Happy Mother's Day, Lila (Sweet Valley Twins) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2017-06-15 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 5 user ratings

" "A Scheme as Old as Time"Poor orphan Lila /Enter Kate, the hired mom /Happy Mother's Day! " said.

" I remember the cover just not the story " said.

"Saw this at the Little Library... oh hey, a SVT book I haven't read! Clearly a must.

So Lila finds out about a fashion show and quickly signs herself up, then berates the rest of the Unicorns for not telling her about it because she got the very last spot and could have so easily missed out! And they're all ummmm... oh dear... what do we say... until Jessica, the epitome of tact, goes "but it's a mother-daughter show, and you don't have a mother!" LOL nice one.

So Lila has a momentary panic attack because she didn't read that part, but she thinks quickly and says that her mother is coming to visit her just in time, how perfect. Then she tries to get hold of her mother and goes through the most heartbreaking ring-around of the entire of Europe because her mother keeps moving so much, until finally she finds out she's hiking in Nepal for two months and can't be reached.

So then Lila goes to the women's shelter that the show is a fundraiser for and finds a homeless woman that she can pay to pretend to be her mother, lol. It's kind of epic, Lila's totally giving the poor woman etiquette and geography lessons. But it's a really sad story too.

And then Jessica smells a bit of a rat and won't let it go... because she missed out on signing up and if Lila gets disqualified then she can take her place! Jessica's a real bitch here. (view spoiler)" said.

"this book is excellent! when a mother daughter fashion is coming to the mall, and lila's friends and their mothers are all entering, what does snobby insecure lila fowler do? this story unravels with lila making numerous plans to find a mother but nosy jessica wakefield uncovers each one. This is one of the more realistic sweet valley novels, it shows that rch debutante LiLa doesnt have everything she wants,and that there are some things in life that money cant buy life family. Hope you enjoy the book like I did and Happy Reading!" said.

"Lila has never had a mother on mothers day and when a mother-daughter fashion show is offered around town she has GOT to be in it.So she hires someone to pretend that she is her mother.It is a book with a sad touch as Lila deals with the pain of needing a mother." said.

"When the school has a Mother-daughter fashion show,Lila Fowler calls her mom,Imagine the huge phone bill,It seems that her mother is on vacation for 2 years,So Lila decides to have someone pretend to be her mother.She meets this woman named Katie with a little girl,and She gives Katie all kinds of lessons.Jessica even says,I saw Mrs.Fowler! The truth comes out when Mr.Fowler does a fashion show with her." said.

"When Lila enters a fashion show at school she dosent realise its a mother daughter show until the Unicorns tell that is. Embarrsed(sp?) she tells them her mother is coming back. Lila tries to get hold of her but can't so she gets this lady from some womans shelter to pretend to be her mother. Jessica is jealous of Lila because Lila took the last sport. Jessica really wants to be in the fashion show. Jessica learns an important lesson in friendship in this book." said.

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