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"This book is about a family who is affected by the coal mining industry. The father wants to form a union and puts his family in risk. To protect themselves from flying bullets the family had to take cover under the bed. While taking cover the mom writes a song. This song in the end brings the union together.

Overall I enjoyed reading this book. I would recommend this book for older grades. The book did a good job incorporating the song into the story line. Throughout the whole book I asked myself how I would feel if I was the children or mom. I however thought the story came to an end abruptly.
" said.

"This book tells about the process of a union song was written by a mother. The production process happened in a rain of bullets. This song was written in 1931 and has been sung by people fighting for their rights all over the world.
It is a good book for music class. The story inspire students' interest in the song.They would are curious about this song. Then, they can find the song at the dust jacket. Teacher can teach students how to sing this song and help them understand what this song means form the music score and lyric. What's more, It is also deserved children who are interested in society and worker right to read.
" said.

"In celebration of the 80th anniversary of this song, George Ella Lyon writes how "Which Side Are You On?" came to be. In 1931, in the mountains of Kentucky, a family hid under a bed in a coal-company house, fearing for their lives while men paid by the mining company shoot at the house, aiming for the seven kids' daddy because he went on strike with the union. Florence, the kids' mother, writes a song in defense. Luckily, the family was unharmed and the song has been used by people fighting for their rights all over the world. I met George Ella Lyon once and heard her speak after she wrote Regular Rolling Noah. I love her work. This book's illustrations, though, were unappealing to me." said.

"Social justice comes in many different forms, and this picture book shows the results of greed in the hills of Kentucky. Set in 1931 when some of the local coal miners band together to create a union and strike for better working conditions for their members, the story centers on one family's experience during those times. After their father, a union organizer, flees the area to avoid repercussions. his family remains at home, forced to hide under the bed as company men shoot into the house. Ma grows tired of all the shooting and writes a song of protest that will later serve as a rallying cry for the miners and still later, for those seeking justice for their own causes. The cartoon artwork with thought and speech bubbles combines perfectly with the storyline to explain complicated issues. The Author's Note and bibliography provide additional background to the story, which is based on actual events and real men and women. " said.

"Which Side Are You On? provides a historical reference for children to learn about the harsh living conditions for families during the 1930's Union strike in Kentucky. In this story, a concerned mother, Ma, demonstrates extreme courage and individual strength to protect her family. By writing a song, Florence Reece's hopes to motivate the laborers to fight for their work rights as coal miners and protect their families. As a result, Florence's song was very inspirational to other during this time period, which moved the Union to pursue a strike. Lyon uses this historical figure to inspire people to make a difference in the lives of others. Readers are likely to admire the perseverance and courage of this one woman in our nation's history. Christopher Cardinale's illustrations are likely to attract a child's attention with his use of detailed graphics and comic-like images. " said.

"This book is from the point of view of a child whose "Pa" is a coal miner. Pa has decided to create a union for the coal miners. Gunmen have been sent out to kill him and are shooting at his house where his children have taken cover under a bed. The narrator describes the experience and says hinding under the bed is "hotter than a chicken coop." Most of the story talks about the children hiding under the bed while their "Ma" writes a song. At the end of the story the reader finds out the truth behind this story. Florence Reece, a Kentuckian, suffered these circumstances and wrote this song about the coal miners union.

I liked this book because it highlighted a part of Kentucky's history. It also sort of emphasizes the culture of Kentucky and lives of groups of people who live here. I also really loved the illustrations. They had a lot of texture and I think it was to create a sense of the "rough life." This family was suffering a serious hardship and going through a difficult time. I think the way the illustrations were made give the reader this feeling.
" said.

"I am in group #2 and we had to read Which Side Are You On?: The Story of a Song by George Ella Lyon. This book depicts a coal miner and his family in 1930's Harlan, Kentucky. The story is about the oppression of the coal workers and the attempts to destroy the coal worker union by the coal companies. I think this book is great for it's bold illustrations and historical account on a Kentucky Folk song. I was not familiar with the song, "Which Side Are You On?", so it was interesting to read an actual account of Kentucky history and learn a new folk song. This book definitely illustrates the county's nickname, "Bloody Harlan", in a way that's appropriate for children. However, the images of guns and whizzing bullets usually gets a negative response from adult readers. I think that children will really enjoy this book because they love to hear juicy tales of gunslingers and also it's history that will keep them awake. I think this is also an important book because it demonstrates the importance of music and the fact that anyone can make a difference no matter their situation. Which Side Are You On?: The Story of a Song" said.

"Which Side Are You on? The Story of a Song by George Ells Lyon is a wonderful book about the hardships of the life of a coal miner and his family in the rural Kentucky mountains. The book, written from the perspective of one of the miner's children, is filled with rich dialect and phrases that would be frequently used in the hills of the Appalachia. The illustrations on each page lend to the rough and hard times that the family experienced while living the life of a coal miners family. The pictures were constantly reminding you of the life that a coal miner would actually live from day to day. The constant battle between the coal owners, workers and the union makes for an exciting plot that keeps you wondering if dad will make it and keep his job as a coal miner or will the family be caught in the line of "the coal miners life".

I really liked this book because it allows children who maybe haven't experienced the life or heard about the life of a rural family in Kentucky see what their lives are really like. I think I would use this book in probably second or third grade. The reason that I would use this book in these grades is because they are capable of thinking about their lives and relating it to others lives where younger children aren't able to. This would be a good book for a lesson in history to discuss the different regions of people and how they live.
" said.

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