A Graphix Book: Wings of Fire Graphic Novel #1: The Dragonet Prophecy Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-10-10 
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"Let me start off by saying the Wings of Fire series is one of my favorite series. With that being said, I did appreciate the art works, and idea with turning it into a graphic novel, I feel it took away so much from the story. You do not get a food feel for the characters through this, and you miss out on some important details. I am going to continue reading the graphic novels, if they keep coming out with them just because I know the story and love it, but I feel if you read this without reading the books, it is gonna be a bit confusing, and once again, not as in depth with the story. " said.

"More hard core than I expected, though maybe I should have expected more. My kids also tell me that the Warriors books are violent, and this series is about dragons. There was some weakness in the story at times, but overall it was a stronger story than I expected. The dragon shaped continent is really silly, though, and that might have shaped my expectations going in. Sometimes the plot was hard to follow, and I still had trouble keeping even the main character names in my head by the end despite them having different colors and everything. Maybe that's my bad. The art was good overall." said.

"This book was a lot of fun! I've been reading A Song of Ice and Fire series for a long time, and it was fun to take a break from those long books and devote a few hours to this graphic novel. I am a huge fan of the Wings of Fire series, and it was neat to see the characters brought to life in pictures! Even though it wasn't new content, just a retelling of the first story, I knew this was a must have and I loved it! And it was in color as well, which was a bit of a surprise! I recommend this book for any fan of the Wings of Fire series, and I really hope the rest of this series is turned into graphic novels as well!" said.

"The graphic novel version of Sutherland's book.
There is a war going on in the dragon world. A prophecy about 5 dragonets who will bring peace causes a faction of adult dragons to bring together 5 eggs from various dragon clans to hatch together in the hopes that they can end the war.
Full color illustrations and lots of action made me want to read the book despite a bit of initial confusion at the beginning of the graphic. I initially had a bit of difficulty discerning between the different adult dragons. However, I quickly got drawn into the plot and want the second one and can imagine the students will also be clamoring for the next one.
" said.

"This review is kind of rushed, so it’s not as detailed and I’ll probably rewrite this review later

I know I’m a bit old for this series, but I read the graphic novel because I love the first Wings of Fire series to death.

The book was a bit like a movie. Some parts were altered, and some were left out all together. The art style is sketchy, but I’m not going to hold that against the book itself. The prologue shows a different scene than the original book, but I guess it was less gory than the original prologue.

In my opinion, if you want to read the graphic novel, I would suggest reading the book first so things are more understandable.

Overall, it’s great, and I would recommend it for any Wings of Fire fans.
" said.

I would have given this five stars... but....
it is missing... alot of content
When clay is under water and they talk about tsunami's glowinthedark stripes
When they leave the mountain and tsunamis wing is broken
When the scavenger comes, in the book Scarlet killed it in the novel she didn't
It says in the graphiv novel that clay was sold for a cow... in the book it was two cows
Also, in the novel, Glory says that webs and kestrel don't know that she can disspear with her scales--in the book they do.
They don't fight the scavengers in the arena. (it was kinda bloddy bash so maybes thats why....)
Still, the artwork was awesome and captivating! Loved it!
four stars for this AWESOME BOOK!!!!!
" said.

"The Wings of Fire regular-novel series is really popular at my kid's elementary school library, where I volunteer. This graphic novel adaptation is new to their shelves and since we got caught up on re-shelving, I had time to read it while I was there. Some parts of the story were a little confusing so I think the recommendations of other reviewers, to read the original novels first, is probably solid. The plot centers on the importance of 'found family' and the sibling love between five unrelated dragons raised together in secret to fulfill a prophecy to stop a dragon war. This is the first book in a series so, while there is a satisfying arc to this book, it's obviously only the first installment of the greater story--so don't expect all of your questions to be answered by the end." said.

" it was ok... needed better illustrations. " said.

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