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"Just wow! There is so much about this wordless picture book I adore. On the surface it's the simple story of someone (who just happens to be a crocodile) getting up and heading off to work in the morning. Where he works is a delightful surprise.
However, the book is so much more than this. It captures snapshots of the crocodile's routines and commute. Each moment is a world of activity to get lost in. On the commuter train you can't help but wonder who all these people and animals are and where they are on their way to. If you look closely at the monkey compound you will notice a lot of very human kinds of behaviour.
Honestly, this turns out to be a not so simple book that you can spend hours pouring over.
And then, there's that ending.
" said.

"After readers have reached the ending of this story, originally published in Italy, they will understand its title and smile in appreciation. But until then, they'll stay busy trying to guess what's happening and where this stylish crocodile is heading. There are visual treats on several pages of this wordless picture book as the crocodile lies in bed, dreaming of a leisurely day, just like the rest of us, only to be awakened in order to prepare blearily for the day ahead. There's even an image of him trying to choose just the right tie for his outfit. Observant readers will notice some characters who appear more than once in the scenes as the dapper reptile makes his way through the city streets and is transported to his destination. I thoroughly enjoyed this one, even more the second and third time I read it since I was able to pay closer attention to the images. " said.

"Thanks to the #kidlitexchange (@kidlitexchange) network and for the free review copy of this book - all opinions are my own.
Let me start off by saying that I love, love, love and love wordless picture books. (One of my favorite books is Tuesday by David Wiesner.) I love how the author/illustrator leave it up to the reader to come up with the story that best fits their imagination, and #ProfessionalCrocodile was no exception.

Professional Crocodile follows the daily life of one Mr. Crocodile as he wakes up at the sound of his alarm all the way to his day job.
Reading this picture book with my two and thee year old boys was such a treat. We got to come with the story to each of the gorgeous pictures. It was such fun seeing each of my boys' imagination at work while reading this book.

Without a doubt, I recommend this book if you are into wordless picture books. I know I will be adding this book to my personal library.
" said.

"This wordless book shows crocodile getting up to the noise of an alarm, brushing his teeth, choosing the right tie, eating, and heading to work on a crowded train. The illustrations are of both humans and animals on their way to work, we assume. Most accept crocodile as though he's just one of the crowd  A few look a bit oddly at him. The book, though wordless, conveys lots of emotions and information. You will notice the signs in pictures have some unfamiliar words due to this book being originally published in Italy.

Cons: None

Pros:  If this story sounds a bit mundane and not quite kid-friendly, I wondered the same thing. But after finishing the book, then reading. . . no, looking at the pictures again, I’m positive children will love pouring over these illustrations. They are extraordinarily well done and many times funny, plus the ending has a twist that many won’t see coming, I certainly didn't! I definitely recommend it.
More at
" said.

"Thanks to the @kidlitexchange network for the review copy of this book - all opinions are my own. Thanks for reading!

Every year, my class of third graders falls in love with wordless picture books. When I read PROFESSIONAL CROCODILE, I knew I had to add this one to my classroom library!

Every day, Mr. Crocodile wakes up and gets ready for work. His morning routine may look familiar to readers: he picks out some clothes, eats breakfast, puts on his coat and hat, and rides the train to work. But where exactly is Mr. Crocodile going? The whole book builds anticipation as readers wonder where Mr. Crocodile could possibly be working. The surprising ending does not disappoint!

As kids get older, we sometimes forget that they still love a visual story. The lack of words can drive our kiddos to create the narrative in their own heads. This demands so much higher-level thinking, and reveals so many skills in young readers!

With gorgeous illustrations and a plot filled with suspense, PROFESSIONAL CROCODILE earns its place on the bookshelves of those who love a great visual story.
" said.

"Copyright- 2017
Number of Pages-25
Book format-hardcover, paper
Reading Level-PreK-K, 1-2, GR Level- N/A
Genre- Fiction
Lit. Requirement- Wordless Book-3

This was a wordless story about a crocodile. The story starts off with the crocodile doing human like things such as waking up in an alarm clock, going to the bathroom and getting dressed. Then the crocodile goes into a city and travels but seems to be looking for something. He buys flowers and something wrapped up and delivers it to a girl. Then he goes into a zoo and takes off his clothes and jumps in water. In the end he was in an exhibit at a zoo.

This wordless story was so cool because the pictures were in boxes separating each thing he did. It was almost to show the steps and process and that everything was separate. Also the backgrounds were mostly black, white and gray the only colors were of the people and animals. And the illustrations looked like they were painted in watercolors. I also thought it was interesting that on every page there was an animal, whether it was the main character the crocodile, or a different animal, and they were all dressed in human clothes. I also thought it was ironic that the crocodile's job was to be a crocodile in a zoo. Overall I loved this book and I think kids would like the story of the crocodile. I think with younger kids they might get confused with the crocodile buying stuff for the woman but I think they will love the silliness of a crocodile being a human
" said.

"This detailed, wordless picture book shares the story of one professional working crocodile’s day. Crocodile is awakened from his dream of floating in a swamp by his alarm clock. He gets ready for work, uses the bathroom, brushes his teeth and selects an appropriate tie. He has jam and bread for breakfast and heads out. He window shops on his walk to work and takes the subway. He picks up flowers, the newspaper and a treat from the bakery. He finally reaches his destination, the zoo, and takes his place in the exhibits after changing out of his clothes.

This book plays up the mundane little activities in life, making them all the more important. Clearly European, this book captivates, showing small details of life and then suddenly switching into wild animals at the zoo with a satisfying ending. The illustrations are filled with little details, like other animals on the streets and subway, and humans looking just a tad nervous as they see Mr. Crocodile near them.

It is the use of human life details with the crocodile character that work so well here. That tension plays throughout the picture book, making it a look at humanity and our lives just as much as being a crocodile. There is a real appeal to the illustrations and the story line that draws the reader in and will have them leaning over the page to see more.

Great illustrations and a whimsical crocodile character make this a winner. Appropriate for ages 3-5.
" said.

Professional Crocodile is one of those picture books that I am delighted to have read and experienced. Prior to reading this wordless picture book, I had seen snippets of the book from other reviewers, thought the book looked gorgeous and added it my must-read. I was very fortunate to be surprised with a copy of it and can now quite confidently say that it is indeed a marvelous picture book.

We meet Mr. Crocodile as he wakes up to a new day in his dapper pajamas. As we join Mr. Crocodile and follow him about, readers see that by all accounts, he is a careful, elegant, well put together character. We see Mr. Crocodile do everything from taking a crowded train, to enjoying a whiff of food stuff so fragrant and delicious that it begs his purchase, to purchasing lovely flowers to surprise a young woman. But where exactly is Mr. Crocodile's day taking him? We then get our answer as Mr. Crocodile surprises with a reveal of where he works and what his job is! A straightforward premise told in a supremely innovative and clever way here, Professional Crocodile is one of those reads that begs for multiple reads and studies. I have pored over this book now multiple times beginning to end and have found new facets and details each time that make Professional Crocodiles ending that much more marvelous.

Some of my personal favourites in children's lit- Shaun Tan, Molly Idle, David Wiesner, Suzy Lee, to name but a few- are masters of the wordless book, and Giovanna Zoboli and Mariachiara Di Giorgio's work here is on par with that excellence. Professional Crocodile is a truly exceptional, clever, out of the ordinary story and experience for readers of all ages.

I received a copy of this title courtesy of Raincoast Books in exchange for an honest review. All opinions and comments are my own.
" said.

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