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"Another quality tale in the Alex Rider series. We learn more about Alex's back story but also see his character continue to develop in to someone we can respect. Although there seems to be a bit of a disconnect when he claims he hasn't killed people... just because you (view spoiler)" said.

""Go to Venice. Find Scorpia. And you will find your destiny," Alex was told by a dying man at the end of the previous book, ”Eagle Strike”. SCORPIA is an acronym for "sabotage, corruption, intelligence, assassination." And so we find him; in Venice, with his friend Tom, looking for clues to his father's identity and death. Was he an agent of M16, the secret world organization that has used Alex before? Or was he a tool of Scorpia, the powerful international criminal agency that specializes in sabotage, corruption, intelligence, and assassination? And which are the bad guys?

Alex loses track as he is recruited by the beautiful and deadly Julia Rothman, one of the nine executives of Scorpia, to be trained at their Venetian island school for assassins and to take part in a plot to kill thousands of 12 and 13-year-olds in England. Caught between shifting allegiances and different versions of his father's life and death, Alex outwits and outfights everybody as the plot rockets along to a smash finish that will leave readers breathless and shocked.

A parachute jump onto the roof of a super-secure pharmaceutical complex, a desperate escape from a water-filled cellar under the canals of Venice, elegant and witty encounters with mega-criminals bent on death--it's all here, and Alex, 14-years old, comes out ahead every time in spite of the heavy odds against him.

The previous books do not closely examine Alex's emotions or psyche (which I find to be appropriate because his "lack" of emotion is likely a desirable trait for a spy). In this installment we see a growing internal conflict in our hero, making things all the more interesting. No prior knowledge of the previous books is necessary, as Horowitz drops clues from previous adventures.

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Title Scorpia (Alex Rider, #5)
Author Anthony Horowitz
Reviewed By Purplycookie
" said.

"Have you ever wondered what it would be like if James Bond started spying as a 14 year old boy? Well, that is exactly what Scorpia by Anthony Horowitz is about where Alex Rider a 14 year old spy that works for MI6. I read this book because it is the 5th book in the Alex Rider series also because on the first few pages of Stormbreaker, the first book in the Alex Rider series, I became instantly hooked.
In Scorpia Alex sets off to find Scorpia, whereas Yassen Gregorovich told him he would find the truth about his parents and his destiny. Alex eventually finds out that his father was an assassin for Scorpia, he also learns about an evil plot that Scorpia has that will kill thousand of kids in London which he becomes involved in. Alex decides to save these kids because if not he will also die, Alex also discovers that everything that Scorpia told him about his parents was not true. This book takes place in present time in London, and in Italy. The conflict of this book is Character vs Society, Alex has to stop Scorpia from killing thousands of kids and to find the truth about his parents. The protagonist is Alex Rider and the antagonist is Scorpia.
Scorpia had one of the best if not the best endings of an Alex Rider book. The ending is so mind boggling one minute you think this is going to happen then the unexpected happens, but Alex always finds a way to save thousands of people and to get out alive. My favorite part of the book was when Alex finds out the real truth about his parents because it shows how much Alex has been lied to and deceived in his live, also it shows that Alex only knew one true thing about his parents and that was about their death.
In my opinion this is one of the best Alex Rider books, Anthony Horowitz does a very good job of incorporating surprise, twist, and turns in every Alex Rider book. Scorpia is very similar to the first Alex Rider book Stormbreaker because Alex again has to save thousands of kids from deadly poison and stop the terrorist. You should only read this book if you love action, thriller, and a book full of twist and turns, but you will have to read the 4 books that are before Scorpia starting with Stormbreaker.
" said.

" Brilliant book I started reading this series when I was about 10&3/4 i am now 11 and I am stuck in all Alex rider books.Good for ages 10 to 14 " said.

" Action-packed and suspenseful, this is a great book for advanced middle-school, or high school readers. I wouldn't recommend this book if you are looking for a more mature novel, however it is a fun and quick read, and even has an unexpected ending. " said.

"Personal Response: Well it seems that I started on book five, no wonder I am so confused, but that's fine. Most of the characters that were mentioned, the ones I'm confused about, are not in this book. I like spy stories, so as things went on, my heart raced faster as things got more intense. Sure it didn't help that I had other things stressing me out at the same time, but I'm fairly sure that I'm okay.

Plot: So yes, I'm on the fifth book, but it begins with Alex Rider just coming back from his latest mission from MI6. He gets home and practically leaves right away to go to Venice, where he was told he would find something called Scorpia, turns out it is a criminal organization, that is world wide and very powerful. Following what he thought was nothing more than an ordinary boat with a scorpion on it, he is led to a palace where he eventually breaks in. Hoping to find something on Scorpia, he goes off the name of Julia Rothman and ends up finding her desk, her vicious pet tiger, and her wing-man, Nile. Nile is a skilled combat artist, and he knocks Alex out and puts him in a cell to drown when the canal waters rise. Miraculously he escapes, and makes his way to a biochemical place, looking for new answers. BASE jumping of a cliff to get inside, he runs once again into Nile. This time though, he recognizes Alex and takes him to see Mrs. Rothman. They talk, Alex is told about his father and how died, and on a whim, he joins Scorpia. Alex is taken to a secret training camp, where he is trained in the arts of assassination. After that he is sent to kill someone named Mrs. Jones, who was the person who gave the command to kill Alex's dad. He had gotten into her apartment, but his bullet was stopped by a bullet proof glass wall, which he had not seen, though he would have missed anyways. Immediately he is caught and is taken to MI6 where he is told about a letter to the prime minister, saying that Scorpia plans to kill hundreds of thousands of school children all at once, using a weapon they called Invisible Sword. Joining back up with MI6, he is sent back to Scorpia. Mrs. Rothman then takes him to the place where "IS" is really kept, and he watches as the clock ticks down to the bloodbath, and his own death. The machinery used to kill are satellite dishes set on an air balloon that will send special waves that will trigger the release of cyanide into all the targeted children. Climbing the air balloon as SAS fighters work to destroy Scorpia on Alex's side. Alex eventually breaks the machinery by setting the platform of fire, using the propane. The platform burns and falls off, but the fireproof canopy lets Alex hold on until he is slowly guided down to the ground. Landing, he goes home and a week later a man named Alan Blunt calls him back to MI6. Mrs. Jones and Mr. Blunt, had called in a man who had been kidnapped by Scorpia. The man told Alex that his dad had not been working with Scorpia, but with MI6. They had set up a fake death for John Rider, Alex's dad, to get him out of Scorpia, and they had "traded" him for the man and then "shot" him. Unfortunately, Mrs. Rothman found out about his treachery and had him and his wife killed. The last chapter ends the story with a sniper on the roof a the building across from MI6 head quarters. As Alex walks out the front door, he is shot in the chest. It goes through a really long, intense explanation of dying. Alex stands for a while but falls, and before he closes his eyes, he hallucinates seeing his mother and father, whom he never met. Since there are about three more books left, I have a feeling that Alex doesn't die. And what he thought were his parents were most like likely Mrs. Jones and Mr. Blunt.

Characterization: Alex at the beginning, is nothing more than exhausted from being manipulated by MI6. After a while he becomes troubled when he joins Scorpia, and at the end he finally finds the truth about his father, and becomes at peace.

Recommendation: I would recommend this to teens, and people who can get an adrenaline rush just from reading races against the clock.
" said.

" "Go to Venice. Find Scorpia. And you will find your destiny..." Alex has matured so much in this book, that I find it scary. In my opinion, he acts more like a 16 year old then a 14 year old. Scorpia followed along the same lines as the previous books in the series, but had less obvious plot twists. And that ending! I never would have suspected that! " said.

"This book was so intense and nerve-racking which is why I rated the book 5-star. Anthony Horowitz is a great author and he makes you never put the book down. It is so intense and it is full of so many criminal minds that you have to realize that Alex Rider is a 14 year-old genius. Another genius in this book is Mr Smithers who is a really fat person who makes awesome but realistic gadgets for Alex. In this book it was full of death and revenge so if you do not like criminal violence that is actually realistic then I would not recommend this book to you but if you like nerve-racking, intense, a little bit of violence and good books then I would recommend this book to you. " said.

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