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UPDATE TIME: 2018-03-31 
Review Score: 5 out of 5 star From 38 user ratings

"Charlotte is a serious scientist with all of the gear, but she has a problem - she is squished everywhere. There are too many other kids and Charlotte's science tools get broken. Charlotte determines how to solve the problem using the scientific method and experiments. Can Charlotte find the right balance between space and company. Andros includes steps of the scientific method with reading comprehension questions to support budding scientists. Charlotte is also very likeable. What an awesome and funny book with a female scientist character!" said.

"I love this book for many reasons - girl scientists, learning to appreciate your family, critical thinking, and, did I mention, girl scientists!? Girl Power!! I love the ending where it breaks down the scientific method and simplifies science for those of us who are interested but maybe don't understand completely. I love, love, love that there is an address/email for the main character so super smart scientist girls can write to (I'm assuming the author) Charlotte and tell her all about themselves and how they are being scientists. Brilliant! " said.

"Charlotte the scientist is an adorable bunny who has no space to do her experiments (her myriad bunny siblings are a squishy crew). So she uses the scientific method to answer her question: How can I get some space around here? Readers will hop along with Charlotte through her inquiry as she finds one hilarious--but imperfect--solution. Back to the drawing board for Charlotte! Adorable (and educational) text by Camille Andros is brought to life by hilarious illustrations by Brian Farley. I don't want to give too much away but the carrot-shaped spaceship made my day. Great book for budding scientists and big families." said.

"Picture books to support STEM/STEAM are now popular - do we need some criteria for this new genre (if we can call it that) or does our current criteria for picture books suffice?
I would like to offer the following:
-How realistic does the story need to be? Can it have animals as characters?
-Does it take familiar scenarios and seamlessly add the science/math angle?
-Is the science in-your-face, didactic, or is it so skillfully crafted that the reader slips effortlessly into the story and doesn't feel that this is a science/math book?
-Will the book encourage readers to pursue similar STEM activities?
"Charlotte..." succeeds. Don't miss the endpapers!
" said.

"Charlotte is one of many bunnies in the family and she was tired of being squished and she has no where to go to be a scientist. She decides to employ the scientific method to solve her problem. She works on making her siblings disappear. Then herself. Finally she builds a rocket ship to take her into space where she can have all the space she needs. But now Charlotte has a new problem... she's lonely. Charlotte has to go through the scientific method again in order to solve the new problem and she learns that she doesn't need to be in space, she only needs to have her own space to be a scientist. " said.

Charlotte wants to conduct experiments in her house, but because her family is so large she can't find a place. Her family is everywhere, at the table, in the tub, even the toilet! Using the scientific method steps, Charlotte tries to solve the problem.

This book is a must for all elementary classrooms. It teaches kids about the scientific method and ways to go back and try again! #growthmindset .

Also a theme is how important family is, but takes into account that it's ok to want to be alone sometimes.

Another wonderful thing is that Camille has made the main character a female scientist! I love that and hope it can inspire even the littlest of readers how fun science can be!
" said.

"This story is about Charlotte who loves to solve problems. Her biggest problem is that she is squished in her den with all her brothers and sisters. She needs more space. After she determines the question, she forms a hypothesis, then tests the hypothesis with an experiment. It doesn’t work! She tries other experiments, recording observations, drawing conclusions until she solves the question. Only a new problem occurs. Find out how Charlotte continues with her experiments until she finds her perfect solution.

With a touch of suspense, this book breaks down science experiments into steps young readers can understand and enjoy. Perfect to stretch the minds of young scientists.
" said.

"Reminds me a bit of P.J. Funnybunny who hypothesized that being a different kind of animal would be easier than being a bunny, but after a long round of experimentation, he came to the conclusion that being a bunny was in fact, the best fit for him. In a similar vein, but much more professional, is Charlotte. Poor Charlotte, her family interferes in all of her experiments. So she ends up alone in outer space.

At first glance this looks like it might be too long for a quick readaloud, but it's perfect. The Scientific Method is quickly highlighted as Charlotte goes through each step, but it doesn't weigh down the story.

" said.

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