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" This book was very low level, like elementary. It was a cute story I guess, but there was never really a point in it and so I didn't really like it. " said.

"Stellar middle grade novel that focuses on the reality of having a mother with bipolar disorder. This book reveals an essential truth: Even kids in deplorable family situations can navigate their trailer-park lives, steering them into something better. Even those kids can blossom into people with inner strength and character, despite those traits not being available in their gene pool. Addie lives, and thrives, in these pages as proof of that truth. The choices she makes, and the reasons she has to make them, will break readers' hearts. Meanwhile, Addie will pick herself up, dust off the remains, and persevere with her head held high. Along the way, she'll make friends, provide loving care for a pet, and maintain empathy for her mentally ill mother.
" said.

" این کتاب رو خیلی دوست داشتم. خوندنش رو بهتون پیشنهاد می کنم. گاهی کتاب های کودک و نوجوان فقط مختص کودک و نوجوان نیستند. " said.

" This book is very good not slow moving it goes at a perfect pace it is about this one girl in a very tense family situation her dad and mom have split up and she is going through many changes right now like going to a new school and living in a trailer with her mom who gets a job and works but does not come back for a couple days at a time but she makes many friends that help her along the way. " said.

"Even though my tears have not dried, I feel compelled to dash off a review of Waiting for Normal.

Twelve year old Addie has never had a normal life. Her father died when she was three and her mother remarried. Although her new stepfather, Dwight, was a great father, the marriage did not last. After Addie's mother leaves her and her little sisters alone for several days, Dwight gets custody of his daughters and moves away.

Addie is left to live with her mother, who is possibly bipolar (the book never comes out and says so, but you get the hint). Addie's mother spends all of their money, wanders off for days at a time, and spends most of her days in chatrooms on the computer.

Dwight tries to take care of them-- paying their bills and finding them a home in a beat up old trailer. Addie misses her little sisters and despairs that her life will ever be normal with a mother who is such a mess.

Addie makes friends with the cast of characters who live in her neighborhood and tries to pretend that everything is OK, but the chaos surrounding her mother eventually builds to a dramatic climax.

While Addie is a survivor--resilent--Dwight would say, she is still a child struggling with the reality of desperate circumstances, trying to make the best of a bad situation.

My favorite line, "Everybody can be a hero to someone." Addie is definitely a hero I will remember.

I cried through the last twenty pages. What a great book! If you liked books such as So B. It, Pictures of Hollis Woods, The Higher Power of Lucky, and Hope Was Here-- you will love Waiting for Normal.

My students would say this is a "chick book," but hey, chicks need books, too.

" said.

"Waiting for Normal is a heartbreaking and uplifting tale. Addie is a 6th grade girl who is living in a trailer with her mother, Mommers. Dwight, her stepdad, has custody of her half-sisters, and they have moved away for Dwight's work, leaving Addie to deal with her mother alone. Addie's mother is wonderful at times, and then awful, glued to the computer, ignoring Addie, at others. Addie refers to her mother as an "all or nothing" person. Her mother will leave her alone for days at a time, but Addie is too afraid to let anyone know about this. Luckily, Addie becomes friends with Soula, who runs the minimart across the street, and some of the girls at school. She spends a lot of her time, especially when her mother is gone, with Soula a the minimart. Soula is sick with cancer, and has good days and bad days due to her chemotherapy. Throughout the text, Addie discusses how she wishes she had the "Love of Learning", and often wonders why learning is so difficult for her. Addie has dyslexia, but her mother is not stable enough to discuss this with Addie, explain it, or support her through this struggle. Although she struggle with academics, she is resilient, and she is a wonderful flutist. It seems as though Addie faces more than a 6th grader could possibly deal with on her own in this book. One night, when Addie's mother has left her alone yet again, her trailer catches on fire. The firefighters come, along with Soula, and a woman who works for children's services. What will happen with Addie and her mother? Will she finally find normal with Dwight and her sisters?

This book is well suited for intermediate readers. It teaches many important themes including love, honestly, and resilience. The amount of struggles that Addie faces is truly disheartening while reading, and it keeps the reader wondering and hoping that Addie will eventually find the normal life that she is after.
" said.

"Addie is just trying to find normal. She finds the positive in negative situations...just as she tries to convince her neglectful mother that living in the little trailer under the train tracks is not such a bad thing. They ended up here after her bipolar mother (although this diagnosis is never made in the book) divorces Addie's stepfather and fails to use the alimony money to pay Dwight's mortgage on the house they're living in. So...stuck in the trailer. Dwight has custody of Addie's two younger half-sisters and he is the rock in her swim upstream. Then, he moves away from Schenectady NY to Vermont, taking "the Littles" with him...he's found a job remodeling an old inn. So Addie continues to live with her mother's ups and downs...the fact that she can't hold onto a real job, doesn't always buy groceries, and disappears for days at a time. However, Addie being the positive person that she is doesn't admit the neglect in this and busies herself with her pet hamster Piccolo and Soula and Elliot from the gas station store across the acre from her trailer. All she wants is normal, and after Dwight gets engaged to the innkeeper and she visits for Christmas, even normal seems too much to hope for. She doesn't want to get used to this type of family life, since she sees it as something unattainable. Between that and her missed flute performance she seems to take a turn towards the negative. Oh, that and she finds out that her mother is pregnant..presumably on purpose to lure boyfriend/boss Pete into staying around, even though after months he doesn't even know of Addie's existence ("he isn't a family man"). Soula and Elliot watch out for Addie while Dwight is gone (they even buy winter boots for her for Xmas), and her "grandio" (dead father's dad) sometimes pops in. However, a trailer fire while Denise (mom) is away for several days lands Addie the attention of social services and she ends up living with Grandio. However, things take a turn for the better when she becomes adopted by Dwight and moves in with him, Hannah and the Littles at the end of the school year. " said.

" It's about a girl named Addie. Her and her mom live in a trailer and don't really like it. Addie's mom leaves for days and days without coming back. One day day Addie goes to the mini mart close to the trailer and finds some friends. She also has to start at a new school knowing no one. Addie has two sisters and a step dad that live a few hours away. She loves visiting them. " said.

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