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"I had always seen Rosa Parks as somewhat of an unwilling catalyst in the civil rights movement, but I got a completely new perspective from this memoir, which covers Parks's childhood through her old age. Involved in the Movement from its early days, 42-year-old Parks was the secretary for the Alabama NAACP at the time of her arrest for refusing to give up her seat to a white man on a Montgomery bus. She knew what the consequences might be, and she was happy to play a role. Articulate, well-groomed, and above reproach, she made an excellent test case for a desegregation lawsuit. She continued to be active in civil rights events for the rest of her life. Amazon says this book is written for ages 8 and up, but with its descriptions of brutalities against the black population, I can't imagine handing it to a third grader. A fifth grader might be able to grasp the complexities of the issues in the South." said.

"Rosa Parks describes her life from early childhood to her late eighties (1913-1992). It's a very personal account with lots of more or less relevant memories, presented in easy everyday language. I sometimes got the feeling she was sitting right in front of me casually telling her story with the most astounding details, such as what clothes she was wearing during whatever event. She skips through some of the earlier and later years, but explains almost daily events from the years of 1955 and '56 when the bus boycotts started. In the end of the book she says that that one particular day is what every journalist wanted to know about and that she now is a symbol of - so of course she has a lot to tell about just that one event. Her perspective is described neatly, whereas the whole boycott and the following civil rights movement sometimes are compressed to just a few paragraphes with next to no mentioned outside sources.
It's a great book, if you want to know more about her - not so much, if you want to learn about the whole movement, though.
" said.

"This was a great, great nonfiction piece of literature about a crucial time in our history: the Civil Rights Movement. I really liked how Rosa Parks in portrayed in her story; she seems to be strong-willed yet humble person. The book does a great job taking the reader back in time to some of the hardships that African Americans endured during this time period. What is so amazing is how they united in Montgomery, Alabama to conduct the bus boycott which lasted over a year. I think that as humans we need to unite and work against injustices more often. The concept of nonviolence which was practiced by Dr. Martin Luther King is also inspiring. Rosa herself states that she does not always agree with this method, but in this case nonviolence was what made the entire Civil Rights Movement so successful. I don't know... in our society we learn that we need to fight for our rights. Some people use violence and others don't. Maybe the difference is that nonviolence requires assertiveness and not aggressiveness..." said.

"1) Book summary: This book is an autobiography written by Mrs. Rosa Parks herself. It tells her life story from growing up in the south in the early 1900s when racism and segeration was allowed. She talks about the event leading up to her arrest and how she had to adjust to life outside of th jail.

2) Grade level, interest level, lexile: 3-7th grade, ages 8-12, 0970

3) Appropriate classroom use (subject area): History

4) Individual students who might benefit from reading: Every child will benefit from reading this book. Every child should know about Rosa Parks and her story

5) Small group use (literary circles): As a group we can discuss the events leading up to Rosa Parks arrest. Also, we can talk about some important leaders during this movement.

6) Whole class use (read aloud): We can go over a mini lesson of the Civil Rights Movement and why it is so important to history today.

7) Related books in genre/subject or content area: Who Was Rosa Parks, Journey of the Sparrow

8) Multimedia connections (audio book, movie) available: Hardcover, Paperback
" said.

"Good book. Includes a lot of information as well as corrections to false information printed elsewhere. However, it has false information as well. I am confused as to why she says that she and Claudette Colvin’s mother were plaintiffs in the Browder case of 1956, when they were actually Aurelia Browder, Susie McDonald, Jeanette Reese, Claudette Colvin, and Mary Louise Smith. Also, I am baffled as to why people keep claiming that Claudette Colvin’s pregnancy was the reason her case was not followed up to a higher court when she didn’t become pregnant until months later." said.

" Rosa Parks is such an inspirational woman. I just recalled reading her autobiography a while ago while I was studying her recently. Her story is amazing! She refused to give up her seat to a white passenger and helped spark a whole entire movement. Thank you so so so much Rosa Parks. More people should read this autobiography. " said.

" It's pretty good.I had to read it for school.At first, I thought it was going to be super boring but it was accually pretty good. " said.

" Back in the fourth grade this was my favorite book. My copy of this book looks messed up now. That's how much I loved this book and how awesome it was. " said.

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