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UPDATE TIME: 2018-03-30 
Review Score: 5 out of 5 star From 43 user ratings

" Absolutely loved this book. But 'to be continued'? Really? Hoping for the third book soon!!!Started reading: 23/01/2015 " said.

" A very interesting second installment. It seems poor Freya drew the short straw for staying out of trouble. lol. It's nice to see the whole get involved. " said.

" Freya is sent on a dangerous mission to Midgard to persuade the runaway Valkyrie to return home to Asgard. There she discovers a deadly secret about her childbirth that leads her to the land of the Frost Giants. She finds her long-lost twin brother, brought up as a Dark Searcher far away from the realms of Odin. " said.

" I fell in love with Valkyrie, the first book in Kate O'Hearn's take on Borse mythology, almost as soon as I started reading it. The sequel took me a while longer to get into, and while I ended up enjoying it quite a lot, it didn't quite live up to the awesomeness of book one. Nevertheless, I'm looking forward to the next installment in Freya's story. " said.

"Received an advance reader copy in exchange for a fair review.
Thanks to NetGalley and Simon and Schuster for the opportunity to read and review The Runaway by Kate O'Hearn, the second book in the Valkyrie series based on Norse mythology. Freya, Archie and Maya are still being punished for leaving Asgard and, while the challenge games are taking place, they are only allowed to watch one each day. But then Odin sends them on a mission back to earth and Freya learns much about her family and their secrets. The adventure and action are nonstop in this sequel and the intertwined characters make it even more interesting! I rate this book 5 stars for a fun, clean fantasy read!
" said.

"For this week's Goodreads prompt, I read a 360-page book called The Runaway by Kate O'Hearn. It is set in Norse mythology and is about a Valkyrie named Freya. I made many predictions in this book while I was reading it. Freya, the main character, had black wings, unlike the rest of the Valkyries in Valhalla, who had white. Freya saw a Dark Searcher (Dark Searchers are the sons of Valkyries) with white wings. All Dark Searchers have black ones. When this white-winged Dark Searcher and the black-winged Freya first saw each other, Freya felt a sort of strong, pulsing connection with him. Based on their oddly colored wings and the way the two met, I made a prediction that Freya and this peculiar Dark Searcher were somehow related as brother and sister. I was correct — I later found that Freya and the Dark Searcher (whose name was Kai) were twins, and their wing colors had been mixed up. That is one of the predictions I made." said.

"I really admire Freya and her wild spirit-a passionate spirit to save the ones she love the most.In this book, Odin sends Freya to go on a quest to Midgard (Human World)and find the Runaway Valkyrie of legend and bring her back to Asgard. Although Odin is ostensibly nice, he is discreetly gathering all the missing Valkyries to keep them safe in Asgard and prepare for war.

This book is worth five-stars because of it's plot and the hidden message behind all this. The plot is smartly woven and connected together-the ending and the beginning are all inextricably threaded together. This book has a hidden message that is spoken through the dialect and the content in this book:Family comes first.

This book can improve on a really minor fault. If people read this book before the first book in the series, they won't understand a single thing. They won't know what had happened before and why those things had happened in 'The Runaway'.

I recommend this book to all fans of Percy Jackson, if the Ancient Greece associated stories enthrall them, this is the right book for them to read, all though boys might find it a bit boring.
" said.

"The Runaway by Kate O’Hearn is a book that people that enjoy Norse mythology will like. Freya is a 14 year old valkyrie which is a reaper of souls and one of Odin’s maiden warriors. Freya was doing fine in Asgard with her companion Orus and friend Archie until Odin had summon her to return to Earth to find a fellow valkyrie that was strip from her power. Will she be able to convince her to come back and protect the new valkyries from danger?

I love The Runaway It had mythology mix with action like stopping the hunters by dropping them off a mountain and having to save her twin brother Kei from becoming a real seeker. There was many question that will leave you hanging in the book like,will the newborn seeker have wing even if if he was born from a mortal family and will the gold in the mines protect Freya’s family. There was a mystery like where do all the seekers come from and are they related to the valkyries.

I like The Runaway there was action and many secrets that they had to keep which made it interesting to see the outcome. A interesting part that happened in the story was when Freya figure out the seeker she battle with before was actually her twin brother and how she will risk going to the seeker’s territory just to show and tell him that. It was interesting to imagine how Freya would react when her mother told her that it was her mother that was expelled from Asgard and how her mother’s son had married a mortal which would give birth to a new seeker.

“Though far from perfect, an improvement over the first outing.” - Kirkus Reviews

" said.

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