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UPDATE TIME: 2018-10-08 
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"This book is a librarian's dream come true. Amy Anne Ollinger (a culturally diverse character, yay!) is confused when her favorite book "From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E Frankweiler" has been "removed" from her elementary school library. It turns out the book has been banned for encouraging children to run away from home, lie to their parents and steal loose change from fountains. So what does Amy Anne do? She opens the BBLL--Banned Books Locker Library--so that the kids at her school can still have access to her favorite book and others that the school board, and one particularly well-meaning mother, have taken off the shelves for the good of the children. The message here is that no one has the right to decide which books children can and should read besides themselves and their parents. Intellectual Freedom 101 for middle grade readers, without being preachy or pedantic. Excellent (and funny, too.) Bravo, Alan Gratz!

Great on a second reading, too.
" said.

" „Забранете тази книга“ от Алън Грац е история, която препоръчвам и като родител, и като читател. Учи ни да изразяваме гласно мнението си, да отстояваме принципите и убежденията си, да се борим за каузата, в която вярваме. Припомня ни защо обичаме да четем книги и защо е важно да пазим свободния избор! Още за Ейми Ан и тайната библиотека, която основава, може да прочетете в подробното ревю в блога " said.

" Просто невероятна! Благодаря на Райс и Алекс за възможността да я прочета! " said.

"I truly started this book mocking it, saying that the blurb on the inside cover gave away the entire story. And then I read the whole book in one sitting and found myself cheering and sobbing at the end.

I love books. I love that the books I adore are different than those that my favorite people adore. I love that we all get different things out of all of these stories and can respect that they each have a purpose for someone out there.

While I didn’t always agree with the main character’s actions, when one of my favorite quotes (“Well-behaved women seldom make history”) was mentioned, I even could come to terms with her behavior.

This book was an awesome first read of 2018!
" said.

" A story about why it is wrong to ban books. What isn't there to love. Great plot, great characters, and such an important message about books and reading! " said.

" 3.5 stars. "Even Where's Waldo? has been banned because somebody found one little woman sunbathing facedown with her top off," Trey said. "We just have to start thinking like people who see stuff everywhere that bothers them." " said.

"I received an advance copy from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an unbiased review.

Kids and adults alike will enjoy this book. I highlighted so many passages! Amy Anne is my new favorite champion of the First Amendment. I'm really going to talk this up closer to September and Banned Books Week but I anticipate it will be in hot demand even without my endorsement

My favorite thing was the banned books themselves. The titles are there for any kid to track down, a veritable bibliography hiding in plain sight. As the author's note states, all the books that are banned in this book have actually been challenged or banned recently in America. I hope this information, coupled with Amy Anne and the BBLL's enjoyment of reading these books in the story will lead readers to check out these other books and explore perspectives and stories they might never have found on their own..
" said.

"Banning books! What does that mean exactly? All it takes is one unhappy parent for a book to be banned in a whole school. And in Amy Anne’s school dozens of books are getting banned, including her favorite, From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler. That’s when she decides to put together the B.B.L.L. (Banned Books Locker Library) for other students to access the books, for what’s more exciting to read than a book you’re told not to? Amy Anne and her friends learn the importance of speaking up for what you believe in, and the power of the first amendment, free speech. All of the books mentioned in here are real, and have been challenged and banned in real life for a variety of reasons mentioned in the book. I recommend this empowering story to readers of any age!" said.

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