Dinosaurs Before Dark (Full-Color Edition) (Magic Tree House (R)) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-07-05 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 472 user ratings

"This short story is the first instalment of a famed children's fantasy adventure series. When Jack and Annie finds a secret tree house full of magical books that can take them to secret magical lands, that's when the real adventure begins. As the title suggests, this book takes them to the land of dinosaurs and leads them towards a series of exciting adventures.
The story is divided into ten chapters, and comprises very easy vocabulary as it targets young readers. However, the most interesting part of this story is its scientific information wrapped in simple everyday language. What I noticed in children, is that they are always drawn towards superheroes, fairy tale characters, dinosaurs etc. In this series, they won't only learn a lot about their favourite characters but at the same time, enjoy the story to the fullest.
Moreover, the story consists of two protagonists, a boy and a girl. As a result, children from both genders will be able to enjoy the stories.
3 stars from a 25 years old point of view. But undoubtedly this book deserves a 5 star from a younger reader.
" said.

" Mother Read: 8/1/16Oldest Son Read July '16-Aug. '16My oldest was no big on reading until he started reading this book. It has taken awhile for us to get through it because of birthday parties and vacations to Florida but we have made it through the book. Now on to book 2. " said.

" We took this series on a car trip with my 4 year old daughter. While the stories got a bit dull for us grown ups, my daughter loved every minute of it. When we got home, she grabbed the CD's and headed straight to her room to listen to more! " said.

" I don't really know how to rate children's books like this one. I didn't particularly like it, but I can see the things that would make children like it. The story was imaginative and creative and when the t-rex showed up, it became scary and exciting. Mostly I felt that Annie seemed like a fun kid and Jack needed to get the stick out of his rear end. " said.

" Believe it or not, this was my first time reading a Magic Tree House book and I don't know why I didn't read these growing up. I LOVED IT. I may or may not be a dinosaur nerd, Jurassic Park is one of my all time favorites. So this was right up my alley. I can see why kids eat these up, and why there are so many in the series. Safe to say, I am late to the party. But this will not be the last I read (or recommend!! Everyone read these!) " said.

"Okay, Elliott and I love these books!! I have always read to Elliott, and so we have an amazing assortment of childrens' books. But when Elliott was approaching Kindergarten I could tell he was ready for just a little bit more. We got a CD of this book read by the author Mary Pope Osborne in a 'mighty kid's meal' at Wendys!! one of the only times that I ever agreed to getting the 'toy suprise':O) This is the first book in a long series of amazing books of adventure, magic, and true and factual history! Elliott loves them and gets them from the Library at school every week! There are so many books that he hasn't brought the same book home twice! This brother and sister combo go on missions through time and worlds by 'wishing' on books. The brother loves to read and do his research, while the sister is brave and adventurous! The subjects range from Dinosaurs to the Rainforest, to the first Thanksgiving, to the Civil War, to ancient Greek olympics, to turning into seals and flying with Leonardo DaVinci!! " said.

"So two weeks ago I get a text message from
my son's new teacher. She let me know that my son had to read a book over the summer. As he has several learning disabilities he is in special education classes. So she wanted all her students to read a book on their level. This is hard as my son doesn't want to read "baby books" but has a rough time with chapter books. He has read a few of Dav Pilkey's books but I wanted him to branch out a bit. So I decided we should give the Magic Treehouse books a shot.

Brother and Sister, Annie and Jack, find a tree house filled with books. Jack makes a wish that has them suddenly whisked back to the time of the dinosaurs. Will they find their way home before dark?

This was a fairly easy to read book though the names of the dinosaurs did trip up my son. He had a fairly easy time keeping up with what was happening in the book and did ask some questions (like what was a magnolia). The chapters were not overly long so it made it easy to read one or two at a time without him becoming overly bored/tired. When I asked him if he liked the book he told me he wasn't sure. I think this had more to do with his problems communicating emotions than having to do with the book itself.

For me I found the book to be fun. I was too old when these books first came out but I have been aware of their popularity. My stepdaughter never read them and this was my first time reading one. I enjoyed the simplicity of it with it not being bogged down in descriptions and world building. It is good for children who are just starting to transition to chapter books. With only 10 chapters it is easy for them to manage.

I look forward to reading more books in the series and hope my son will join me in reading them.
3 out of 5 stars.
" said.

"I have fond memories of the Magic Tree House series. As a kid, I'd curl up in bed while my mom sat next to me reading this series aloud, book by book. I loved it and my mom got a real kick out of the stories as well. Because I love Magic Tree House as much as I do, I try to recommend it to kids so that they may experience the adventures of Jack and Annie, too.

Last year, I started tutoring two young children who don't really have a love of reading. I thought nothing would be better to introduce them to the world of books than starting with Magic Tree House. I read this book twice (once to each of the kids) and they couldn't have been more engrossed by it. Even the boy I tutor, who hates books, said he kinda liked it. Trust me, that's saying a lot. A. Lot.

From an adult standpoint though, this book isn't quite what I remember it being. Mostly because I see how much my mom added to the story with her narration. Because the book is so simply written with short, choppy sentences, it's a bit difficult to read aloud. I found myself combining sentences while I read and adding in words to prolong the suspense... just as my mom used to do. It was kind of a cool experience.

Overall, as the sentences are short and easy, this series is great for children who have just started reading chapter books. It's also good for reading aloud as long as you know how to adlib and have a little fun with it. In terms of reading it alone as an adult though, you might find it to be a bit choppy and repetitive. It's not quite as well-written as, for instance, The Baily School Kids series.

I'll definitely continue reading the Magic Tree House books with the kids I tutor, and I'll continue on past that as well. I hear that the later books, which are printed in nice hardcovers, are aimed at slightly older readers and I'm curious to see what those are like.

FINAL VERDICT: 3 1/2 stars
" said.

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