachable. You also don't really need to read this series in order which is another great plus. I highly recommend this series and I can't wait for more!" said.

"The latest volume in O'Connor's super hero treatment of Greek mythology does an excellent job of embodying the subject matter as O'Connor turns his whimsical style towards gods who wear it well: Hermes and Pan. There's even a nice little twist in the narrative that, as the god himself notes, is "very Hermes" and shows a bit of narrative maturity and growth on O'Connor's part as a storyteller. In his afterward he confesses to having loved Hermes since 3rd grade, and even dressing up like him as part of a school project (for the record, I dressed up as Hermes for Halloween in fifth grade so... clearly I also have an affinity for the god). As the series continues it's hard to see how he's going to wrap it up in the next two volumes but it also wouldn't surprise me if he ends up just moving past the Olympians and creating focus texts around secondary gods. Regardless, O'Connor's love for his material shines through and makes this latest installment a worthy entry. " said.

" Hands-down my favorite of the series! I always adored the god Hermes, but the iteration created by George O’Connor sounds like so much fun, I’d love to grab a beer and handout with him. " said.

"After the lackluster entries for Apollo and Artemis, I was worried George O'Connor was running out of steam in his Olympians series, but Hermes is not only a return to form, I think it's his best. Visual gags and inside jokes for mytho-philes of all ages abound, and his double page spread for the introduction of Typhon is amazing.

As always the G(r)eek Notes at the end of the book are great:
"Stop right now. Go to Youtube, look up "yakety sax", press play, and read these four pages with that as your soundtrack. In an ideal world, each volume of Olympians would be an unlimited number of pages, and this chase sequence would extend for like, eighty-eight pages."
" said.

" I won't deny I was really looking forward to this one, Wingèd Hermes being a real favourite of mine since forever. He just seems like a really fun deity, even if he can be a sneaky jerk sometimes.This volume didn't disappoint, and as usual O'Connor worked in some Myths one wouldn't necessarily expect, such as Zeus' deadly clash with the arch-monster Typhon. O'Connor's artistic treatment of this being was suitably inchoate and menacing, well played! " said.

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